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The Marketplace Presents: FanRx

What with Facebook being the new be-all and end-all of social media, any band would be well equipped with a FanRx music page. Not only does this awesome app give you everything you need (and more) to get yourself a sexy Facebook band page, it’s also absolutely free. After you’ve signed into The Orchard Marketplace… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: Haulix

What’s the best way to launch a promotional campaign in the fewest possible steps? Haulix can put up a good argument that it’s it. A digital promo system that creates engaging promo pages featuring your cover art, watermarked downloads, YouTube videos, photo galleries and more, Haulix offers a great way to promote albums at the… Read more »

The Marketplace Presents: Songpier

Creating a mobile-optimized website for your music has never been easier, or cheaper. Songpier allows you to share your artist’s songs, upcoming events, photos, lyrics, notes and bio directly to your fans, all in a few simple steps. When you sign in to Songpier through The Marketplace, use the information already uploaded to The Orchard’s… Read more »