Freeloader Friday: Nothing, Sarah Neufeld & More

nothing_art_jizllsHappy Friday everyone! I’m here once again to share only the newest and freshest in music with you this week… don’t expect any less from me ever. Let’s kick it off, shall we?

Nothing have announced that they will be releasing their new album Tired of Tomorrow this May, and have shared the track “Vertigo Flowers” in the meantime to tie us over. With booming drums, anthemic guitars and harmonies aplenty, it sounds like Nothing have a hit on their hands. I’m sure the rest of the record will not disappoint. Look out for more songs from the band before the album hits stores in the spring.  (more…)

What The #&@$ Do You Do, Dan?!?

Dan Truong
VP of Release Strategy and Financial Planning, Film & TV
Joined The Orchard in April 2014

You’re an MBA-struttin’, film-lovin’, data-minin’ maven. But we have no idea what the #&@$ you do. Enlighten us?!!?
I strategize releases and plan finances :) But seriously, do you have the time? My role with the team starts with the basics of building a financial planning infrastructure for Film and TV and spans to thinking about and implementing more forward looking strategic initiatives that will help us not only grow the business and stake our claim in the film distribution game, but differentiate us among our competitors as the most nimble and transparent distribution partner for filmmakers. And everything in between!


6 Best Practices to Master Apple Music

iPhone6-3Up-AppleMusic-Features-PRWe hope everyone has been enjoying Apple Music and exploring all of its exciting features. As with all new friends, it takes a little bit of time to get to know and understand how best to work with. To help, here are 6 Best Practices that you can follow to start maximizing your streams on the service.


First, welcome to Apple Music Connect, an exciting new platform that allows artists to share pretty much any content they like, as with any social media platform. Think about engaging content fans will want to see — snippets of new tracks, candid backstage or tour-bus shots, behind-the-scenes videos, you name it. Apple is also sharing compelling audio and video content from Connect on the Apple Music main page, so be creative! You’ll need to have your profile verified to start using this new platform — check your client newsletter to find out how. Once Apple has processed the verification, the email addresses assigned to the artist page will receive an email directly from Apple with further instructions for activating the Connect profile. You can start posting by following these handy instructions from Apple and read up more on the Connect service in our FAQs. (more…)

Welcome, Nina!

NinaAiyarakhomIntroducing Nina Aiyarakhom, Office Manager, London

Hi everybody! I’m Nina, originally a total country bumpkin from Lincolnshire, UK, as soon as I was old enough I fled to London and am here to stay!

I have a background in Music and TV, and have been an avid gig goer since the age of 12. My first loves are Punk and Hardcore, but am also partial to a bit of Metal and Hip Hop. Outside of music in my spare time (when I say spare, I pretty much mean all), I train in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and compete on a regular basis, I also do the odd race, anything from 10k to half marathons, when the time allows. I have been vegan for 15 years and am a huge fan of raw vegan puddings (that is a hint btw). I have a random collection of very nerdy tattoos. My goldfish is called Arnold Schwarzenegger. I very much enjoy working at The Orchard, and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Facebook Tips, Tricks & Best Practices – 2016 Edition

Facebook iconNew year, new updates! Let’s face it, Facebook is changing constantly. Even since our last best practice blog post in 2013, you will notice a world of difference.

Being the largest social network on the web, it is impossible to ignore Facebook in your Marketing strategy. You must either adapt to the changes or your flame quickly dies out. We are here to help make sure you are not forgotten!