Greetings Earthlings: The Orchard To Transmit Dr. Steven Greer’s “Unacknowledged”

Steven-Greer-UnacknowledgedWe are not alone in this universe, that’s for sure. How could I be so certain? I’ve seen the footage! Now you can too, because The Orchard just abducted the rights to Dr. Steven Greer‘s new documentary Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the Greatest Secret in Human History.

If you’re unfamiliar with the work of Dr. Greer, you need to read up before it’s too late. In short, he’s an emergency room doctor that’s been sucked into the hidden world of extraterrestrial secrecy after receiving the responsibility of briefing government officials on otherworldly findings. He launched the Disclosure Movement to spread the word about this covered up information, and has now recruited the testimony of CIA members, Pentagon Admirals and US Army officers to provide the most shocking UFO evidence to date.


Stranger Things’ S U R V I V E Bring You More of What You Crave

SURVIVEBy now, if you haven’t indulged in a Stranger Things binge, you (insert any out-of-touch idiom here). The show has garnered many an enthusiastic fan, all thrilled by the nostalgic scenes that pay homage to ET, Poltergeist, Stand By Me and other 80s classics. Quite a few of The Orchard’s artists have been inspired by the world of Hawkins, Indiana — like Fallulah for example, whose new single, “Strange World,” is out via Instant Records on September 9th.


Digging Through The Archives: Tall Dwarfs

tall-dwarfsWelcome to Digging Through The Archives, a new recurring Daily Rind feature from the Creative Services department that will explore cool vintage obscurities, under-the-radar sleepers, catalog albums in the news, and more.

Tall Dwarfs: Hello Cruel World (1988/2005, Flying Nun)

My infatuation with the Kiwi lo-fi gods Chis Knox and Alec Bathgate began sometime in the 1990s when I stumbled across a copy of Tall Dwarfs‘ 1985 release That’s The Long And The Short Of It, a hybrid LP-EP (later reissued on The Short and Sick of It) that blew my then teenaged mind, first with its killer cover art, then with the six-minute opener “Nothing’s Going To Happen,” an insanely catchy and gloriously over-the-top nihilistic anthem replete with strings and a chorus of “shoop la la las.” I was instantly hooked and that song and several others from the record would become mixtape staples for me.


Welcome, Brian!

Brian-MeiseIntroducing Brian Meise, Product Designer

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be joining The Orchard as a Product Designer. I’ll be helping to design The Orchard’s new physical distribution tool and will be looking to get involved anywhere else I can add value.

Most of my career has been spent in advertising, steadily transitioning from a purely visual designer to a usability and experience focused one. Prior to here, I was in London for two years redesigning one of the UK’s largest energy supplier’s website, playing rugby and spending a little too much time at the pub.


Checking In on YouTube Red: New Territories, Original Content & TV Integration

YouTube-TVNearly 10 years after Google acquired YouTube and turned a desktop hub for cute cat videos into a money-making machine, YouTube’s influence is still growing. Since the launch of YouTube Red back in October 2015, the platform has charged into different realms of the entertainment industry, expanding to new countries and fine-tuning the YouTube experience across platforms. There have been so many updates and changes, it can be difficult to keep up — that’s why we’re here to recap some of the biggest things happening in the YouTube universe this summer.  (more…)