African Music Business On The Move

The African continent represents a massive potential market for music consumption in the streaming era. The sheer volume of smartphone users on the continent could equate to a great additional source of audio streams — outdoing some current usage figures worldwide. (more…)

YouTube Copyright Claims

If you have received a notice from YouTube that your video contains content that is owned or licensed by The Orchard, a music, film and TV distribution company, please read the outline below which will address any questions you may have. First off, please know that The Orchard does not intend to sue you and, in most cases, will not be removing your video.

The notice you have received informs you that YouTube’s Content Identification System (Content ID) has matched a portion of the audio or visual component used in your video to content that belongs to a particular copyright owner or was licensed to a distributor (e.g. The Orchard). YouTube’s Copyright Center explains Content ID as follows:

Copyright holders use Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by content owners. When Content ID identifies a match between your video and a file in this database, it applies the policy chosen by the content owner.


Out Today by The Orchard: Beartooth, Felly & More

Grab your pumpkin spice beverage of choice and cozy up to some new music. This week brings heavy moody rock to uproot all the feels, an upbeat hip-hop must-hear, and an alternative release with a touch of electronic. Let’s dig in to what’s #outtoday!

Ohio hard-rock band Beartooth is back at it, this time with new album Disease. The release dives deep into themes of depression and new beginnings. Ranging from melodic and delicate to heavy and explosive, the Red Bull Records group formed by Caleb Shomo appeals to a broad set of fans. Recording primarily in his basement in the past, Shomo discusses the writing and recording experience behind Disease, telling Hysteria Magazine, “Not having to rely on digital guitar tones and drum samples meant I was really playing out every take. That gave it a lot more emotion.” Listen to the title track below, which is currently in the top 20 at Active Rock Radio, and experience the new album here. Also, catch Beartooth on tour all the way through February 2019. (more…)

The ADISQ Gala Awards Nominees Are Out!

Association québécoise de l’industrie du disque (ADISQ), du spectacle et de la video translates to “Québec Association for the Recording, Concert and Video Industries.” Created in 1978, ADISQ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the music industry in Québec. Their premier music awards, the ADISQ Gala, will take place on October 24 and televised on October 28. Congrats to our label partners Audiogram, Groupe Analekta, Bonsound, and Cult Nation who garnered a total of 40 nominations! (more…)

The Orchard Takes on Moscow Music Week

The summer is always filled with incredible conferences and festivals, putting a spotlight on up and coming international talent and providing a platform for engaging dialogue. Topping the summer off, The Orchard made a stop at Moscow Music Week in Russia. Taking place August 30-September 2, the four-day event brought in good conversation with 40 guest speakers, 30 showcases featuring 120 artists, and a fun happy hour hosted by your friends at The Orchard.