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Spotify Reaches Beyond The Nest with Its Play Button

Just push play! It’s as simple as that. The long awaited embeddable Spotify player just went live, making it super easy to add your awesome — and monetizable! — music to your website and blog, as well as some fast-moving Facebook apps like FanBridge and FanRx, which you can install straight from The Orchard Marketplace. The… Read more »

South Bye Southwest

Even if you did not attend SXSW, you must have heard about the giant Doritos vending machine/stage, free BBQ via pedicabs, homeless hotspots, The Boss’ “you can do it” keynote or at least, A$AP Rocky’s do-rag. No? Well it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on at SXSW and cut through all the noise,… Read more »

Lee Fields Knows How To Treat The Ladies

February 14th may be Valentine’s Day, but it’s also the release date for the brand new single, “You’re The Kind of Girl“, from soul singer Lee Fields on Brooklyn’s Truth & Soul Records. To promote the single release in a way that would make this ladies man proud, we wanted to do something a bit… Read more »

FanBridge and DamnTheRadio Now Unified

In a handy move to make managing fan interaction even easier, FanBridge, one of our Marketplace partners (read more about them here), has announced the complete integration of their platform with the marketing tools of DamnTheRadio (DTR). You no longer have to login through your DTR account to access these tools: everything is now available via the… Read more »

Marketplaces, Ecosystems and Apps, OH MY!

After much hubbub, Spotify launched Spotify Apps yesterday. From newer offerings such as The Orchard Marketplace and FanBridge Ecosystem, to mainstays such as Android Market and iOS App Store, apps are certainly all the rage. As they should be! It’s incredibly exciting to build an API for business partners to integrate with, and then work… Read more »