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Freeloader Friday: The James Hunter Six, Sarah Neufeld & More

Attention Orchardites! Pause your ultimate Bieber playlist. Stop trying to sing like Adele. And for goodness’ sake, take a break from copping Drake’s crazy-uncle-at-your-annual-Thanksgiving-party dance moves. It’s Freeloader Friday and it’s time for me to show you what’s new at The Orchard. Check out this week’s highlights below. First up, get a taste of The James Hunter Six. A recent… Read more »

Campy, Nerdy, and Somewhat Crappy Things to Stream

Videodrome (Netflix, 1983) Videodrome is the ultimate addiction. Videodrome will shatter your reality. Videodrome will change your body. Videodrome is a kick-a** David Cronenburg movie starring James Woods and drop dead gorgeous Debbie Harry who both seem to enjoy copious amounts of sado-masochism. Okay, okay, they may have been under the spell of a pirate television broadcast, but does that… Read more »