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Out Today by The Orchard: Foxing, Termanology & More

Welcome back to another week of fresh new music from The Orchard’s talented labels and artists. This week, we kick it off with an indie masterpiece from new-age emo favorite, Foxing. Next, we question our surroundings and reminisce on old-school hip-hop with Termanology. Finally, we’ll transport into a packed venue of epic proportions with metal crew, Night Demon…. Read more »

Out Today by The Orchard: Dentist, Eisley & More

It’s finally the weekend and what better way to relax than by listening to some new tunes? Vibe to Dentist’s surf rock, jam out to extreme metal band Skeletonwitch, or keep it mellow with soulful acoustics from Eisley’s recreated classics. Whether it’s rock, metal, punk, or blissful guitar, these fresh new finds will most definitely get you rocking, all… Read more »

Eleanor Friedberger Shows Us Her “New View” On Music

Transitioning from a band to a solo career can be a tough task, yet Eleanor Friedberger has proven to be up-to-the-level. Introduced to music years ago as the front woman to the band Fiery Furnaces and now coming out with her third solo album — her first as a Frenchkiss Records artist — Eleanor has certainly established her own… Read more »

Label Spotlight: More Than Meets Magnetic Eye Records

Power, love and vinyl have been pouring out of Albany-based label Magnetic Eye Records since 2011. Their bands and artists embrace the following genres: Rock, Stoner Rock, Doom, Metal, Ambient, Electronic, Avant-Garde, Pop, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Minimalism, Experimental and beyond. Michael Vitali runs his label for the love of music (and he is also the lead… Read more »