More, Please! How iTunes Extras Help the Growth of Digital Film Sales

WWDITS_ScriptThe idea of bonus content for film is not a new thing. DVDs have had bonus content for years. With iTunes Extras, the experience is what you gain. The interactive menu, the HD photo galleries, the behind-the-scenes content, along with the continual addition of new content as it comes along — these are just some of the things that iTunes Extras is doing differently for films and which The Orchard is now bringing to the table.


Freeloader Friday: Lyrics Born, Strange Names & More

889176728235Happy Friday, y’all! It is time to bring on the weekend. Any ATX Psych Fest takers out there? It starts NOW, and I could not begin to tell you how much I want to be there. It was one hot lookin’ lineup, especially with the likes of The Black Angels, Mac DeMarco, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Black Ryder. Need I say more? Nah, but let’s do dig into this week’s Freeloader specials!

There’s a fantastic element of Funky Jazz going on in the album sphere. There’s Lyrics Born‘s NOLA-based Jazz, which means that good ol’ dancin’-in-the-streets, Hip-Hop Funk flow that adorns. On the flip side, there’s Brooklyn-based LÁ-BAS, who have a bit more of a Synth, futuristic Disco Pop vibe to their sound. Either way, you’re gonna be very funked out with these two. (more…)

The Team Behind The Orchard Machine – 2015 Edition [Infographic]

A couple of years ago, we took a snapshot of The Orchard and the team behind it, including our industry experience, where we were from and what music or film we couldn’t live without. Two years later, we’ve grown quite a bit! From 175 employees, we’ve jumped to 250 worldwide and we can boast a combined 1,571 years (give or take!) of film/music industry experience. But OK Computer remains our album we couldn’t live without, and Fight Club has been dethroned by Pulp Fiction and The Godfather. Check out the full infographic below, and click to enlarge!


Welcome, Will!

WillEzorIntroducing Will Ezor, Coordinator, Special Projects, YouTube

I’m Will! A born and bred New Yorker, I interned here back in Summer 2013 on the YouTube Rights Management Team, then went back to Atlanta to finish my final year at Emory University. I just couldn’t get enough of The Orchard, so I’m back! I have been working part-time on the Special Projects Team since September, and am thrilled to continue working with the awesome Video Services crew on everything YouTube!

Other than following the technological progressions of the industry, my passion is Electronic Dance Music — specifically Trance. I made a point of using my Sociology and Media Studies background at Emory to study the history and evolution of EDM, and am always trying to expand my music knowledge further. In my free time, I’ve been teaching myself Logic Pro and searching for new music to throw in my DJ mixes.

On The Rise: Messaging Apps

tincansCommunication is always a priority, you can never seem to have enough of it. It’s no wonder that messaging apps and services are continuing to see a growth trend. There are many to choose from, some you likely already use to stay in touch with friends and family. Let’s start by looking into a few platforms and ways to connect and engage with your fans through them.