Discover YouTube Music: An App For Enthusiasts

YouTubeMusicOne year ago, YouTube launched Music Key Beta, the long-rumored subscription service for the behemoth video hosting social network. YouTube was clearly hungry for feedback: they extended the initial trial period from six months to nine, finally ending it for U.S. users in September. During the summer, YouTube released two new apps: Kids and Gaming (the latter of which I told you about a few weeks ago). And this past week, the trifecta was made complete with YouTube Music, an app based largely on user feedback from Music Key’s trial period.  (more…)

Find the Value in Email for Download Campaigns

email-for-downloadThe digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, and with a plethora of new tools, gadgets and gizmo’s, there are always new ways to connect with your audience and market music to them.

In the build up to a record’s release, consider your marketing and advertising strategy and whether you have direct access to the people that matter: the fans. Email is still an incredibly valuable resource for the marketer, giving you direct access into a fan’s inbox, and thus should be utilised within your campaign.


Freeloader Friday: Fiction Plane, Red Pill & More

Fiction Plane Album ArtThe term “freeloader” sort of has a negative connotation — we know that. But here, we try to use it in a positive sense: Freeloaders work hard all week and deserve a Friday afternoon treat: to enjoy, without judgment, a few moments of hassle-free, uninterrupted music discovery. Shake off some stress and keep reading for The Orchard’s freshest-of-the-fresh.

Take some time and listen to Mondo Lumina from start to finish. This brand new album from UK Acoustic Rock band, Fiction Plane, experiments with the sounds of Americana and Pop Rock, but never strays far from an easy-going, singable and Acoustic home. My personal favorite is “Listen,” a deep and mellow groove, groomed with glockenspiel, shaker and mellotron.


The Orchard Is On The Prowl with Ghost Team

GhostTeamWho cares about normal? When it comes to film acquisitions, we at The Orchard are looking for extraordinary. When it comes to the film we just hooked up with, Ghost Team, paranormal is where it’s at.

Featuring comedy knockouts like Jon Heder, David Krumholtz, Justin Long and Amy Sedaris, to name a few, the Oliver Irving-directed Ghost Team goes deep into the heart of this one big truth: everyone is hunting for something. In the case of Louis, played by Jon Heder, that something comes in the form of ghosts, namely the ones haunting an abandoned farm outside of his Long Island town. Together with his best friend, misfit nephew, a cable access “medium” and an overeager security guard, Louis leads us to much hilarity and terror throughout the course of the movie. Ghosts, though? You’ll have to see.


Welcome, Brittany!

Brittany-Welcome EmailIntroducing Brittany Flynn, Coordinator, YouTube Content Management

Hey, everybody! I hail from Massachusetts, lived in the East Bay (Oakland/Berkeley) for four years and moved to NYC in 2011. In Berkeley, I gained my first exposure to the music industry (shouts to MOG/Apple Music!) and all things hyphy. Upon landing in NYC I worked at Kobalt Music Publishing, where I gained excellent friends who I just started a fun weekly podcast with.