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Mr. Lif Drops New Full Length One Week Early on iTunes, New In Studio Footage on I Heard it Today TV

Boston-based MC Mr. Lif has been bouncing off the walls, spreading the word far and wide about his thought-provoking, pertinent new escapade I Heard It Today. The new full-length, available now on iTunes one week before it hits all other stores via his own Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises imprint, sees the rhyme-schemer taking on these increasingly… Read more »

Music To Vote By

As the political campaigns on both sides of the fence beat their drums louder, election day draws nearer and we find the time to make a decision upon us. It has already been a historical campaign thus far – with a female up for Vice President on one side, and an African American leading the… Read more »

Mr. Lif Gets Political on I Heard it Today

In September indie rapper Mr. Lif announced that he would be recording and releasing his newest solo album track-by-track, using current events such as the presidential election and economic crises as his inspiration, and releasing a new track every three weeks starting September 23rd and winding up just as the nation swears in our next… Read more »

Mr. Lif issues Presidential Report

Hip-hop visionary, Mr. Lif issued a “Presidential Report” today ahead of a newly announced unprecendented “album” which will be released piece by piece leading up to election day. According to a press release, Mr. Lif will write and release 1-2 songs every three weeks until Election Day on November 4th, following which Mr. Lif will… Read more »