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YouTube Partners With Ticketmaster To Display Tour Dates

For artists, YouTube is both a promotional platform and a destination for the music itself. The video site is home to many forms of video content, such as official music videos, Art Tracks and other less formal looks like behind the scenes footage or specific events. That’s why YouTube has become a place for fans to discover music and also learn… Read more »

Streaming: All In One, The New Norm?

No doubt we’ve all written and read countless articles about streaming. There will always be those who declare it to be the shotgun-wielding saviour of the music industry, single-handedly delivering us to greener pastures and fatter pockets, and those who declare it to be nothing more than the final fart of a rotting corpse to which… Read more »

Welcome, Claudia!

Introducing Claudia Ochoa, Client & Marketing Manager, Mexico Hi everyone! I’m Claudia Ochoa, raised and born in Mexico City. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to develop The Orchard in Mexico and to work with many different labels. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself, like a short Mexican telenovela but without all the drama! Like… Read more »

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

Can Records Labels Increase Album Sales In The ‘A La Carte’ Era? Warner Music Group Lost Another $205M Last Year Pandora To Debut Free Concert Series With Dawes; Invites Based On Listeners’ Preferences RIAA Says Suing Individuals Was An Effective Strategy Does Ticketmaster Undercount Tickets Sold To Underpay?

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

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