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CMJ Sneak Peek

Back in the day when I managed my college rock radio station, not only did I go to CMJ, but I planned the trip every year from Ohio to New York.  I rented the 15 passenger vans, I booked the college-kid-priced hostel, I gathered everyone’s hard earned money for our badges, and we all piled… Read more »

Bending Heavenward: The Return Of Sam Champion

Sam Champion Heavenly Bender / North Street Records / BUY Brooklyn garage pop darlings offer their second slab of delightfuly scuffed-up and slopped-on indie rock on Heavenly Bender . From the to-die-for riff that opens “Be Mine Everyone,” to the slow going wonder of “You Can’t Stop,” the band’s sophomore full-length far exceeds the promise… Read more »

They Got It For Cheap: Sam Champ On!

September 2nd! September 2nd! September 2nd! By now you’ve probably read the release date for Sam Champion ’s sophomore bash, Heavenly Bender , a few hundred times. But the Brooklyn indie rockers threw us all a big curveball this morning. Effective immediately, the band’s North Street debut – in all of its skuzzy garage pop… Read more »

Sam Champion Goes Video Gung-Ho

The Brooklyn boys in Sam Champion are getting ready for the September 2nd release of their sophomore full-length, Heavenly Bender, but they’re taking a less traditional route for promotion – they’ve created a batch of hilarious videos, starting with one that’s a great way to mess with your friends. Head on over to Music For… Read more »

Sam Champion Rocks the Boat

What do you call a boat, the Hudson River, Sam Champion, and waterfalls constructed from scaffolding? No, not a Manhattan weather report gone wrong, but a boat cruise on August 5th with Sam Champion, Apollo Sunshine and Drug Rug! Sam Champion’s Heavenly Bender is set to drop September 2nd on North Street Records. MP3: Sam… Read more »