Freeloader Friday: Teen Daze, Apollo Brown & More

WebHey Freeloaders, listen, we need to talk. It’s been a great summer and I’ve had so much fun, but I think it’s time for me to move on. That’s right, it’s time for me to go back to school for the Fall. Although today is my last day interning at The Orchard, it’s Friday, and the show must go on. After all, with summer’s hottest days come the season’s hottest tracks, and we have plenty for you today. Let’s take a listen.

Teen Daze‘s new LP Morning World is finally streaming on NPR! If you haven’t checked out any of the singles yet, you need to give this full length a listen, it’s unbelievable. Much more organic than his past work, this album has the emotional drive of Elliot Smith and the instrumental prowess of Jeff Tweedy. Brew a cup of coffee and give it a chance, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Celebrate Donovan & Spread Hope and ‘Tranquility’ While You’re at It

gazingwithtranqilityRock The Cause, the non-profit record label that brought you the moving story and music of Zach Sobiech, has compiled a tribute album to legendary 60s singer-songwriter, Donovan. In the ranks with Dylan and Clapton, Donovan spent the late sixties writing classics like “Season of the Witch,” “Sunshine Superman” and “Mellow Yellow.” Now, 50 years after his first release, artists of multiple genres are coming together in appreciation of his influence, curating Gazing With Tranquility: A Tribute to Donovan

Some major musicians covering Donovan’s classics include Sharon Van Etten, The Flaming Lips, The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser and many more. Even 50 years later, Donovan’s songs resonate and shine, and these modern revamps will both bring them to a whole new audience and delight long-time fans — all for a good cause.


Welcome, Heather!

HeatherHalakIntroducing Heather Halak, Coordinator, Client Services & International Relations

I’m so excited to officially be a part of the Client Services & International teams here at The Orchard!

A bit about me: I’m half-Cuban, half-Ukrainian (though I only recently discovered the Ukrainian part) from Miami, Florida where I lived until I started college. From Miami, I moved to Gainesville (a small town most notable for Fest, the Gators, Tom Petty, and Fueled by Ramen) to attend the University of Florida (Go Gators!) where I studied English and Linguistics. During my four years there, I DJed for a college radio station, planned a music festival, interned for Spotify, and was a Sony Music college marketing rep. I graduated this past May, packed up everything I own, and drove 16 hours to Hoboken to be in the place where all things music happen.


Roxette’s “The Look” Gets a Modern Makeover

TheLookFor those of you who think that T. Swift has nothin’ on 1989, this one’s for you: old school Scandinavian superstars Roxette are back with a remake of perhaps their most successful track of all-time, “The Look.” The duo decided to revamp the 27-year-old mega hit after being approached to spearhead the soundtrack for a major Swedish fashion campaign.

“To make a brand new version of ‘The Look’ felt very tempting, yet I knew it was going to be a pretty big challenge,” guitarist and singer Per Gessle said. “But ‘The Look’ is obviously a great title for a fashion campaign!”


Label Spotlight: Azteca Records

unnamed-1Azteca Records is a household name for lovers of Regional Mexican music, and if it’s not in yours, it should be.

In a world of competition from every corner, these guys are in it to win it. Growing a brand and label that is not only successful but truly cares for the artists it represents sets them apart. Azteca Records has some of the biggest names in the Regional Mexican genre. Between newer artists such as Banda Troyana, BXS, La Fiera de Ojinaga and more well known musicians like Los Pescadores Del Rio Conchos, La Maquina Nortena, Polo Urias y Su Maquina Norteña and many many more, they have created an empire.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Carlos Alvarez, Publishing/Digital/A&R Manager, who gave me some insight on how it all began and what keeps them going.  (more…)