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Making A Difference With Pink, Blue & Green Vinyl

Music is a unique art form that reaches so many and inspires empathy transcending all boundaries. It draws people together and can spawn change in a big way. That is why many artists and organizations choose to harness the community music creates to raise support for a number of special causes. Check out some of these great initiatives… Read more »

The Glitch Mob: Slaying the Summer Stage

LA’s electronic trio The Glitch Mob has just given fans the chance to see a new dimension of the group’s captivating live show with the release of a short documentary titled “The Glitch Mob: Behind the Blade.” The 16-minute mini movie focuses particularly on the Mob’s one and only stage design, boldly titled The Blade. The Blade,… Read more »

Discover Music You Didn’t Even Know You Liked with Spotify

What do Metallica, Vampire Weekend and Frank Ocean have in common? Nothing? Maybe. However, they helped Spotify announce a number of big items yesterday including new functionalities and a surprising artist that is now available on their service. Updates at yesterday’s press conference/live stream event included stats on Spotify’s growth, and the unveiling of their new Discover… Read more »

Physical Goes to Orion and Back

The physical sales team did their share of heavy lifting to deliver a #139 Billboard/Soundscan Top 200 debut for Rhett Miller‘s The Dreamer, which also hit #2 on the Heatseekers chart. This follows a long list of Top 200 chart debuts for our artists, including Pitbull, DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles, Royce Da 5’9″, The Black Angels, The… Read more »

Metal, Metal, And More Metal

So the new Metallica is out, and it’s surprisingly good, right? Longer songs, the return of whiplash tempos, and thankfully, the ouster of that horrible snare sound from St. Anger . Of course, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype over Death Magnetic (sux! return to form! geezers! yadda yadda… ) ,… Read more »