The Orchard Takes On Oslo at by:Larm!

The Orchard Takes On Oslo at by:Larm!by:Larm is a music festival and conference held annually at various locations in Norway since 1998, deemed the most essential meeting point for the Nordic music industry. This year by:Larm was held in Oslo from February 28-March 2. The Orchard from the U.S., UK, and Nordic teams were present. (more…)

YouTube Community Guidelines Policy Changes

YouTube Community Guidelines Policy ChangesYouTube announced in a recent blog post that they’ve made some changes to the way they’re handling strikes in relation to their Community Guidelines. Below we’ve reviewed these guidelines, as well as some of the broader policies that YouTube enforces on the platform and how you can ensure your content makes the cut!

YouTube Stories: Engage With Fans Between Uploads

YouTube Stories: Engage With Fans Between UploadsAn exciting new addition to the YouTube ecosystem is YouTube Stories. YouTube Stories allow creators to share and connect with their audiences on-the-go. Sharing many of the same characteristics as other big social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, YouTube Stories allows creators to get super interactive with their fans, with features such as stickers, filters, music and text.


JYP Entertainment and The Orchard Announce Partnership

JYP Entertainment and The Orchard Announce PartnershipIt was announced this week that JYP Entertainment and The Orchard formed a partnership for global digital and physical distribution. JYPE will distribute digital and physical releases to key markets through The Orchard, bringing releases to major music services and physical retailers in the United States, Europe, and beyond. In this partnership, The Orchard will work closely with the label to expand JYPE’s presence on a global scale.


Out Today by The Orchard: Liily, Amanda Palmer & More

Out Today by The Orchard: Liily, Amanda Palmer & MoreIt is the 78th day of winter which means there are only 12 days left till spring (yes, we’re counting)! Whether it will be a spring that welcomes a warm breeze and the sweet smell of blooming flowers or winter’s troublesome little brother is not clear. While mother nature gives us an uncertain future, a solid present is given to us by the certain releases of a crowd-funded alt-rock album, a stimulating album armed to knock you out, and a dramatic debut EP from a rising pop artist — all Out Today.