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Melvins’ Nude With Boots

The Melvins Nude With Boots / Ipecac / BUY Know who needs no intro? A band that’s been in biz for about 25 years, with just shy of 20(!) records under their belt. So, no, we won’t go into detail about how King Buzzo and his mighty Melvins all but created Grunge. Or how they… Read more »

Melvins Unsheathe New Track

What’s that ridiculous racket rising over your Wednesday morning? Well, we’re betting it’s the sound of the world turning up their shitty computer speakers and pumping the first track from the forthcoming Melvins record, Nude With Boots. This morning, the folks over at Pitchfork wrote up the title-gem, patting it on the bottom and offering… Read more »

Melvins Team Up With Mike Patton to Curate All Tomorrow’s Parties

Good news is in the air! For lucky Brits, and stateside grunge devotees willing to drop serious plane fare, that is. Indeed, All Tomorrow’s Parties recently announced this year’s Nightmare Before Christmas festival will be curated by Ipecac impresario Mike Patton and the one and only Melvins on December 5-7. Butlins Holiday Resort in Minehead… Read more »