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It’s The Views That Count, Right?

We’re always focused on huge numbers. Whether you jump back  to the era of worldwide multi-platinum hits, stop to ponder all that time you invested getting friends on MySpace, how holy the Like was a couple of years ago, or the current rush to get followers on Instagram, there’s always a huge focus on numbers…. Read more »

Embrace the YouTube Culture

Last week a client related an anecdote that made me laugh and shake my head in disbelief. It went along these lines: traveling with a group of vastly-wealthy business folks, she listened as they spoke about taking advantage of YouTube’s popularity to make money. Lacking a creative bone in their bodies, these folks spoke about… Read more »

Welcome, Jeremy!

Introducing Jeremy Rosen, Director of Video Network Programming Hello! I’m excited to be coming on-board. Most recently I was the head of Digital Operations at Roadrunner Records where I oversaw Digital Marketing, Product Development, and Web Development for six years for a roster of Metal and Hard Rock artists. While I have over a decade… Read more »