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The DIY Self-Release Timeline 1: Prior to Release

I get asked about release plans and timelines quite a lot and have put together a fair few in my time, so thought I would share and outline some basic thoughts of mine as relating to the self-releasing musician or band. Keep in mind, every release project is different — what might work for one… Read more »

The Elephant In The Room: Instagram Video > Vine

Can we all just call out what everyone is thinking… Instagram Video wins. I’ll actually start with why I am not too thrilled about admitting this. Instagram from its inception has been simple, clean and user friendly, and in my opinion part of its success can be attributed to catering to the insanely short social…

Turn Your Facebook Frown Upside Down

A blessing and a curse. A necessary evil. Is this how you think about Facebook? No way! Facebook is an essential part of your marketing strategy. This means that you can’t just brush it off as something you “don’t like to do” and you absolutely can’t approach it with a negative attitude. If Facebook is… Read more »

Six Seconds to Shine on Vine

Vine just passed two big milestones. The app now has 13 million users and is available on Android. Not familiar with Vine? It’s the six-second social video app that takes the visual feed of Instagram and applies it to easily shot videos. How easy? Tap your finger to record, lift to pause, and repeat until… Read more »

How Google+ Completes YouTube

On the heels of some major site-wide overhauls, YouTube is now introducing Google+ and YouTube integration. The feature is currently in beta, but open to all YouTube partners. As Google strives to make its multi-product experience more cohesive, YouTube can now be linked directly to Google+ brand pages. This association allows brands and businesses to… Read more »