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Don’t Get It Twisted: Musical Composition vs Sound Recording

We’ve said it before, Performance Rights is one of the most consistently growing fields of revenue in the global music industry. According to the IFPI Global Music Report, in 2017, revenue from public performance generated 2.4 billion, accounting for 14% of the recording industry’s global revenue – up 7% from 2015. Despite the importance (and reliability)… Read more »

Why Performance Rights Services Should Be On Your Radar

In a 2015 Music Week report titled “The growth engine of the music industry,” Fintage House music division president Andrew Gummer was quoted saying, “Neighboring rights is a fascinating market… growing when not much else seems to be.” It’s no secret that the last few years have seen a dramatic increase in revenue from streaming services, and… Read more »

Welcome, Leal!

Introducing Leal Vona, Assistant Manager — Public Performance & Broadcasting Alright stop what you’re doing, cause I’m about to ruin / The image and the style that you’re used to. / I look funny, but yo, I collect money (over)see(s), / so hey Orchard, I hope you’re ready for me. / Now gather ‘round, I’m the… Read more »