How YouTube UGC Can Help Independent Musicians

YTBroadcastYourselfSo you’ve discovered a new band that you just can’t get enough of. Their new single is out, they have a new album set to release in the near future, and they’re getting some buzz around the indie music wire. You like them so much that you wish you could shout it from a rooftop, just to help them earn some extra publicity. But did you know that you indeed have the power to not only help this artist gain exposure, but also help them earn revenue?


Freeloader Friday: Adrian Younge, Royal Southern Brotherhood & More

889845034698Well, folks. Today’s the day, a very big day at the office, indeed! Not only is a 3-day weekend upon us in the US, but we kick off our most-beloved summer Fridays! But before we head out early for some killer margs down the street, let’s take a look at what awesome music came out this week.

Adrian Younge owned the music blog world this week. First up, we found him on OkayPlayer, streaming his Soulful R&B compilation album. The 10-song sampler features pals like Ghostface Killah, Laetitia Sadier, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and the like. NBD, Adrian.


“Use Your Time Wisely” & Get Your Groove on with Strange Names

strangenamespicFrenchkiss Records’ New Wave outfit Strange Names released its debut album, Use Your Time Wisely, this week, opening the milestone with a show at a hometown venue, Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right. The show followed a tour opening for Azaelia Banks and was packed full; the crowd, electric.

Rightly so, since the 11-tracked album is packed with infectious bass lines, reverberated hooks and driven rhythms, giving listeners no choice but to break out their best moves. Try not to dance; I dare you.


5 Ways for Musicians to Use Facebook Video

Facebook_VideoPlaybook2015 is the year Facebook video will reach parity with YouTube’s feature set and audience. The introduction of auto-playing video, changes to the platform’s algorithm to favor video, and Facebook’s strong investments in their mobile offerings are all coming together to create a powerful marketing platform. The Orchard has been working with Facebook’s video offering for almost two years; here are five things we’ve learned in that time to help labels and artists use Facebook Video to the fullest.

You’ll want to know more when you’re done, so please download The Orchard’s full Facebook Video Playbook here.


What The #&@$ Do You Do, Michelle?!?

MichelleArnoldMichelle Arnold
Senior Counsel
Joined The Orchard in September 2012

We know you as lawyer, photographer of our Radial Live sessions and participant of several past Orchard Battle of the Bands. Now we want to know more: what the #&@$ do you do, prey tell?
I draft lots and lots of agreements – mostly for content-in deals relating to physical and/or digital audio distribution, YouTube channels, and recording agreements (for Frenchkiss Records), as well as any amendments to those documents. I also sometimes handle video distribution agreements, Marketplace agreements, and other types of agreements or legal things that come up from time to time… for example, the other week, I drafted Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy for our new film and TV B2B site. Another important part of my job is working with and advising Orchard staff regarding the intersection between business and legal considerations.