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Uptime: A YouTube App for Friends

Google has recently launched Uptime, a new mobile app that has got the video world talking. Uptime takes YouTube to new social heights, encouraging users to watch videos with friends and simultaneously add comments and chat alongside these videos in real time. It also lets users find their friends by connecting through Facebook and allows them… Read more »

Periscope on Twitter: Going Live In 3, 2, 1….

In the latest live streaming news, your Periscope broadcasts will now automatically play in Twitter. Previously, Periscope streams would only appear as a link in the tweet promoting your broadcast (you did promote it…right?). Fans would have to click that link, taking them outside of the Twitter app all together. In this latest development, fans who don’t… Read more »

Relive Your Concert Experiences — Pronto

Picture yourself at your favorite band’s concert. You’re standing in a sea of people, and everyone is trying to get a close-up video of the band. Instead of truly enjoying yourself, you are pushing and shoving everyone around you in hopes of being able to capture a decent quality video, which we all know renders… Read more »

Daily News Highlights: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Digital claims over 50% of all UK music sales value in Q2 2013 SoundExchange Announces Q2 2013 Distribution of $149 Million Paid to Artists and Labels 2013 Midyear US Sales Trends: What Does It All Mean? Indian music service Dhingana launches ad-free subscription for iOS at $1.99 per month Will new production facility raise the… Read more »

Marketplaces, Ecosystems and Apps, OH MY!

After much hubbub, Spotify launched Spotify Apps yesterday. From newer offerings such as The Orchard Marketplace and FanBridge Ecosystem, to mainstays such as Android Market and iOS App Store, apps are certainly all the rage. As they should be! It’s incredibly exciting to build an API for business partners to integrate with, and then work… Read more »