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On the Road to Ubiquity… Can Spotify Become “The OS of Music”?

In a recent report by The Guardian, Sten Garmak, Spotify’s director of platform, was quoted saying “we have to turn ourselves into the OS of music.” That phrase might be confusing, because don’t operating systems run on computers, and not on the Internet? Garmak was talking about Spotify’s ambitious goal to achieve ubiquity on the… Read more »

The Orchard’s Catalogue Cuts: “Put The Pedal To The Metal”

The Orchard’s new Catalogue Cuts Series begins with this inside look into the hard and heavy side of our catalogue. Courtesy of Metal connoisseur and proud Orchard-ite Nathan Thompson, “Put The Pedal To The Metal” highlights the best riffs we have. Get out the air guitar! This playlist includes new releases from enduring thrash godfathers… Read more »

Orchard-ites Exposed

We thought it was high time you got to know us better here at The Orchard. We’re an exciting, fun-loving and hard-working bunch – and sure, we know that, but you don’t necessarily. Therefore, inaugurated by this post, we’ll regularly be sharing some fun facts and figures with you – ranging from internal studies to… Read more »