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Freeloader Friday: Dfalt, RJD2 & More

Has everyone adjusted back to office life after a wonderfully slow Easter/Passover holiday last week, or after those March Madness pools, I should say? Hopefully you had the luck of that 12-year-0ld ESPN-pool winner. Either way, it’s Friday. Which means one thing: Freeloading time. For all those out there down for some dusty drum Hip-Hop… Read more »

What The #&@$ Do You Do, Emilie?!?

Emilie Snellman Senior Manager, Scandinavia Joined The Orchard in January 2011, as an intern You’re our Scandinavian secret weapon, managing that ever-exciting region for us from our London office. How the #&@$ do you do that? Hehe, I guess you could say that. It’s an extremely exciting market to be managing that keeps developing and… Read more »