The Orchard Chart Toppers: April 2015

The Orchard Chart Toppers

April brought a ton of great hits, and we’d like to give shout outs to a few standouts today: Nightwish have been in the Billboard charts all month long with their most excellent Endless Forms Most Beautiful; we got a #1 album in Sweden from Soul/R&B singer-songwriter Samuel Ljungblahd; the motocross film War Machines tore up both Documentary and Sports film charts globally, and Kai Neville’s Cluster didn’t go anywhere since March either. Another couple of standouts you’ll want to check out: Oddisee‘s The Good Fight and Royal Thunder‘s Crooked Doors. See you next month!

PS. This is only a snapshot of our artists’ chart positions. They’ve also placed in many genre charts on both Billboard and iTunes, but we’ve zoned in on the more general charts for the purpose of this post.


‘Lamb’ Finds Its Flock at The Orchard

cdn.indiewireOur latest film acquisition, Lamb, follows the meeting of a 40-something year old man and an eleven-year-old girl in a parking lot, quickly striking up an unusual connection. It’s just as provocatively charged as that first line sounds.

The psychological drama, starring, written and directed by Ross Partridge, begins with what seems like David Lamb’s (Partridge) end: his wife has left him and his father has just died. When the world around him begins to cave in, Lamb meets awkward, doe-eyed Tommie (Oona Laurence). The two form an odd friendship — Lamb, desperately hoping for some kind of self-redemption and Tommie, the one to save him.


Welcome, Sylvia!

SylviaMedeirosIntroducing Sylvia Medeiros, Retail Marketing & Operations Manager, Brazil

My name is Sylvia and I’m the newest Retail Marketing and Operations Manager in Brazil. I graduated from PUC-Rio in Advertising and Marketing then went on to get my MBA from FGV-Rio.

I am passionate about art and culture, especially music. I believe there are great ways to match creativity and business understanding, and that’s what I am always looking for in my work. I’m a 28 year-old new mom of a beautiful boy, living in Rio de Janeiro. Things that make me happy: listening to Maria Bethânia, Caetano Veloso, Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Gal Costa, Los Hermanos, Nina Simone, Radiohead, Norah Jones, Cat Power, watching Woody Allen movies and eating brigadeiro (if you haven’t had one, you haven’t lived your life fully).

I’m very excited to join The Orchard and very happy to start a new chapter in my professional life.

Label Spotlight: More Than Meets Magnetic Eye Records

MichaelVitaliMagneticEyeRecordsPower, love and vinyl have been pouring out of Albany-based label Magnetic Eye Records since 2011. Their bands and artists embrace the following genres: Rock, Stoner Rock, Doom, Metal, Ambient, Electronic, Avant-Garde, Pop, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Minimalism, Experimental and beyond. Michael Vitali runs his label for the love of music (and he is also the lead guitarist for stoner/sci-fi rock band Ironweed. He took some time out to talk about what he loves best…

In the beginning, before Magnetic Eye, there was…

A musician that had spent most of his 20s and 30s touring, releasing records and signing with a few different labels over the years. I had always viewed myself as a guitarist and songwriter since starting out at 13. I had been strongly influenced by my Grandfather being a musician and a Manhattan club owner and by growing up literally next door to Liberty Devitto, the long time drummer of Billy Joel. Both my Grandfather’s career with The Al King Orchestra and Liberty’s incredible career really inspired me as a musician.


More, Please! How iTunes Extras Help the Growth of Digital Film Sales

WWDITS_ScriptThe idea of bonus content for film is not a new thing. DVDs have had bonus content for years. With iTunes Extras, the experience is what you gain. The interactive menu, the HD photo galleries, the behind-the-scenes content, along with the continual addition of new content as it comes along — these are just some of the things that iTunes Extras is doing differently for films and which The Orchard is now bringing to the table.