Label Spotlight: Infopesa

In this Label Spotlight, we’d like to highlight the legendary Peruvian label Infopesa. Infopesa was the first Peruvian label to reach the Billboard Latin Charts with Los Pasteles Verdes and in addition to pioneering the Peruvian Cumbia (or Chicha) genre, their catalog also includes Pop Rock, Salsa, Boleros and Folklore.

Now, for the first time in its rich 40-year history, Infopesa is digitizing its entire catalog through The Orchard. We got to chat with producer and founder Alberto Maraví (pictured left with his son Juan Ricardo) about green cakes, space echoes, and never giving up.


Freeloader Friday: Malportado Kids, PRAYERS & More

889176790508Short and sweet today, folks, kind of like the bittersweet Bar Crawl we’re about to have this afternoon to bid adieu to Jaclyn Ranere. We’re gonna hit all the old haunts in celebration of #allthingsJacRan, both past and present! But before we get our drank on in the East Village, I’ll give you a quick rundown of this week’s musical gems.

Have you heard of Malportado Kids? I hadn’t until this week; now, I’m gonna be keeping my eyes peeled to find out what they’ve got coming next. This duo of “badly behaved kids” is dance-happy Tropical Synth-Punk. Get loco with frontwoman Victoria Ruiz’s blaring shouts combined with Norlan Olivo’s tribal bass beats. ‘Nuff said.


The Glitch Mob: Slaying the Summer Stage

the bladeLA’s electronic trio The Glitch Mob has just given fans the chance to see a new dimension of the group’s captivating live show with the release of a short documentary titled “The Glitch Mob: Behind the Blade.” The 16-minute mini movie focuses particularly on the Mob’s one and only stage design, boldly titled The Blade.

The Blade, pictured left, is an intense interactive design that blurs the lines between stage and instrument. Seemingly straight out of a science fiction flick, the concept started with the band bringing ideas to Hollywood set and stage professionals, pulling inspiration from “video games and space ship consoles” according to the documentary. The thing looks like it’s made of airplane engines and scrap metal, and has iPads, midi controllers and electronic drums built into it so that the band members can improvise during performances to better engage the audience.


In Memoriam 2015: Artists We Lost In The Last Twelve Months

InMemoriamIn May of 2014, a year after the passing of Zach Sobiech, the young Minnesota teenager whose inspirational hit song “Clouds” spoke to facing death with hope and grace, we took the time to remember him and the numerous other musicians that we had lost over the course of the past twelve months.

Now that another year has elapsed, we thought it would be fitting to once again pay tribute. Tragically, this post was completed the same day it was announced that the great B.B. King had passed away, an unhappy coincidence which has added considerably to the somberness of the task.


The Orchard Gets Loud With Latest Film Acquisition “Louder Than Bombs”

thumbIn his English-language debut film, Louder Than Bombs, director Joachim Trier references the inner, more subdued trauma that often pervades the grief following a family tragedy. With an ensemble cast to top off the intimate story Trier and co-writer Eskil Vogt created, it’s no wonder that Louder Than Bombs was an official selection at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, which just wrapped up over the weekend.

You’ll recognize just about every one of the film’s stars: Golden Globe winner Gabriel Byrne; Academy Award nominees Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Ryan and David Strathairn; Best Actress Winner Isabelle Huppert, and Devin Druid — a new one on the scene, but one to certainly keep an eye out for.