Welcome, Rob!

RobGoldIntroducing Rob Gold, Manager, Licensing & Sync

I am overjoyed to be joining The Orchard’s sync licensing team based in New York, and I feel honored to get to work with all my fellow Orchardites.

Quick background on me: I was raised not too far from Jim Leavitt‘s home turf in suburban Boston, MA. As a drummer from a young age, I fell in love with music and was inspired by a range of influences from Blood, Sweat & Tears to John Coltrane and even musical theater when I lead acted in my high school’s productions. As I pursued a music business major at Hofstra University, I interned at Focus Features in Music/Business Affairs which officially turned me onto music supervision and licensing. Upon graduating, I music supervised/coordinated multiple productions including 2012’s Beasts of the Southern Wild.


What The #&@$ Do You Do, Airene?!?

AireneResurreccionAirene Resurreccion
Interactive Design Manager
Joined The Orchard in January 2012

We see you churning out designs by the dozens, but we’re not exactly sure what they all are and what their scope is. What the #&@$ do you do, and who the #&@$ do you do it for?!!?
I get design requests from different departments, but the majority of my work is for the Interactive Marketing department. I get the opportunity to design a lot of different things for a wide range of artists, which is my favorite part of my job. I get to create interactive splash pages, design playlist covers, create animated album trailer videos and sometimes album covers. Also, I design anything Orchard branded, which includes event invites and print collateral. As a designer, I get to flex a lot of muscles because I get to do Web Design, Branding, HTML/CSS and Motion Graphics.


Freeloader Friday: Finale, Blank Realm & More

Finale Odds & EndsThis edition of Freeloader Friday is particularly exciting because today, everyone’s a freeloader! No work, no worries, and plenty of BBQ, burgers and beer. As you celebrate America’s birthday with day parties, dance parties, into-the-next-day parties… and a three day weekend, you may want to refer to this gang of great new tracks to keep your patriotic plans exciting. Here we go!

If you’re tired tired of auto-tuned trap and want some real-deal Rap, you need to check out Detroit’s own Finale. This guy spits it straight forward, and his new record is completely produced by the one and only Oddisee. You know if Oddisee‘s got his finger prints on it, it’s going to be good. Finale has only released a single off of his upcoming sophomore effort Odds & Ends, but it’s already clear that this record is going to be unforgiving, unforgettable and untouchable.


Succumb to Pete Rock’s Soulful Sequel, “Petestrumentals 2″

pete-rock-cosmic-slop-mp3Pete Rock, the steadfast staple in the history of East Coast Hip-Hop, is officially back, and he’s brought the beats of his new record, Petestrumentals 2. In a mixture of smooth samples and head-rocking rhythms that make any New Yorker feel at home, the lyric-less LP accentuates the prolific producer’s sound that can only be described by his history.

Born in the Bronx, Rock‘s childhood revolved around music. His father, a DJ, worked using an extensive Jazz album collection. The young Rock would often accompany him to DJ gigs, engraining the complex elements of Jazz music in his creative psyche forever. After being introduced to New York’s Hip-Hop underground by his cousin Heavy D, Rock’s talents caught attention as he was taken in by the equally everlasting Marley Marl at age 16.


Welcome, Melissa!

MelissaGonzalezIntroducing Melissa Gonzalez, Coordinator, Compilations Label Relations

My name is Melissa Gonzalez and I am the new Compilations Label Relations Coordinator.  I recently received my doctorate in music with a specialization in ethnomusicology at Columbia University. Over the last five years, I have taught courses in Latin American and Middle Eastern folkloric and popular music, as well as general survey courses in Western Art music, World music, Hip Hop, and Rock at Hunter College, Hofstra University and Montclair State University.