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Action Sports Films: A Force To Reckon With

Action sports and movies have a multi-decade long history, since the flashy and dangerous tricks of skaters, snowboarders, and other extreme athletes lend to great film material. If your action sports viewing history ended with the intros from those video games you played as a kid, you might be surprised to see how far the genre has progressed.

Make GIFs from YouTube Videos

Do you have trouble creating teasers for your YouTube videos? Sure, we all do! Welcome to a new, simple-to-use service called GIF YouTube. Simply visit any YouTube video. We’ll try this lovely intro video for EchoBoom Sports’ Arrival release: Then, add GIF to the domain, like so: Pick a start time and length. Then click… Read more »

Annotations 2: Revenge of the Annotations

My friend Matt Gielen and I discuss all aspects of running YouTube channels from the very small to the cliched 30,000 foot view. Matt’s as old a hand at YouTube as you can get and has done great work leading the audience development effort at Frederator Studios, distributors of the finest animated shows on YouTube…. Read more »

A “Rad” Premiere in Great “Company”

Earlier this month, the Mountain Bike community descended upon the beautiful city of North Vancouver, Canada for the world premiere of Brandon Semenuk’s “Rad Company.” A joint project produced by Red Bull Media House and Freeride Entertainment, had the hype meter pegged at 10! Red Bull pulled all the stops and hosted a great event… Read more »