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Spotify: Get Your Artists Heard

By now you have all heard the hype about Spotify, but in case you have been living under a rock, let’s start with the basics: Spotify is a service that lets you listen to any song in the Spotify library – anytime you want. It’s like iTunes in that you can search for what you want,… Read more »

A Warm Welcome…

We have a new Orchard-ite on board! Peter McCarthy, who hails from the world of publishing, comes to us as the new Senior Vice President of Marketing. His role? To lead the strategic marketing efforts across The Orchard’s global marketing and distribution platform, translating marketing needs into value for The Orchard’s constituencies. In addition, McCarthy,… Read more »

Our Very Own Billboard King

Robbie Mackey, Director of Interactive Marketing at The Orchard, scored a spot on Billboard’s 2011 “30 Under 30: Young Execs You Need to Know.” Quoted as being “the new breed of marketing executive,” Mackey has it all: analytics, technology and social. Most importantly, he knows how to connect bands with their fans. Check out his… Read more »

Case Study: Charles Bradley “No Time For Dreaming”

Goals As a new artist breaking out with his debut album, the goal for Charles Bradley‘s worldwide campaign was exposure. Furthermore, given that physical sales for R&B/Soul artists are usually much higher than digital sales, we wanted to specifically drive digital sales. Tactics Leading up to Street Date, we focused on growing Charles Bradley’s social… Read more »