Shine On You, Amy Ray

Atlanta-based songwriter and Rind frequenter Amy Ray just can’t stop. She just released her third solo record Didn’t It Feel Kinder last week, Amy Ray TV is up and running, and she’s still managing to play live shows too! As for the album, it’s chock-full of goodies, including contributions from Kaia Wilson of Team Dresch, Melissa York, Madonna-collaborator Tomi Martin, Brandi Carlile, and the recording help of Greg Griffith (The Butchies, Le Tigre).

Recently, Ms. Ray has chatted with the likes of AfterEllen and Queerty, discussing her music, The L Word, and identity politics. She also performed in an intimate atmosphere at Housing Works in NYC Thursday night, part of which can be seen on her extremely convenient Amy Ray TV channel, along with a whole slew of other performances. “Birds Of A Feather” MP3 below for your listening pleasure.

MP3: Amy Ray – Birds Of A Feather

Yosef For Yo’ Self

Some things just aren’t meant to be understood-things like quantum physics, Matthew McConaughey, and Splenda. How do they make sugar that has no calories, anyway!?! No matter, at times, world music can seem to be one of those things. To cross cultures can be a devastating feat to conquer, let alone to do it well. Israeli triple threat Tomer Yosef (comedian/actor/musician and touring member of Balkan Beat Box) puts all doubts to miserable shame with Laughing Underground , his valiant sophomore effort via JDub Records , set to come out later this month.

In the styles of other Rind faves DeLeon , Yosef takes something of a foreign entity and turns it into an American-fused artform; something immediately captivating to many an audience. Here’s where the true definition of “World Music” really comes into play: when you create a mixture of Reggae, Rock, Salsa, and just about any other kind of music imaginable to the human mind, you might come close to Tomer Yosef. When you take reggae free-styling and throw in some piano reminiscent of Dr. Dog and honky tonk (“Don’t Fly Away”), you might even be closer yet. The salsa flavor of “What’s Wrong” certainly does something for the release as well.

Laughing Underground definitely takes the genre to a new level, and does it with the kind of style that only a triple B (reminder: Balkan Beat Box) contributor can accomplish. So go out, blaze trails, and see for yourself what this guy is all about-otherwise, you’re missin’ out! And so what if Splenda isn’t such a mystery after all…

MP3: Tomer Yosef – Underground

Awaken and Rejoice…For The Time Is Coming

Mark your calendars, for the day of awakening is upon us. Or should we say the day to Awaken The Dreamers ? Deathcore demons All Shall Perish are dawning a new age of metal with their highly-anticipated follow up to 2006’s metal milestone The Price of Existence . Prepare. September 16th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Awaken blurs the boundaries between technical grind, relentless death, and balls-to-the-wall metalcore. Twelve tracks rich, and recorded at Oakland’s Castle Ultimate with Zack Ohren (Decrepit Birth, Light This City), it won’t be mistaken for anything else than stellar. Says drummer Matt Kuykendall : “We have never been a band to write the same record twice and we have never enjoyed records that are 1 single and 11 worse versions of the same song. This record is the most diverse thing we have done to date.”

They’ve posted a bunch of new tracks on their Myspace page , but you can also find the title track below. Grind forth into the darkness, and remember: September 16th.

MP3: All Shall Perish – Awaken The Dreamers

The Boy Bathing Comes Clean

What’s that you say?  You like good music?!  Huh…who knew.  So do I!  Cool.  Well now that we have so much in common, I feel like I can tell you a little about The Boy Bathing cause guess what they like?  Yep…good music.  And not only is that what this NYC 4 piece is all about, but they take it a step further by actually MAKING that good music that you and I dig on.  Yea…I know, I should have stuck with my piano lessons too.  Oh well.  If we had, perhaps we could have shared the stage with the likes of Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr.), Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins), Kevin Devine, Apollo Sunshine, Crooked Fingers, Love as Laughter, Honorary Title, Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown), Ida, and Jay Brannan, like The Boy Bathing have.  But, until I give my old piano teacher a call and embark on a Fur Elise tour, I can rest easy knowing that The Boy Bathing is creating what they call indie rock, emo, folk music.  I just call it good.
TBB just finished up a rockin tour, and we here at the ‘Rind had a chance to catch up with David Huritz of The Boy Bathing to ask him couple of questions.  Here’s what happened:

Daily RindOther than Elliot Smith (name checked on track 5) who are your main influences?

David:  Track 5 is dedicated to Elliott Smith more than it is stylistically influenced by him. I lived in Williamsburg for a long time and heard a lot of stories from people who knew Elliott when he lived there. None of them very exciting. Mostly, people saw him in a restaurant, in a bar or eating ice cream. But the thought of Elliott going through daily motions similar to my own like taking the L train or walking down Bedford Avenue was enough to humble me in the immensity of living. Shortly after his death I wrote “The cars pass me by on Bedford Avenue and I’m wondering how I’m supposed to do what Elliot Smith couldn’t do.”

My other influences are people who are taking risks and challenging the rules. People who are thinking of music on a more subconscious or dream inspired level. I think Modest Mouse did this on The Lonesome Crowded West. I think The Microphones did this on every album. Dylan eventually did this. Leonard Cohen did from the start. A beautiful band called Inner does this consistently.

Daily RindWhat was the last great show you saw (besides the last Boy Bathing show, of course)?

David:  Death Cab for Cutie at McCarren Pool June 1st 2008. Ben played ‘I Will Follow You Into the Dark’ solo on acoustic guitar and it gave me goose bumps from the second verse until the end of the song. Then dark clouds with flashing light started creeping toward the stage from the south. Wind came. Four songs later the sky was black and wind was blowing dirt and garbage into everyone’s eyes. The speakers above the stage were swinging like pendulums and the curtain behind the stage looked like the sail of a ship that had been faced into the wind. DCFC was halfway into ‘The Sound of Settling’ when roadies rushed onto the stage signaling the band to stop. Lighting was flashing in the park across the street. People were screaming. Despite better judgement DCFC finished the song, threw down their guitars and ran offstage. Minutes later the heaviest rain I’ve ever felt soaked me and a thousand other people to the bone. It was great.


I hear your band threw away their samplers and bought guitars.

Her Space Holiday
Sleepy Tigers / Mush / BUY

Following an artist’s career can sometimes be boring and unfortunately predictable. There are few artists who make a conscious effort to completely change artistic perspective regularly, and even fewer who completely change the mode in which they emote their message. Marc Bianchi (AKA Her Space Holiday) would have you believe he is not one of those forward thinking artists, but don’t be fooled. From his days as a mainstay on the California Hardcore scene (with bands such as Mohinder and Indian Summer) to his days as label head (for the now defunct Audio Information Phenomena), HSH has rarely been able to contain his love for change. Nothing (besides everything) has changed on his latest offering, the 4 track Sleepy Tigers EP, which is a great sneak peek into his upcoming full-length due out this fall entitled XOXO Panda And The New Revival Kid (both will be available through Mush Records).

While some of the vibes might seem slightly familiar, HSH ditches any hint of electronica, embraces the guitar and focuses hard on folky songwriting and lyrics. Clocking in at just under 15 minutes, these 4 tracks are more playful than anything he’s done before (standout lyrics include “Here we are, face to face / I guess now is the time and the place / To let you know i got a thing for you / Apparently, your boyfriend does too / And on that note, i’ll bid you both adieu.”), but the underlying tones and wry lyrics are just as melancholy and introspective as core fans come to expect.

So while we unfortunately still have to wait a couple months to sink our teeth into a new full length release, we can rest easy in the fact that HSH is changing dramatically, but somehow remaining more familiar than ever.