Welcome, Chris!

Chris DavisIntroducing Chris Davis, Associate Product Manager, Master Rights

My name is Chris K Davis, joining The Orchard as an Associate Product Manager for Master Rights. Most recently, I worked to create tools for artists, managers, venues and promoters at Bandsintown. Before that, I worked for a media company specializing in music technology trade publications, and every so often, I moonlight in the evenings as a Product Management teaching assistant at General Assembly. A few times each quarter I write for music magazines including DJ TimesClubWorld and The Music & Sound Retailer, with examples of my most recent cover story here and most recent tech review here.


Freeloader Friday: S U R V I V E, Communist Daughter & More

781676734924Hello my freeloading friends. Back again in need of a wicked weekend soundtrack I see? Perfect, because we have oodles of good stuff for you this week. We’ll get a little spooky, a little angsty and maybe even a little… romantic? Let’s see how it goes. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the free music!

As we enter October and the brisk breeze of fall necessitates jeans and jackets, the idea of Halloween becomes a daily thrill. Although Halloween is arguably the best holiday, it’s a tough one for music fans because we can only turn to creepy classics to welcome in the season. Don’t get me wrong, I freakin’ love “The Monster Mash,” but I could use some new material on my Halloween playlist. Enter S U R V I V E, the Austin electro-dark wave quartet responsible for the Stranger Things soundtrack. The band’s new record RR7349 arrives today just in time for the scariest month of the year. Even taken out of the Stranger Things and Halloween context, RR7349 is one of the strongest and most unique electronic albums I’ve heard in ages. These guys are avid retro gear-heads, and the dusty synths they’ve compiled blanket the recordings in irresistibly warm lo-fi textures. If you’re in the NYC area, S U R V I V E is playing in Brooklyn on Halloween night. If you’re too scared to handle the live show, you can just stream their new album here.


See What The Orchard & Membran Were Up to at Reeperbahn 2016

the-orchard-membran-reeperbahnFor the second time, The Orchard & Membran hosted two days of exciting events at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. The Festival has established itself as one of the most important music industry events in Europe with 4,400 trade visitors from over 40 nations, combined with over 400 live concerts and nearly 38,000 concert-goers all within 4 days.


Welcome, Scott!

Scott-EggenspergerIntroducing Scott Eggensperger, Software Engineer

Hello everyone, my name is Scott Eggensperger and I’m joining The Orchard as a software engineer. Most recently I was working as a web developer and project manager at Adoptive, a branding and technology agency here in Manhattan. Prior to that I was an engineer for a few different aerospace manufacturing companies in Los Angeles, primarily working with operations research models related to scheduling optimization problems.


Get Your Crossposting Video On (Facebook)

crossposting on FacebookEarlier this month, Facebook announced new crossposting video features for all Pages. How can you utilize this in your marketing campaigns?

Let’s say your artist is releasing a video for their new single and they upload it to their Facebook Page. Previously, you as the label would share the artist’s post to promote the video release (or vice versa). You were not able to see any insights on how the video was performing outside of the public facing stats that appear on the post itself, for instance views, comments and shares. Often times, this led to duplicates of the same video being posted from different Pages. There was no clear way to aggregate the video performance amongst various posts.