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Kick Off The New Year With Our Insta-Update

2019 is here, and we’re already kicking it off with an Insta-update! Instagram has added a bunch of new features from music to interactive options in IG Live, so today we’ll break them all down so you can be on top of your social media game this year. (more...


The Story on SoundCloud Instagram Stories

Have you heard the news? Get your head out of the clouds because SoundCloud has come to Instagram! New to Instagram Stories, you can now share what you're listening to on SoundCloud. When posting on Stories, the album artwork will become the background o...


Highlight Your Brand on Instagram

Announced in December, Highlights is already becoming an important and useful tool on Instagram. The feature works exactly as it sounds, it is a way to highlight some of your favorite Instagram Stories, placing them at the top of your profile even after the...


6 Keys To Enhance Your Instagram Content

We all know the key to Instagram is an engaging composition that tells a story but, beyond the basics, how can we make our content stand out amongst a constantly changing sea of posts? Here are six easy steps within Instagram to instakick any post up a not...