Indie Store Spotlight: Music Millennium

MillenniumIt’s an exciting and challenging time for me to start working at The Orchard as Sales and Marketing Manager for the company’s Physical Retail department. Music consumers continue to purchase CDs and vinyl for their music consumption. In 2016 CD sales were down but still dominated the business for configuration purchases. Vinyl album sales continued to grow to their best year in the past 25 years, increasing 10% over 2015 sales.


The Orchard Takes Home “Trophy”

TROPHYThe 2017 Sundance Film Festival is underway in Park City and we’ve roped in a winner. The Orchard and CNN have acquired North American rights to Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau‘s hard-hitting big-game documentary, Trophy

Trophy is an ambitious, multidimensional look into the controversial relationship between those that profit from the wild and those that aim to protect it. As populations decline and value rises, the dynamic between big-game hunters and committed conservationists grows more and more complicated with each advancement on either side of the argument.


Freeloader Friday: The Proper Ornaments, ISLAND & More

ProperOrnamentsGood afternoon Freeloaders and welcome back to your home for fresh sonic finds, Freeloader Friday. As always, we have a stellar set of streams for your weekend playlist. Let’s get to it, shall we?

We’ll start off this week with a sophomore effort from London indie rock quartet The Proper Ornaments titled Foxhole. Guitar driven, melodic and low-key, Foxhole is an expression of extensive songwriting experience from dudes that have been at it for some time. The band is fronted by James Hoare of Ultimate Painting and Veronica Falls and Max Oscarnold of Toy and Pink Flames. The record is psych at heart, with frail hooks reminiscent of The Velvet Underground scattered throughout its mellow attitude. Recorded on an 8-track recorder, the apparent simplicity of each song acts as a cohesive quality throughout. If you’re looking to mellow out after a long week, I recommend you listen to the full stream here.


Facilitate Discovery with Snapchat Search & Artist Promotions

snapchat-searchWe’ve already established that Snapchat should be one of your tools in your preverbal marketing toolbox. To keep you on top of your snapping game, here are some recent updates and promotions that can enhance your reach on the platform.

Universal Searching

In Snapchat’s most recent update (set to roll out to all Android and iPhone users soon), they have updated their Search tool to make it easier for fans to find you and for you to gain followers. Prior to this update, searching for accounts to follow was difficult and cumbersome, which made it hard to build your profile. In order to make fans aware of your account, you had to share your Snapcode on other platforms, add people hoping they added you back, and/or have a major influencer mention you. With Snapchat Search, fans can simply look up your Snapchat profile in a universal search bar placed at the top of the app’s screen instead of digging around in to find the proper search tools.  (more…)

Welcome, Meredith M.!

meredith-mcgowanIntroducing Meredith McGowan, Manager, Global Business Development

Hi! I’m Meredith McGowan and I am incredibly excited to join the Business Development team here at The Orchard. Previously, I worked in the Content Distribution team at Viacom after succeeding from my position in the digital department at MTV.

I am originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and went to school at Northwestern University in Chicago where I realized my passion in life would be avoiding another Midwest winter at all costs. As for my musical background, I play the piano and dabbled in the bassoon for 8 years (sadly not kidding), and I love going to music festivals primarily to catch indie and alternative rock.