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The Marketplace Presents: Fanzy

There are quite a few fan rewards applications out there. We’ve already introduced you to VoxBloc; MusicHype is another we offer on The Marketplace; and we’re talking to a handful of others for possible integration. So what is Fanzy and what makes it different? Fanzy is a Facebook application that rewards fans for spreading the word and purchasing goods… Read more »

What Soundland, Next Big Nashville and The Orchard Marketplace All Have in Common

Nashvegas, eh? I have to say, there is a blatant inaccuracy about this nickname and I can’t help but demand all of Nashville to renounce this moniker. Nashville has the charming country folk mixed in with the charming not-so-country folk and somehow they all live together harmoniously in a big-but-small-enough-to-run-into-people-you-know size town. Just because they… Read more »

Our Los Angeles Label Community

Earlier in September, The Orchard spent several days in the ever-thriving music city of Los Angeles, CA where we have a formidable roster of independent record label clients. Representing the true eclectic nature of our client base, the labels run the gamut from Dance to Hip-Hop, Pop to Metal to Latin, and literally every micro… Read more »