Bohren & Der Club of Gorgeous!

After ditching their hardcore roots in skuzzbucket bands like 7 Inch Boots and Chronical Diarrhoea (yeah, you read that right), the German gents of Bohren & Der Club of Gore tried something totally new, totally different, and, as far as the Rind is concerned, totally fucking awesome. Emerging in 92, the crew offered up a bewitching genre-slay of music they rightly called, “an unholy ambient mixture of slow jazz ballads, Black Sabbath doom and down tuned Autopsy sounds.” And over fifteen years later, they’re still at it, re-shaping and refining their brand of blackened death jazz on their latest Ipecac release, Dolores . If there’s a remotely adventurous musical bone in your body, we highly reccomend checking this out.

MP3 : Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Still Am Tresen

Le Grand Magistery’s Fall Releases

Following the much-talked-about July release, I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura from Detroit Indie-Pop outfit Pas/Cal, Le Grand Magistery will be dropping two more audible treats for us this fall.

First off is A Destination Unknown, the debut from Leeds-based artist A Cuckoo. Having played in respected bands The Blue Aeroplanes and The House of Love during his late teens, A Cuckoo already had several world tours under his belt by 17, and had performed on the main stages of such high-profile festivals as Glastonbury and Roskilde (alongside the likes of Nirvana). Taking a break from life on the road in his twenties, A Cuckoo took a quieter route, working full-time as a composer for the BBC and writing his own material off the clock. While at the BBC, A Cuckoo learned “how to orchestrate and how to paint sonic pictures” – two talents which influenced his solo work. Little by little, A Cuckoo compiled his solo efforts, debuting rough ideas on Myspace, and, inspired by a myriad of encouraging comments and messages, pursued his solo career more seriously.


Heidi Happy Will Put A Smile On Your Face

I usually don’t get too excited about music unless it features grating guitars cranked up to 11 or a pulsing beat that drives its way into my brain and legs. So you can imagine my surprise when a breathtakingly beautiful solo performance in Berlin by a young woman armed with nothing but her voice, a guitar and a portable xylophone in a cute little suitcase changed all of that quite suddenly.

Heidi Happy is her name, and she hails from Lucerne, Switzerland. While we know that Switzerland hasn’t got the greatest musical tradition, they have given the world cuckoo clocks, Roger Federer and Toblerone chocolate, so give them a chance! And those of you lucky folks who live in or around New York City will get the chance to experience the wonderful Heidi in person this week, as she plays a handful of solo shows during the CMJ Music Marathon in support of her new album Flowers, Birds & Home (Little Jig Records). Get ready to fall in love at the following shows:

Oct 20th: The Living Room 7:00pm

Oct 22nd: Googie’s Lounge 9:30pm

Oct 23rd: Pianos – Upstairs Lounge 8:00pm

The album is a heart-achingly beautiful blend of folk-tinged pop songs that will make you sad, happy, and make you wonder just how you’ve never heard of Heidi Happy before. Breathless comparisons are not always a good thing, as often the assumption is that someone is like, but not quite as good as, someone more famous. But with Heidi, I have no fear that this is the case. She’s up there with Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Björk, Keren Ann and KT Tunstall, and even has one distinct advantage over them already – I bet you none of them can yodel.

Cuchillo Migrates to the States

Spanish folk-rock duo Cuchillo are currently on a coast-to-coast US tour in support of their self-titled debut album.


“Cuchillo’s music is striking, spacy and shimmers with touches of Radiohead, Nick Drake, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys and Jose Gonzalez. It’s hypnotic, and exotic guitar playing twists and turns like a lazy curl of opium smoke. Lyrics are sung in Spanish and English and hints of Indian and Middle Eastern influence creep into the trance-like songs.”

Tour Dates

October 22 – CMJ MUSIC MARATHON, Ace of Clubs – New York, New York
October 24 – CMJ MUSIC MARATHON, The Annex – New York, New York
October 25 – Monkey Town – Brooklyn, New York

Past US Dates

October 11 – Clean Air Clear Stars Festival with Dead Meadow, Black Angels – Pioneertown, California
October 12 – Hotel Congress – Tucson, Arizona
October 13 – Hotel Congress – Tucson, Arizona
October 15 – Standard Hotel – Los Angeles, California
October 15 – 3 of Clubs with Magic Mirror – Los Angeles, California
October 16 – The Hemlock Tavern with Magic Mirror and Colossal Yes – San Francisco, California
October 17 – The East End with The Upsidedown and Magic Mirror – Portland, Oregon
October 18 – TBD with Magic Mirror – Seattle, Washington
October 19 – Casanova Lounge (Cuchillo Dj’s) – San Francisco, California

Indie Pop Dressed Up In A Top Hat And Tails

Weaving together intricate and sophisticated arrangements on top of strong pop hymns, Paul Hogan presents his band Frances. No cleverness or wit is lost as you slip into a world of impolite chamber pop. Beyond merely slinging strings about and throwing in a dash of horns for an indie nod of approval, Hogan’s background in classical music gives his debut album All The While a dignified sense of controlled purpose. However, even with all of this grand talk of orchestrations and elaborations, Frances’ music melds perfectly with those carefree fall afternoons meant for nothing but untroubled romps.

Hot off the press from Gigantic Music – the label that recently brought us The Walkmen and The Rumble Strips –  Frances’ aural venture is showing a lot of promise. If our musing doesn’t have you convinced, then snag the little melodious tune below. It starts off as a comfortably straight-forward pop track that eventually morphs with the typical Hogan treatment.

MP3: Frances – The Brain