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Working with a Living Legend: Richard Gottehrer

On my very first day at The Orchard almost three years ago, my boss took me around the office in typical Orchard tradition and introduced me to every single person sitting at his or her desk, from our accountants to our developers and everyone in between. Was anyone off limits? …

The Marketplace Presents: Klick Push

If you had the opportunity to get your music featured in more places, why wouldn’t you take it? And if those places were high-engagement areas, it’d really be a no brainer. Well listen up then, because our latest Marketplace partner, Klick Push, has just the thing for you. With access …

Use YouTube Annotations to Create an Album Preview Video

So you’ve got a new album coming out and you want to give fans a taste of what to expect. Try creating an album preview video and uploading it to your YouTube channel! We’ll walk you through how to set this up. Prepare Your Content We’re not going to go …

Become A SoundCloud Master and A Master Of Your Rights On SoundCloud

Between updating their subscription plans and experimenting with more visual profiles (still in early beta), SoundCloud has been on fire lately. ComScore even recently reported that their traffic increased by 26% in one month, making SoundCloud the 8th fastest growing site in the U.S. Though it’s certainly evolved since its launch in Berlin in …

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Freeloader Friday: Columns, Baked, HOMESHAKE, The American Scene, Pretty & Nice, Iron Reagan, French Style Furs, The Raveonettes & Apollo Brown

Columns - Please ExplodeHappy August, Freeloaders! Today you have two things to celebrate – the end of the work week and the beginning of a new month. Obviously, two cheers are in order for that one. And to help you get started with your celebrations, we’ve got your weekly list of music greats that you need to have a listen to – here we go!

Starting you off with a full album stream is Columns. This is one of those not-to-be-reckoned-with-ever albums: it’s ferocious, loud as hell, and slams you in the face second after second with its Hardcore Metal scream theme. And the album review that goes along with it? Hands down, one of the best, most enthusiastic rally cries I’ve read to date.

Onwards and upwards with track premieres! If you haven’t heard of Brooklyn’s Baked, you’re missing out. So, quick! Hear their latest psychedelic Rock groove, exactly what you’d expect given the name. On a similar note, HOMESHAKE (Peter Sagar from Mac DeMarco) has a whirry, warped and blotchy new single that gets your headspace all blurry, in a very, very good jam way. There’s also The American Scene’s Punk-Pop track that’ll have you mindlessly tapping out the beat and Pretty & Nice clapping out an equally as tantalizing Indie Rock rhythm.

Last but not least, the visuals. The name pretty much gives it away in Iron Reagan’s music video for “Bloody Gore.” Yep, it’s as raunchy visually as you’d think with a Metal Punk tune to really set the mood. French Style Furs take you to an underground 90s rave (note the dance moves + wind breaker fashion), The Raveonettes go from sex on the beach to down-right, hardcore murder on the beach in their totally NSFW video, and Apollo Brown hits the not-so-popular streets of New York with help from Roc Marciano.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Get out there and enjoy your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Fundays!

Columns: Full album stream via Metalsucks
Please Explode out August 5 on Relapse Records

Baked: “Codec” track premiere via The Fader
Debt out August 19 on Exploding in Sound Records

HOMESHAKE: “Cash Is Money” track premiere via Noisey
In the Shower out October 7 on Sinderlyn

The American Scene: “4th And Broadway” track premiere via Alternative Press
Haze out September 9 on Pure Noise Records

Pretty & Nice: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Wizards” track premiere via The Wild Honey Pie
Infinity Forever out August 12 on Lost Colony Music

Iron Reagan: “Eyeball Gore” track premiere via Bloody Disgusting
The Tyranny of Will out September 16 on Relapse Records

French Style Furs: “All The Way Down” official music video premiere via YouTube
Is Exotic Bait out now Frenchkiss Records

The Raveonettes: “Endless Sleeper” official music video premiere via Stereogum
Pe’ahi out now on Beat Dies

Apollo Brown: “Lonely & Cold (feat. Roc Marciano)” music video premiere via Okayplayer
Thirty Eight out now on Mello Music Group

“This Is Where We Live:” The Power of Unlikely Friendships

This Is Where We Live filmMaking their directorial debut, Josh Barrett and Marc Menchaca, who appeared on several episodes of Showtime’s hit show, Homeland, bring us This Is Where We Live, a film about the true meaning of family. It tells the quietly profound story of a friendship that develops between a twenty-five-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and a loner handyman who becomes his caregiver. But that’s not all — the boy’s father is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, his sister has grown dangerously distant, and his mother is the sole provider and slowly falling apart. The family is close to its breaking point, and the question is whether this new relationship can be its saving grace.

Set in Texas Hill Country, This Is Where We Live juxtaposes a complex family dynamic with a simple landscape. Its Texas backdrop makes it fitting that the film premiered and was “chosen from among 1,200 as one of eight to compete for best narrative feature” at the SXSW Film Festival in 2013. The setting is brilliantly paired with the story, allowing the film to ultimately challenge whether the place where we live is a physical space or an emotional one.

Official selection at Dallas International Film Festival 2013, Nashville Film Festival 2013, and Florida Film Festival 2013This Is Where We Live is out now on your favorite digital stores. Check out the trailer below:

Souls of Mischief: The Past Is An Illusion, “There Is Only Now”

Souls Of Mischief: There Is Only NowSouls of Mischief are taking the term “old-school” to a new level on their upcoming album, There Is Only Now, slated for a highly anticipated release on August 26th. Recorded entirely on analog tapes without the help of computers, the album is the Oakland group’s first full-length in five years.

There Is Only Now is produced by the multi-talented musician/producer/label-owner Adrian Younge (Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah), who plays 90% of all the instruments on the album, and members of his band, Venice Dawn, contribute the rest. This approach gives the album a unique authenticity and individuality.

There Is Only Now will be the first release on Younge’s fresh new label, Linear Labs, which we profiled here on The Daily Rind last month. The album will also feature Busta Rhymes, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, William Hart and Scarub, and is available for pre-order now.

The first feature of the record is a West Coast collab with Snoop Dogg on the title track, “There Is Only Now.” On it, they rap about living and loving in the present over a beat that’s funky and soulful. Check out the brand new music video below to see the boys of Souls of Mischief and Snoop in action.

Welcome, Ben!

July 30, 2014 Orchard News No Comments

BenRubinIntroducing Ben Rubin, Product Manager, Video Retail

Hello Everybody! I’m Ben and I’m very happy to be joining The Orchard team as a member of the Video Retail squad. I’m originally from Rockland County in upstate New York, but grew up in Atlanta. I attended the University of Georgia in Athens where I developed a strong affinity for college football and indie rock.

After graduating I moved back to New York and I currently reside in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I spent the first part of my career working in the news and publishing industry including a 3 year stint at the Associated Press. Most recently, I worked for HowAboutWe, a startup focused on all things love.

I love live music, trying new restaurants and walking all over New York City checking out different neighborhoods. I previously ran My Social List, a NYC focused concert listings site which afforded me the pleasure of booking some great Indie and Punk shows around town. I was married at the end of May and had my after party at the 40 Watt, a great indie rock club in Athens, GA. I believe I am a contender for the best wedding photo ever, but you’ll either have to ask me about it personally or take my word for it.

Polish Your Twitter Best Practices

Twitter LogoTwitter is a powerful platform and with over 645 million active users there is no need for an introduction, but are you using it in the most effective way to promote your product? Here are some quick and easy ways to improve your tweeting habits.

Twitter recently redesigned their platform, and with that came new opportunities to promote yourself and your brand. In addition to the avatar (400 x 400 graphic) there is now a header image (1500 x 500 , but 1500 x 421 fits best) across the top of the page. This give the most space for promotion. Be careful of text placement on the graphic though as it will appear slightly different on mobile devices.

It is also important to remember that when clicking on individual tweets, the background image that was previously prominent on your page is still visible so make sure it is up-to-date and relevant. The bio section located under the avatar is a great place to include album pre-order or buy links. The new layout also allows you to pin tweets to the top of the page. This pinned tweet will remain at the top of the page so it is best to pin a tweet of importance i.e buy links, video premieres, tour announcements, etc.

Kina Grannis Twitter Design Example

When it comes to tweeting itself, some things to keep in mind are to vary your tweets with authentic content, content with links, retweets, photos, and videos. Engage your fans by replying to their questions and comments. Hold a Twitter Q&A if you want. There are some great platforms that can help you run these seamlessly like CrowdChat.

Always use handles. Unless you use a handle, the likelihood of that person/brand/publication seeing your tweet is slim. Tagging allows people to know when they have been mentioned and flag a tweet they may want to retweet. You would want a publication to use your handle if they were tweeting wonderful things about you, right? Keep it short and sweet. There is a 140 character limit for a reason. So now that you know what you should do, here are a few don’ts to remember.

Don’t over do it. Excessive selling, self-promotions and retweeting will clutter people’s feed and turn them off from what you have to saying.

Don’t link to other platforms. Twitter has its own voice and should not be linked with other social networks. If you tag someone on Twitter and your Twitter account is linked to Facebook, the tweet you sent will show up with an @ instead of tagging the proper person/publication. Take the time to give each platform the attention they deserve.

Don’t share important news without a link! “We are heading out on tour this fall, tickets on sale now!!!” Cool, but where in the world can you buy them?!?! If something has a link, make sure you include it within the post.

The next important don’t has to do with hashtags. Everyone loves them or at least everyone likes to pretend they do. The reality is is that they can easily take away from the text of your message. Hashtags can be a useful tool, but use them sparingly. Regularly including three or more hashtags in your tweets means people will probably start overlooking them, because they tend to look like spam and are harder to read quickly.

That about wraps it up. Happy tweeting!

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