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Netflix and HBO Duke It Out for Scandinavia

Continuing their world conquest for domination of screens everywhere, Netflix recently announced expansion into 4 Nordic countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Not to be outdone, HBO, a unit of Time Warner Inc, said the following day that they too will be launching a video distribution venture — alongside Parsifal International — dubbed HBO Nordic. Nordic consumers already have access… Read more »

Do YOU Know What’s Coming Next?

I remember when I started The Orchard with Richard Gottehrer back in 1997 (15 years ago!). We told people what was coming next. People didn’t ask for the information and they certainly didn’t like what we had to say. We told them during the height of the CD boom that it was all going to… Read more »

Crowd-Funding Television Shows with Mobcaster

The New York Video Meetup never fails to bring innovative and disruptive technologies to the forefront of the tech world. January’s event held a new platform that, without a doubt, falls into the disruptive category. For I imagine that if Mobcaster had their merry-little-way, television, as we know it, would cease to exist! Mobcaster enables… Read more »