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Streaming: All In One, The New Norm?

No doubt we’ve all written and read countless articles about streaming. There will always be those who declare it to be the shotgun-wielding saviour of the music industry, single-handedly delivering us to greener pastures and fatter pockets, and those who declare it to be nothing more than the final fart of a rotting corpse to which… Read more »

Bilbao BBK Live: Boosting Music & Business in Spain

Spain is one of the countries most affected by the economic crisis. And though many festivals have had to close their doors due to a lack of funding from municipalities, the Bilbao BBK Live Festival, organized by Last Tour International — one of our clients — every summer, has become a clear example of how to be an… Read more »

Relive Your Concert Experiences — Pronto

Picture yourself at your favorite band’s concert. You’re standing in a sea of people, and everyone is trying to get a close-up video of the band. Instead of truly enjoying yourself, you are pushing and shoving everyone around you in hopes of being able to capture a decent quality video, which we all know renders… Read more »

Introducing The Orchard’s Tour Date Module

The Orchard’s product team creates web applications which allow our labels to maximize growth and interaction with each of  their artists’ fan base. It’s one of our goals to create forward-thinking technologies that will not only enrich the fans relationship with an artist, but also make the lives of our label managers easier. You probably… Read more »