Shazam Your Way Through Your Next Campaign

Shazam Masterbrand LogoShazam has been a staple on smartphones for years. For the best part of the last decade, people have been holding their phones in the air to discover what music was playing and Shazam has been there every step of the way. “Shazaming” has even entered the lexicon of internet-inspired jargon: “I gotta Shazam this track” and “I’m Shazaming this right now” have all been thrown around to mean varying degrees of “I’m going to scan this song with my phone to determine who or what is playing right now.” Beyond that, Shazam enables fans to get involved with campaigns in a uniquely different way than most other platforms. But how? No worries. If you have an active imagination, the answers are plentiful.


The Orchard Finds Love in Cannes With Pablo Larraín’s “Neruda”

neruda (1)We’re excited to announce that we’ve snagged our first Cannes film of 2016 with director Pablo Larraín‘s Neruda. The film, a bio-drama about famed poet Pablo Neruda, just premiered at the coveted Directors’ Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival in France, immediately earning critical acclaim. The Orchard has acquired all North American distribution rights from Participant Media and is planning a fall release.


Freeloader Friday: Drowners, The Spook School & More

drownersondesireHello Freeloader fam, my name is Chris Calabrese and I will be taking over this beat for the next few weeks. I am excited to give you your Friday fix of new tracks, and we got a good one for you this week. Let’s have a look.

We’ll kick off this weekend with a new single from New York’s own Drowners. The track, titled “Pick Up the Pace,” is the first off of the band’s new album, On Desire. Drowners frontman Matt Hitt promised the new record will be both darker and easier to dance to than previous releases, and “Pick Up the Pace” delivers on that promise. With catchy riffs, moody melodies and ominous breaks, this track seems perfectly indicative of what is to come.


Back to Africa: The Spread of Music Across the Atlantic

praiaIt was yet another business week of meetings in the Cape Verdean capital of Praia. It started with a celebration of traditional hip-shaking (to put it mildly), which you can witness in our most recent viral African Dance hit video by Maahlox Le Vibeur. The Orquestra Nacional de Cabo Verde followed by getting all Funana and playing the highest speed folk songs you may ever hear, between a couple of great daytime jam sessions from various local artists like BilanAngolaJack Nkanga — you’ll hear more of these names soon. It ended for me in a Haitian voodoo session from Vox Sambou that had even me dancing…

Life is tough sometimes.


Welcome, Elissa!

Elissa FederoffIntroducing Elissa Federoff, VP, Theatrical Distribution

Hello Everyone! I’m very excited to be starting at The Orchard. I’ve been working in film now for a while, got my start with an internship at THINKFilm during the company’s glory days — BORN INTO BROTHELS, MURDERBALL, etc. at a time when you could send your resume through the web and actually get a call back. From there I went on to working for The Weinstein Company, Lionsgate, Oscilloscope, Weinstein again, and most recently for RADiUS-TWC. My favorite movie is DIRTY DANCING, can recite any line from it; I definitely saw it when I was too young to understand any of the “adult themes,” and I’m pretty sure that trip to the local Cinema 1-2-3 formed my future need to work in film.