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The Orchard Polishes Its Deutsch with Membran Entertainment Group

Guten Tag, Deutschland! And a good day, it is. Today, we announce our new partnership with the renowned and respected Membran Entertainment Group, based in Germany. With them, we kick off The Orchard GmbH, run by Membran CEO, Manlio Celotti. We’ve gotten to know the German market over the years — …

Introducing: The 4 Commandments of Marketing Drivers

Marketing Drivers are the absolute most important thing you must be communicating to your client rep, when working on priority new releases. We’ve already broken down the what, when, why, and overall best practices for marketing drivers. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the 4 commandments of communicating these invaluable assets. …

Sundance Special: We Get Swingin’ With “The Overnight”

Sundance, we have arrived! And in a very big way. Just last night, we nabbed rights to The Overnight in Park City, UT on the 4th day of the Festival. It’s a steamy, sexy comedy that already created sparks on Sundance’s red carpet, and after some intense bidding rounds, we secured it …

Reddit Demystified

A few months ago, I saw Catey Shaw’s music video for “Human Contact” for the first time. It was a flawless concoction: an infectious summer Pop jam mixed with a quirky, aqua-haired girl dancing in street-wear. All I wanted to do was cash in my vacation days, trap my scantily …

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An Approach to Facebook in Early 2015

December 15, 2014 Featured News, Marketing 2 Comments

Facebook VideoFacebook has announced a trio of changes to their platform in recent months that will finish rolling out this coming January. As they did earlier this year, the social network is working to enhance the user experience and increase revenue, feed their growth in mobile usage and at the same time accelerate the maturation of their video offering. What this means for marketing on the platform is essentially putting more thought into posts, with a tighter focus on mobile, and deploying video as a way of doing both to increase the reach and engagement of your messaging. In my estimation, it also means putting more effort into other platforms, such as Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest to reach the right fans at the right time while driving those users back to your hub.

One of the changes Facebook is making in January is de-emphasizing the marketing post. “Make sure you buy our record at iTunes” accompanied by a link to the retailer just won’t show up much for fans of your page anymore. If you’re not already having a natural conversation with your fans, this will pose problems for how you engage with your audience.

Another change announced at the same time is an increase in the importance of link posts. Facebook’s research shows that users prefer these types of rich link posts to a status that includes a bare link in it or a photo with a link in the caption. Essentially if you paste the link into the status box, Facebook will generate everything you need, including a title, image and summary. You can simply delete the link itself from the status update box once at that point and hit post — as long as the site whose link you are sharing has done everything correctly, of course (more on that later). Facebook will reward this newsworthy content, the entire area becomes clickable for mobile users, and Facebook’s internal research says they are clicked on at twice the rate of captions and plain links.

The last change worth mentioning here is the greater importance of video. Compared to 2013, video on Facebook this year has become an integral part of the experience, with preferential treatment and auto-play capability being given to native video on the platform. This has pushed a massive growth in video views since May. Part of this change has seen native Facebook videos receive 70% more engagement on Facebook than embeds of videos from YouTube on Facebook. Our own campaigns at The Orchard have been in line with this and we’ve seen more engagement overall on Facebook video than YouTube itself. At last report, there were 1 billion views of video on Facebook per day. Couple that with an emphasis to brands on their pages being repositories for photo and video content and you can see the field being prepared for Facebook becoming a major video content platform in 2015. And we’re not even touching on the positive effects this all has for video advertising on the platform.

Taken together I feel it’s important to tackle these changes through these strategies:

  • being more thoughtful in how posts are made on Facebook
  • ensuring the creation of shareable content on platforms outside of your hub
  • driving traffic from those platforms back to your hub, particularly Facebook
  • redoubling or starting efforts at Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest (or whichever platforms make the most sense for your artist or business)

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Freeloader Friday: Termanology, Torche, Literature & More

December 12, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

853044003489It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas (and holiday season in general) around the office here in New York. Not only are there mini-trees on desks, white lights strung about and tacky Christmas sweaters coming out, but our entire team (from the UK to Tel Aviv to Australia) is here for the week! Talk about full-on Orchard cheer being spread. While our office is buzzing with holiday fun, there are still Freeloader goodies to be had!

Album stream of the week goes to Termanology. He calls for fellow rappers, producers and listeners to let the music do the talking, to ‘Shut Up and Rap,’ plain and simple. In this sixteen-track release, there’s as much old-school swag as new-age spit throughout. And although you may not be as familiar with the long list of collaborators, they’re equally as on top of the game as Termanology himself.

Moving right along, there’s only one track in this week’s Freeloader Friday, and it should be quite obvious as to why. The greatest Florida Riff-Metal band around, Torche (duh), is expected to release their new album next year, and they’ve put out a nothing-short-of spectacular track this week. It’s one that will crush you with every ball-busting guitar roar.

And with that, we’re left with a slew of videos to be seen and heard. Have a go at Blind Guardian’s lyric video, perfectly set to a Middle Earth (kind-of) graphic story. Next, watch some of Rock n’ Roll’s greatest (from Journey, Night Ranger and Whitesnake) come together for an extraordinary classic. Then catch-up with Frontier Ruckus from the backs of their skateboards and top it all off with Literature’s beautifully psychedelic surge of street scenes and florals.

It’s a short one, folks, but we’ve gotta get out of here soon for our Holiday Office Party. But this should be all you need to get you through the weekend (and the Santacon festivities)!

Termanology: Full album stream via XXL
Shut Up And Rap out now on Brick Records

Torche: “Minions” track premiere via YouTube
Restarter out February 24 on Relapse Records

Blind Guardian: “Twilight of the Gods” lyric video premiere via Blabbermouth
Beyond The Red Mirror out February 3 on Nuclear Blast

Revolution Saints: “Turn Back Time” official music video premiere via YouTube
Revolution Saints out 2/24 on Frontiers

Frontier Ruckus: “The Splendid World” official music video premiere via Paste
Sitcom Afterlife out now on Quite Scientific Records

Literature: “New Jacket” official music video premiere via Wondering Sound
Chorus out now on Slumberland Records

Viral Rock Star Domo Joins The Orchard!

DOMO-ImageWe’re excited to announce that The Orchard has completed a new deal with Japanese Pop Culture icon, Domo. With it, our audio, video and YouTube teams are now involved in all aspects of Domo entertainment. We’ll be managing the Domo YouTube channel, Domo Nation, creating themed audio compilations and releasing long form video compilations of Domo clips and newly produced webisodes.

If you’re not already a fan, here’s the low-down on the Domo story:

Domo began as a character created by broadcaster NHK/Japan to help bridge generational gaps, and has since become the original viral superstar. He appears in short animations, shows up at events, has his own social networks, and is represented in a broad assortment of merchandised goods, from comfy slippers to a Domo toaster.

The name of this fuzzy mascot is actually a multi-use word in Japanese: its primary meanings are “hello,” “thank you” and “nice to meet you.” His success and popularity across the globe can be attributed to his accepting nature and malleable imagery. Domo is about happiness! As such, his primary fans are young adults and teens but the brand is enjoyed across all demographics and millions of fans love to adapt Domo to their interests and stories, including artists and celebrities.

We’d like to extend a big Orchard welcome to Domo!

Take These Holiday Classics for an Indie Spin

IndieHoliday2Have you ever polished a chestnut? Oh, how it shines. We’ve put together a playlist of our favorite Indie artists polishing away, with soft white dream powder (The Raveonettes “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”), with wacko monkey grease (Quintron & Miss Pussycat “Jingle Bell Rock”), with Retro Funk goo (Shawn Lee‘s Ping Pong Orchestra “Little Drummer Boy”), with purple drank (Ying Yang Twins “Sleigh Ride”), with… a shirt, probably, because this guy doesn’t like wearing a shirt (Iggy Pop “White Christmas”). It’s new and nostalgic, at the same time. Happy ho ho y’all.

The Orchard Chart Toppers: November 2014

The Orchard Chart Toppers

We’re nearing the end of the year, and our November charts are in. Before Christmas music takes over for the year (who am I kidding? it already has!), we’d like to give a shoutout to all our charting artists and bands, namely: Machine Head for hitting #21 on the Billboard Top 200,  #2 on the Independent chart, #16 on iTunes’ Top 200 and #1 on iTunes’ Metal Albums chart, not to mention making it to Russia’s Top 20 on iTunes; Gemeliers, two Spanish brothers who have been on the Spanish charts for months now and don’t look like they’re going anywhere; and Oakley’s Action Sports film Snowboarding For Me, which stayed on the Top Documentary Movies and Action Sports Movies charts in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia for more than 3 weeks.

PS. This is only a snapshot of our artists’ chart positions. They’ve also placed in many genre charts on both Billboard and iTunes, but we’ve zoned in on the more general charts for the purpose of this post.


Billboard Top Heatseekers
#8 — Jimmy Greene: Beautiful Life [Mack Avenue Records]

Italy Top Albums
#7 — Elisa: L’anima vola (Deluxe Edition) [Sugar Music]

iTunes Brazil Top Albums
#5 — Henrique e Juliano: Ao Vivo em Brasilia [Som Livre/Globo]
#8 — Sorriso Maroto: Eu Gosto Ao Vivo No Maracanãzinho [Som Livre/Globo]
#14 — Malta: Supernova [Som Livre/Globo]
#17 — Cristiano Araujo: In the Cities – Ao Vivo em Cuiabá [Som Livre/Globo]
#18 — Jorge e Mateus: Live in London at the Royal Albert Hall [Som Livre/Globo]

iTunes Lithuanua Top Albums
#3 — Biplan: Visi keliai veda prie jūros [M.P.3]

iTunes Latvia Top Albums
#2 — Ассаи: Другие берега [Studia Soyuz]

iTunes Poland Top Albums
#9 — Zuch Kazik: Zakażone Piosenki [SP Record]
#15 — Be-sides: We Were So Wrong [Fonografika]

iTunes Czech Republic Top Albums
#12 — Aneta Langerova: Na Radostii [Supraphone]
#19 — Karel Kryl: Live! [Supraphone]

iTunes Russia Top Albums
#4 — Ivan Dorn: Randorn [First Music Publishing]
#9 — Mezza: Mokba [Studio Soyuz]
#14 — Vladimir Visotsky: Izbrannoe [Volume Music Group]

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