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Facebook vs YouTube: Which is the Best for Your Video Campaign?

Facebook vs YouTube: these two game-changing platforms have become a contested rivalry in online music video streaming. With massive emphasis now behind native video players, is Facebook today’s place to start an artist’s video campaign? Or with its creator-friendly programs, advanced Content ID and monetisation options, is YouTube the way to go? In this post, we’ll… Read more »

Get Your Crossposting Video On (Facebook)

Earlier this month, Facebook announced new crossposting video features for all Pages. How can you utilize this in your marketing campaigns? Let’s say your artist is releasing a video for their new single and they upload it to their Facebook Page. Previously, you as the label would share the artist’s post to promote the video release (or vice versa). You were not… Read more »

It’s a Facebook Live Video Free-for-All

You get live video! And you get live video! Today, everyone in the audience is going home with the ability to share live video with their Facebook followers! Well, while the following announcement might not induce Oprah-level excitement, Facebook’s latest feature should excite indie artists seeking new ways to engage with their fans.