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Business Development Killing It In Q3

Always on their game, the Biz Dev department have being signing new folks and keeping previous deals up-to-date with the latest digital developments. As we mentioned last week, Google Music launched its new store in the United States. An online music digital locker service that allows users to store and listen to up to 20,000 songs… Read more »

Breaking News: Google Music Is Live

It’s as if we’ve been waiting for Christmas. You have an idea of what you’ll get – mostly because you’ve found the hidden box, shaken it, and determined that the rattling noise isn’t socks from Granny. She saved those for your stocking instead. Google Music’s announcements yesterday revealed presents for music/tech nerds via a few… Read more »

Kina Grannis: Another Rising Star in Paris

It’s a hard life running the Paris Office for The Orchard – especially when in the same year you have two rising stars gaining serious recognition here. In a previous blog post, I mentioned Hollie Cook, who will be coming back to play here in Paris in December and throughout the Spring Time. And this… Read more »

Managing Users on Your Orchard Account

When you log in to your Orchard account, you automatically have access to many things: Artist Builder, Release Builder, Marketplace, Analytics, Accounting… Among these products might lie some sensitive information – for instance Accounting or Analytics – which you don’t necessarily wish for your intern, assistant or even artist to access. That’s why we’ve made… Read more »