The Orchard Chart Toppers: August 2015

The Orchard Chart Toppers

August was another good month on the charts for our artists, and as always, we tip our hats to their hard work and creativity. Nuclear Blast in particular was on fire, with many of their artists gracing the Billboard Top 200, namely: Fear FactorySoilwork and SoulflyThe incredible Joss Stone also made a killing, gracing the top of the charts in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Towards the end of the month, our favorite Spanish brothers Gemeliers had not one, but two releases in the Official Charts in Spain.


Freeloader Friday: Gary Wilson, Papadosio & More

Alone With Gary WIlsonWelcome back to Freeloader Friday! Looking for new music? We’ve done the digging for you. Check out our notes on The Orchard’s latest and greatest releases, do some Friday afternoon listening, and get ready for a great weekend! 

Gary Wilson’s latest album, Alone With Gary Wilson, is oddly infectious. This collection of upbeat, Synth-laden tracks has a Danceable aesthetic, but don’t be expecting Walk The Moon or The WeekndListening to this album is like reading the diary of a socially defunct boy who can’t get it right, but doing so with an unexplained grin on your face. What I’m getting at here is that even if all of your plans fall through and you end up sitting at home with your cat watching Netflix all weekend, you’ll still feel great about yourself if you just sprinkle in some Gary Wilson. Oh yeah.


GoPro and Action Sports: A Match Made in Heaven

maxresdefaultGoPro is a household name in the Action Sports world. From skateboarding to biking, snowboarding to car racing, GoPro has given Action Sports fans an amazing new viewing perspective. GoPro cameras put viewers right into a professional athlete’s shoes, producing incredible first person shots of the tricks and stunts performed. It gives the average person the opportunity to see how a backflip looks from the rider’s seat of a dirt bike, or what a surfer sees catching a huge wave in Hawaii.


Domo Loves Chiptune & So Do We

various-artists-domo-loves-chiptuneWho’s brown, cuddly, chronically flatulent, and an internet sensation? It’s none other than Domo!!! The official mascot of Japan’s public broadcasting company NHK since 1998, Domo’s saw-like teeth and uniquely ineffable facial expression has captured the hearts of millions, as can be seen in the countless fan-made memes, images and stop-motion animation videos sprawling the Internet. Merchandise sales through Target, 7-Eleven, and other major corporate entities are only helping to boost Domo’s popularity beyond the virtual realm, with many industry insiders predicting that this fun-loving furry creature will soon become a global household name. We are proud to have teamed up with Domo in order to make that happen.


Welcome, Kathleen!

KatIntroducing Kathleen Bootsri, Manager, Royalties Analysis

I’m born and bred in Woodside, Queens; a rare breed of the Native New Yorker. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, I do not play any musical instruments or have any musical talent (just the occasional two-step and salsa moves when my partner knows what they’re doing). However, I enjoy various music ranging from Indie Pop and Dance, Country, Rockabilly and music that my mom’s played on long road trips (Buddy Holly, The Carpenters, The BeeGee’s, Dolly Parton, Elvis).