Freeloader Friday: Malpas, Windhand & More

windhandHey gang, did you know that today marks the first week of New Music Fridays? Starting now, all music worldwide will be released digitally on Fridays for even more weekend wildness. To mark this monumental day, we have compiled an especially exciting collection of new music for you. Let’s go!

To start things off, we have an EP download from the Indie Electronic Malpas. The duo, made up of writer Ali Forbes and producer Andy Savours, takes a uniquely organic angle on electronic, with beautifully sampled beats and sweeping synthesizers tied together by wonderfully melodic vocal hooks. This EP is no exception, and it will definitely help you head into the weekend with a smile on your commute home. The verses are reflective, the chorus is catchy and the mood is mellow.


Go Indie with Your Summer Movies

The OvernightSummer will always be summer at the movies. The hottest months make us want to shake off the weight of real life for an epic, otherworldly journey or a silly romp. After being teased by trailers since Christmas, we finally get pay-off in the form of star-studded sex comedies, hyper-enhanced comic book adaptations, and a soul-stirring run of tentpole animated family adventures. At least that’s the standard theory: hold the gold [statue hopes] for winter — quiet dramas and prestige pics have no place in long, languid days. Save the summer for simpler times, roller coaster ride plots, easy laughs, and pure movie fun for the masses.


Welcome, Rob!

RobGoldIntroducing Rob Gold, Manager, Licensing & Sync

I am overjoyed to be joining The Orchard’s sync licensing team based in New York, and I feel honored to get to work with all my fellow Orchardites.

Quick background on me: I was raised not too far from Jim Leavitt‘s home turf in suburban Boston, MA. As a drummer from a young age, I fell in love with music and was inspired by a range of influences from Blood, Sweat & Tears to John Coltrane and even musical theater when I lead acted in my high school’s productions. As I pursued a music business major at Hofstra University, I interned at Focus Features in Music/Business Affairs which officially turned me onto music supervision and licensing. Upon graduating, I music supervised/coordinated multiple productions including 2012’s Beasts of the Southern Wild.


What The #&@$ Do You Do, Airene?!?

AireneResurreccionAirene Resurreccion
Interactive Design Manager
Joined The Orchard in January 2012

We see you churning out designs by the dozens, but we’re not exactly sure what they all are and what their scope is. What the #&@$ do you do, and who the #&@$ do you do it for?!!?
I get design requests from different departments, but the majority of my work is for the Interactive Marketing department. I get the opportunity to design a lot of different things for a wide range of artists, which is my favorite part of my job. I get to create interactive splash pages, design playlist covers, create animated album trailer videos and sometimes album covers. Also, I design anything Orchard branded, which includes event invites and print collateral. As a designer, I get to flex a lot of muscles because I get to do Web Design, Branding, HTML/CSS and Motion Graphics.