Lights, Camera, Action with YouTube Red Originals

yt red originalWhy limit yourself to just “Netflix and chill” when you can also chill with YouTube Red Originals, YouTube’s very own set of original movies and series, courtesy of their buzzed-about subscription service, YouTube Red.

On February 10th, the video platform premiered its first four original projects, all of which are diverse concepts featuring popular YouTube stars such as PewDiePie and Meg DeAngelis. The current originals consist of a sci-fi action comedy movie (Lazer Team), a documentary following the lows and highs of a YouTube star’s world tour (A Trip to Unicorn Island), a coming-of-age movie revolving around a dance camp (Dance Camp), and a reality series which takes scary video game scenarios and puts them in real-life situations (Scare PewDiePie). With more original programming being filmed as we speak, these projects are just the beginning of the YouTube Red Originals launch, which is exclusive to YouTube Red.


RJD2’s Future is Enticing with “Dame Fortune”

unnamed (2)RJD2‘s new album Dame Fortune is the sound of the future. Out today via RJ’s Electrical Connections, the veteran producer’s latest production showcases an eclectic sound you don’t want to miss. With a career spanning over 20 years, RJD2 successfully fuses genres such as soul, funk and electronic music all at the same time.

Each track off Dame Fortune transports the listener to a different setting. Opening the record with “A Portal Inward,” this song serves to set the scene for the musical journey to come. Through its use of synth, chordal dissonance and varying rhythms, “A Portal Inward” provides the blueprint for the rest of RJD2‘s music.


Freeloader Friday: Cellars, Charles Bradley & More

Phases by CellarsYou just came back from SXSW, overwhelmed by the astronomical amount of great music that filled your ears and left you with the unwanted feeling of indecision in the face of so many great choices? Ponder no more — let me funnel things down for you with this week’s new releases from The Orchard.

First up is Texas-native Alle Norton, better known under her artist moniker, Cellars. She has just released “Still in Love,” a new track from her highly anticipated album Phases. The L.A.-based 25 year-old has an unmistaken talent for making the 80s sound fresh and relevant again. On “Still in Love,” Norton’s soft vocals blend nicely in a dreamy synth-packed arrangement. Passed the 3:30 mark, the drums shift the beat in higher gear, breathing energy in the second part of the song. Produced by Ariel Pink, Phases needs to be on your radar for 2016.


We’ll Never Go Out Of Style (Guide)

survival-guideAn extremely important part of being a distributor is making sure that your content is live on stores by release date. In order for that to happen in the smoothest way possible, we need you to help us help you!

Meet your new best friend, the iTunes Style Guide. Learn it, live it, love it. If you are sitting there thinking to yourself “psh, rules are meant to be broken” you may have some difficulty with this next concept: If you don’t follow these rules, iTunes will reject your content and/or it will take longer to get on stores. Your normally friendly client manager will then promptly send it back for you to fix, which will add unnecessary time to the release submission process. Key takeaway: following the iTunes style guide is the cool thing to do and saves everyone time. See… helping us… help you.


Welcome, Edoardo!

EdoardoGelardinIntroducing Edoardo Gelardin, Account Manager, Video Services

Hello all, my name is Edoardo Gelardin (maybe call me Edo as “Edoardo” may be a little hard to pronounce?) and I am happy to have joined the Video Services team, here in NY. I am a drummer, amateur music producer and proud tour manager of Florian Picasso (check him out if you are in need of an energy boost and coffee just ain’t doing it).

A few of my favorite artists are: Johnnyswim, The Civil Wars, Nas, Wale, Eric Prydz, Guy Gerber, Jauz, Liquid Tension, Snarky Puppy, Deftones and Stick To Your Guns. Fun fact: the only thing I love more than music are my dogs.