In Loving Memory of Ken Seki

The Orchard is deeply saddened to share the unfortunate news that our colleague Ken Seki has passed away. Ken recently joined the company to lead our efforts in Japan. In his short tenure, he impressed everyone with his positive outlook, determination and leadership.

Ken’s passion for music started at an early age, with his older brother introducing him to bands like KISS and AC/DC. He made it his mission to see every 80s hard rock band that came through Toronto, Canada, where he grew up. (more…)

YouTube Partners With Ticketmaster To Display Tour Dates

For artists, YouTube is both a promotional platform and a destination for the music itself. The video site is home to many forms of video content, such as official music videos, Art Tracks and other less formal looks like behind the scenes footage or specific events. That’s why YouTube has become a place for fans to discover music and also learn more about the artists they love. While artists have always been able to use video creatively to promote live performances, YouTube and Ticketmaster have added a direct tie between an artists’ music videos and tour dates.


Welcome, Raed!

Raed AtouiIntroducing Raed Atoui, Senior Software Engineer

My name is Raed Atoui and I am joining the Digital Team as a Senior Software Engineer. I have a decade of experience in the digital marketing and services industry building everything from small websites for non-profits and small businesses, to award winning interactive campaigns and products for big brands like Google, Sony, General Mills and Verizon.

I received a BE and MS in Computer Engineering from Stony Brook University, but I’ve always leaned towards the creative arts (ask me about my short lived music career). I’ve worked as gaffer / audio engineer / house manager at my university’s theatre allowing me to attend hundreds of recitals and concerts in contemporary classical, electro acoustic, avant-garde, and jazz music, developing my musical prowess beyond electronic and IDM that I grew up with in the ’90s.


You Should Be Using Instagram Polls – Here’s Why

Polls are having a huge moment in the social media spotlight. Instagram even launched Story polls this past October in reaction to a sudden wave of interest. You see, over the summer, teen poll / compliment app TBH and Snapchat poll app Polly became the app store’s runaway successes unbeknownst to adults. The platforms empowered high schoolers to seek peer feedback without fear of bullying – something that other, comment-reliant social platforms hadn’t exactly perfected yet. Now, as part of Instagram’s platform, the format has taken off with more than just adolescents.