360-Degree Video Brings Virtual Reality to YouTube

YouTube has a growing history of being a platform where new forms of media and content are created and shared to international audiences. Whether it be vlogs for niche hobbies, how-to videos for just about anything, or let’s-play streams for video-games, YouTube has cemented itself as a hub for content creators to create and distribute new genres of entertainment.

Earlier this year, YouTube rolled out support for 360-degree video and more recently announced that the same support for 360-degree video would be available for Google Cardboard. If you are unfamiliar with Google Cardboard (pictured), it is a virtual reality system that has separated itself from other virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift by utilizing the technology that most who are interested in virtual reality already have: smartphones.


Freeloader Friday: Thy Art is Murder, Gibbz & More

holy_war-uncensoredIt’s the weekend already, and nobody’s mad about that. In fact, everyone is especially happy on this Friday because it’s #GayPride Weekend! Parades, dancing, rainbows, what’s not to be excited about? No matter if the cloth you’re cut from is rainbow or not, this week’s handpicked tunes will have you jamming out all weekend long. Here we go!

Thy Art is Murder began streaming its gnarly new LP Holy War this week, and it is brutal. This album is thirty-nine captivating minutes of blast beats, breakdowns and amazing guitar work. The Aussie band’s sophomore album is a well done blend of unique musicianship and conceptual depth, making for one intensely refreshing listen. It is certainly a must listen for Metal heads.


The Duplass Brothers Set Up Camp at The Orchard

duplass-brothers-indie-filmAny fans out there of The League? Or, if NFL fantasy football clubs aren’t your thing, then how about Togetherness? How about our favorite voodoo midwives on The Mindy Project? Either way, you should be able to pick up the common denominator: the Duplass family name. Mark and Jay Duplass are the two brothers taking Hollywood by storm with their comedic relief. And just this week, we welcomed them into our own family.

In very major #ICYMI news, we announced a new deal we have with the Duplass duo: we’ve got worldwide theatrical, digital rental and sales, cable/satellite VODsoundtrack, even airline — you name it! — rights to a slate of seven upcoming feature films produced by Hollywood’s favorite dynasty of the moment.


Snap Your Friends, Snap Your Fans

Snapchat-logoAt this point, the only way you don’t know about Snapchat is if you’ve been literally living under a rock. Even the most off-the-grid among us at least know that Snapchat is mobile platform that allows users to share perishable photos and video with their friends and followers.

A lot of the time (most of the time?) people just use the medium to share videos of their dog being cute or to broadcast the temperature to the ever-watchful internet; however, some artists have harnessed the power of Snapchat to engage their fans in a powerfully personal way. While consistent posting is always the number one key to a strong following, there are a few tricks that can help give you an edge.


Welcome, Christian!

ChristianFrahmIntroducing Christian Frahm, Marketing & Sales Manager, GSA

Hello everyone, I am very excited to work on a new chapter for The Orchard in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Together with Manlio and the whole Orchard team, I am sure we can do great things here.

Born and raised in Kiel (Northern Germany at the Baltic Sea), I went to University of Lueneburg where I studied Cultural Studies (main focus on Economics & Musicology). During that time, I did several internships at booking agencies, radio stations, labels and played in several bands. I finished up by writing my exam on Sony Music and “The future of the music industry.”