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Out Today by The Orchard: Henry Jamison, Hajk & More

Friends, family, partners and music lovers, welcome back to another week of fresh new music Out Today. This week, we have a storytelling singer-songwriter, an alt-pop group with electric bops, and a jazz trio sure to spark your curiosity. So find your headphones and take a seat.

Captivating “Christine” Joins The Orchard’s Sundance Acquisitions

What’s that? More news from Sundance? Could it be? Well — yes! We are proud to announce that we have picked up Christine for North American distribution. The film premiered in the US Dramatic Competition and has received nothing but rave reviews. Christine features Rebecca Hall who delivers an incredibly strong performance as the title… Read more »

‘Lamb’ Finds Its Flock at The Orchard

Our latest film acquisition, Lamb, follows the meeting of a 40-something year old man and an eleven-year-old girl in a parking lot, quickly striking up an unusual connection. It’s just as provocatively charged as that first line sounds. The psychological drama, starring, written and directed by Ross Partridge, begins with what seems like David Lamb’s (Partridge) end: his wife has left him and… Read more »

“Codebreaker:” The Story of an Unknown Genius

You may not have ever heard of Alan Turing. Yet, his impact on the outcome of World War II and technology today was monumental. Codebreaker, out earlier this month on your favorite digital video stores, makes his story known to the world. Winner of the Audience Award at the 2012 Science TV and New Media Awards, Codebreaker is a… Read more »