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Welcome, John G.!

Introducing, John Getter, Senior Director, Technology In the summer of 2003, I met my friend for lunch and he gave me the napkin pitch for what was to become IODA. At the time, I wasn’t so sure digital music would catch on, but I told him it sounded fun and I quickly joined the company…. Read more »

Welcome, JP!

Introducing JP Lester, Chief Technology Officer I’m a technologist, a musician and a dad. I grew up in NJ but spent a good deal of my career out in the Bay Area and since having kids moved back to raise them closer to family. We live down at the NJ shore, and I commute by… Read more »

Welcome, Rishi!

Introducing Rishi Satsangi, Senior Software Engineer Hi everyone, I’m Rishi Satsangi and I’ve just started here on the Engineering Frontline team. Amazing fact: I used to work at IODA under the tutelage of Mike Drake in the 00’s. I just recently came to The Orchard from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and I am so happy to be working… Read more »

The Orchard + IODA: Better Together.

The Orchard and IODA have always shared the same DNA: we build technology to empower the people and companies that create the music and films that we love. We were both born out of digital, way before digital was a meaningful business to most others, so we were (and still are) highly focused on creating… Read more »