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‘Lamb’ Finds Its Flock at The Orchard

Our latest film acquisition, Lamb, follows the meeting of a 40-something year old man and an eleven-year-old girl in a parking lot, quickly striking up an unusual connection. It’s just as provocatively charged as that first line sounds. The psychological drama, starring, written and directed by Ross Partridge, begins with what seems like David Lamb’s (Partridge) end: his wife has left him and… Read more »

We Go Up & Away With “Above and Beyond”

Israel’s 1948 War of Independence has been well-documented in textbooks and feature films over the years, but one aspect of that war had yet to be uncovered. Until now. Director Roberta Grossman and Producer Nancy Spielberg (yep, that Spielberg) teamed up to create Above and Beyond, the story of a group of Jewish-Americans who risked their lives to… Read more »