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Make GIFs from YouTube Videos

Do you have trouble creating teasers for your YouTube videos? Sure, we all do! Welcome to a new, simple-to-use service called GIF YouTube. Simply visit any YouTube video. We’ll try this lovely intro video for EchoBoom Sports’ Arrival release: Then, add GIF to the domain, like so: Pick a start time and length. Then click… Read more »

Annotations 2: Revenge of the Annotations

My friend Matt Gielen and I discuss all aspects of running YouTube channels from the very small to the cliched 30,000 foot view. Matt’s as old a hand at YouTube as you can get and has done great work leading the audience development effort at Frederator Studios, distributors of the finest animated shows on YouTube…. Read more »

A “Rad” Premiere in Great “Company”

Earlier this month, the Mountain Bike community descended upon the beautiful city of North Vancouver, Canada for the world premiere of Brandon Semenuk’s “Rad Company.” A joint project produced by Red Bull Media House and Freeride Entertainment, had the hype meter pegged at 10! Red Bull pulled all the stops and hosted a great event… Read more »

Welcome, Michael!

Introducing Michael Mahoney, Marketing Coordinator, EchoBoom Sports Hi my name is Michael and I’m stoked to be joining The Orchard full-time as the Marketing Coordinator for EchoBoom Sports. I’ve lived my whole life on California’s coast and always been on a board whether it be skating, snowboarding or surfing. My passion for surf and travel… Read more »