Case Study: Jacob Collier “In My Room”

Jacob Collier


The term “prodigy” is thrown around pretty often these days when speaking about young talent. However, when Quincy Jones calls you one of his “favourite young artists on the planet,” you have the real deal on your hands. This is precisely the case for jazz multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier. Launching his career on YouTube, Jacob gained a following through videos that displayed his otherworldly ability to build complex vocal harmonies and use almost every instrument under the sun. He quickly caught the eyes and ears of jazz legends like Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock and, for obvious reasons, the hype surrounding Jacob’s debut record In My Room was huge. With Jacob’s prowess in front of the camera and behind the mic in mind, The Orchard’s Interactive Marketing & Audience Development team formed a campaign to engage fans and raise awareness for In My Room.


Out Today by The Orchard: Ali Wong, Her’s & More

Hello out there all you music, film and entertainment lovers. We are back with another hearty helping of incredible new albums and films to share and enjoy. We’ll start your weekend off with a belly laugh followed by a blissfully friendly debut and top it off with a bit of terror that will have you questioning your own existence. Sounds great, right? Let’s begin.

If you haven’t heard of the massively talented Ali Wong, you’re going to need to sit down for this one. Ali’s stand-up special Baby Cobra, premiered on Netflix last year and is now available on audio via Comedy Dynamics. Wong will have you slapping your knee with relatable humor of marriage, STDs … calculators and much more. Watch a bit of her stand up below and stream Ali Wong: Baby Cobra audio here.


Premios Gardel A La Música Nominees 2017

Argentina’s largest music awards, Premios Gardel a la Música announced their nominees on Tuesday. From Best Video Clip to Best Catalogue Collection, The Orchard’s releases pulled in a whopping 30% of nominations with 42 of the 139 slots. Wishing the best of luck and congratulations to our labels and artists including Pop Art Discos, Epsa Music, Acqua Records, S-Music, Pelo Music, Alfiz Producciones SRL, Magenta Discos, Level Music, Utopia, BVMusic, Pinhead Records, Mojo, Eternal Sunday and Luis Salinas.

Check out the full list of our nominees below:


Share The Love Not The Post

Share The LovePicture this: You’ve just posted a picture to Instagram with the caption “Thank you all for coming to the show last night. Manhattan, you’re next.” You decide to share this post to your Facebook and Twitter as you usually do. Then you take a minute to look at your Twitter to see the post shows up as, “Thank you all for…” As you scroll, the majority of your Twitter feed looks similar. As you switch to Facebook you see the majority of your posts are Instagram shares as well making your feed primarily photos.

While we all have our favorite platform, and cross promoting from time to time can be successful, auto or constant sharing from one platform can effect your engagement on the others. Think of it like this, if all of your posts are the same across all platforms, why would a fan need to follow you on all socials? Fans could simply follow you on the one platform where you natively post and engage. Seeing a thread of fragmented thought followed by links tells the viewer you are not actively engaged or paying attention to the platform, making the them less likely to engage with your content.


Welcome, Ali!

Introducing Ali Meyer, Technical Recruiter, Human ResourcesAli Meyer

Hi everybody! My name is Ali Meyer and I’m joining as The Orchard’s new Technical Recruiter. I’ve spent the last few years working at an agency recruiting software engineers, and I am very excited to help build out the team here.

I graduated in 2014 from Colgate University with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Biology. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have lived in four locations in the past few years, including Boston, New York and Venice. Fun fact, I also speak three languages and am learning a fourth.