How To Choose a Music Producer

SoundBetter_imageWriting a guest post for us this week is Shachar Gilad, Founder and CEO of SoundBetter, a curated marketplace for music production talent. Shachar is also a touring musician, an audio engineer and producer and before SoundBetter, he helped design and market tools for musicians and sound engineers at Waves Audio and Apple Inc. We’re excited to welcome him to The Daily Rind to share his knowledge. 

Choosing a music producer to work on your music is no less important than choosing a director for your screenplay. A producer can make or break a record’s sound and your experience of the production process. At SoundBetter, we help musicians find and hire vetted producers as well as professional mixing & mastering engineers, pro singers and drummers. Having helped thousands of musicians hire and work with professional producers, we’ve learned a lot. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a producer for your project. (more…)

A Test Run of Spotify Running

imagesWhen Spotify unveiled its new Running feature in their mobile app earlier this year, it was met with more than one “I wish I’d thought of that!” Music is an important motivational tool for any workout and this feature is a godsend to anyone (like me) who is overwhelmed by the task of creating the perfect playlist to match their workout. As a casual runner just trying to stave off the effects of the endless mimosa brunch, I decided to take this new feature for a test run.


Freeloader Friday: Sacri Monti, Frog Eyes & More

sacri-monti-sacri-montiHey freeloaders, the weekend is upon us once again! You’re probably thinking “Friday already? What am I even going to listen to!?!” Don’t worry, we took care of it. This week’s playlist for the penniless is one for the books. Shall we?

Screaming SoCal rockers Sacri Monti are streaming a new self-titled album this week, and it is amazing. These dudes are Classic Rock heaven: Sabbath melodies, Zeppelin rhythms and guitar solos gnarly enough to make Jimi blush. The musicianship of these five guys is unreal, this stream is a must for all aspiring shredders.


5 Reasons Compilations Belong on Your Radar

Compilations Right now, compilations are more popular than ever before. Just open Spotify’s homepage and you will find a plethora of playlists including “Mellow Beats,” “Creativity Boost,” “The Indie Mix” along with hundreds of others to help get you through your day. How many times have you discovered new music through playlists like these? I know I have countless times.

The Orchard’s Compilations Team creates and releases a wide variety of albums throughout the year, spanning every genre imaginable that are sold and streamed through platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. With more and more labels signing up, our catalog is constantly growing. Here are the top 5 reasons why compilations should be high on your radar whether you’re a label or just looking to expand your musical horizons. (more…)

Welcome, Olivia!

OliviaHansenIntroducing Olivia Hansen, Coordinator, Digital Advertising

Hi, my name is Olivia Hansen and I just graduated from college. This is my first job, and I’m really excited to be working at The Orchard. I like music, and to cook and eat. My favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Billy Joel, and Leon Russell, and my favorite television show is All In The Family. My favorite food is probably fried plantains because I eat those a lot, and one of my favorite authors right now is Alexander McCall Smith. I perform with a choir called the Oratorio Society of New York around Christmastime, so if you ever want tickets, let me know!