Freeloader Friday: Futurebirds, The Dears & More

889845289517Hold onto your Pumpkin Spice Latte because this is the FIRST Freeloader Friday of fall 2015! It’s true, I’m actually wearing a flannel shirt as I type this and I counted twelve pairs of Ugg Boots during this morning’s commute. Just kidding. But really.

For you avid Freeloader Friday readers, you may remember our feature of the Futurebirds’ music video, “Deadbeat Hits.” Well, today is the release day for the accompanying album and it’s available to stream, start-to-finish, right here! Hotel Parties serves up a heaping portion of glowing, gentle, and twangy Indie-Rock anthems. For those still in need of a chill-out soundtrack for this weekend, look no further.


Play With YouTube’s New Live Gaming Function

dailyrind3YouTube has had quite a year. Not only has the company updated its video player and released its new beta premium service, but the team has also been hard at work expanding the reach of YouTube Live. We’ve told you about how streaming live events can garner attention and interest in your channel; Q&As and live concert broadcasts are great ways to interact with your fan base. Now, YouTube is calling attention to live streaming in a different way.


Case Study: Oddisee Fights “The Good Fight”


D.C.-based Hip-Hop artist Oddisee decided 2015 was a good year for an album, his sophomore project The Good Fight to be specific. For the US-based digital and physical marketing campaign surrounding the release, out on Mello Music Group, we knew we’d have no trouble getting people excited about the album drop. Through forward-thinking marketing tactics, we aimed to spread the word about the album and grow awareness for this multi-talented musician. (more…)

Welcome, João!

Joao_SantosIntroducing João Santos, Client Relations and Operations Coordinator, Brazil

Hello, my name is João and I’m very glad to be the newest member of The Orchard in Brazil! I was born and raised in Rio where I still live and work as a music teacher in my spare time. My musical studies started when I was 7 and, a few years ago, I graduated as a music teacher. I’ve worked in many places and played recorder, flute, percussion or sung with various groups, from Classical to Brazilian popular music, including a carnival “bloco” that plays Beatles songs mixed with Brazilian rhythms! I’m always listening to music: early Classical music, Brazilian popular music, Rock, Jazz… I also like traveling and cooking with my friends and, whenever I can, I love doing some woodwork and studying sound engineering.

Connect with Radio Stations via iPluggers

ipluggers_logo_lightbackgroundRadio airplay is important when it comes to getting new fans and increasing sales. But hiring a traditional radio promotor can be expensive and covering several territories requires an even heavier investment. So how would you go about promoting your music around the world, without eating away at your entire promotional budget? iPluggers.