Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson In March Pitchfork featured a young singer songwriter by the name of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson in their Forkast section. The featured track was “Buriedfed” – a rambling, folky, captivating mess drawing comparisons to Conor Oberst and The Arcade Fire – that quickly caught the ears of internet tastemakers near and far.

Since that day the Brooklyn upstart has been climbing his way up the internet buzz band ladder, scoring mentions on The Fader, Stereogum, and, all in anticipation of his forthcoming, self titled debut album due June 10th on Say Hey Records. And while he’s presumably come up out of nowhere, the formidably named singer has won some equally formidable connections. Grizzly Bear members Chris Taylor, Chris Bear, and Daniel Rosen lend their hands at production, drumming, and overdubs respectively, and Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio also pops up on a few tracks (in fact, MBAR’s already at work on a follow up album with Kyp Malone to see the light of day in 2009).

So practice saying Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson three times fast because soon enough this will be the name on all your friends’ lips as he breezes through a town near you accompanied by labelmates (and your favorite new band of 2007) White Rabbits.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson MP3 and tour dates after the jump.


Fates Of Mates: Re-Arrange, Re-Arrange

Back when they first started winning over the record store set, Mates of State did this 100% puppy dog thing where they’d lock eyes in the middle of a song and just love the hell out of eachother until it was over. Of course, their chipper drum-n-keys sunshine show made sense paired with those I-Thee-Wed Peepers. And whether they grossed out the cynics or won over the lovebugs didn’t seem important to Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel. Didn’t even factor. Because, well, They Totally <3’d Eachother, y’know?!

But, to my surprise, when the Mates played their early-bird “secret show” this Wednesday at Mercury Lounge, they didn’t really do the eye thing. It was a sure-fire sign. After all, lots has changed since the puppy dog days: they’re proud parents of two now, with a network TV debut under their belts, and a new “mature” record to peddle. But, as Wednesday’s performance proved, while the recently-released Re-arrange Us isn’t as bubbly and hook-obsessed as its predecessors, the knack for smart-pop songcraft hasn’t left the couple.


Gimmie Indie Rock

So a couple of nights ago a couple of colleagues and I attended the Zach Galifinakis-hosted New York x New York magazine “Indie Rock Trivia Night ” and Les Savy Fav show at The Highline Ballroom. The sting of the rather princely $30.00 entry fee was assuaged by a 46-issue subscription to New York magazine, the prospect of seeing Les Savy Fav live for the first time and, certainly not least, some very generous contributions from some of the good people at Dailyrind, who thought that we could potentially bring home the gold. I’m sorry we let you down, guys.

I’m not one to brag but I think I have a reasonably decent grasp on “indie” trivia. I was born in 1977; I came of age right around the time punk “broke;” I subscribed to all the magazines; bought all the records everybody was supposed to buy; I went to hundreds of shows; I read all the books; I have carried on lengthy, (and occasionally extremely pretentious), conversations about the New Zealand “scene,” Japanese No Wave, African Funk, Quebecois Noise, rare ‘80s hip-hop, and any number of other music geek obsessions. (‘Cause hardcore wasn’t doing it for me no more.) I realize that I am hardly unique in this regard. There are of course millions of people just like me, and I knew full well that quite a few of them were going to be showing up to a shindig where you could win 500 bones for knowing something as obvious as who took the picture on the cover of Slint’s Spiderland .


88 Keys, Aceyalone Rock Decon Records Party

Izza Kizza and 88 KeysLast Friday, Decon Records hosted their Grape Juice party at Soho’s Black Swan Wine Bar, with performances by Izza Kizza, 88 Keys, and Aceyalone. 88 Keys introduced new material from his upcoming Decon Records album, called Death of Adam (from the sound of things, an allusion to Eve’s umm… feminine charms, perhaps?) executive produced by Kanye West and hitting shelves this fall. Listen to “DOA” on Key’s MySpace page for a sneak peek of what I mean. Aceyalone also did his thing, and we can’t wait to catch the two on tour with Alchemist and Dilated Peoples this summer.