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Working with a Living Legend: Richard Gottehrer

On my very first day at The Orchard almost three years ago, my boss took me around the office in typical Orchard tradition and introduced me to every single person sitting at his or her desk, from our accountants to our developers and everyone in between. Was anyone off limits? …

The Marketplace Presents: Klick Push

If you had the opportunity to get your music featured in more places, why wouldn’t you take it? And if those places were high-engagement areas, it’d really be a no brainer. Well listen up then, because our latest Marketplace partner, Klick Push, has just the thing for you. With access …

Use YouTube Annotations to Create an Album Preview Video

So you’ve got a new album coming out and you want to give fans a taste of what to expect. Try creating an album preview video and uploading it to your YouTube channel! We’ll walk you through how to set this up. Prepare Your Content We’re not going to go …

Become A SoundCloud Master and A Master Of Your Rights On SoundCloud

Between updating their subscription plans and experimenting with more visual profiles (still in early beta), SoundCloud has been on fire lately. ComScore even recently reported that their traffic increased by 26% in one month, making SoundCloud the 8th fastest growing site in the U.S. Though it’s certainly evolved since its launch in Berlin in …

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Freeloader Friday: Machine Head, Open Mike Eagle, JAWS & More

November 7, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

888831779803Well Freeloaders, there appears to be a chill in the air. And by chill, I mean fall is kicking into very high gear here in NY (seriously?!). It’s time to start your cold-weather prepping. So while you’re busy pulling out sweaters and wool socks, let us do you a favor and provide you with some music samples you need to hear this week.

Get the ball rolling with some heavy-banger album streams. First up, there’s super-group The Skull, who’re out now with their doom & gloom Metal debut. Follow that up with Machine Head’s Hardcore Metal mutiny, which has a very cool interactive playlist to go along with it. Next, stream Lee Bannon’s dark House EP – it’s a little bit trippy Soundtrack, a lot Drum n’ Bass Electronic, but phenom beats through and through. Finally, get Experimental & Instumental with VLHLL and her Darkwave synths.

On to track premieres! Only two this week, but they’re worth their weight in gold. New group Orange Cassettes sees Radio 4’s Anthony Roman and Elefant’s Mod making futuristic Disco Rock. Then blast your speakers for Open Mike Eagle’s super witty Rap groove. This is one to put on repeat – you don’t want to miss his epic wordage.

Moving on to music videos: Lowland Hum replays family-video moments from years past, JAWS take you inside a beautifully-colored love story, and The Black Opera don a sharp black & white color scheme to focus on their philosophical theme.

Now, that should be enough to entertain you while your unpacking last year’s wintry clothes. Enjoy your weekend!

The Skull: Full album stream via Decibel
For Those Which Are Asleep out now on TeePee Records

Machine Head full album stream via YouTube
Bloodstone & Diamonds out November 10 on Nuclear Blast

Lee Bannon: Full album stream via XLR8R
Main/Flex EP out now on Chillectro / Babygrande Records

VLHLL: Full album stream via Electronic Beats
Leaning on Shadows out now on Artoffact Records

Orange Cassettes: “Go In the Light” track premiere via Stereogum
Go In the Light out now on Ring the Alarm

Open Mike Eagle: “Late Show” track premiere via Pigeons and Planes
Dark Comedy out now on Mello Music Group

Lowland Hum: “Four Sisters: Part One” official music video premiere via Team Coco
Four Sisters out now on Spacebomb Records

JAWS – “Swim” official music video premiere via Vevo
Be Slowly out now on Rattlepop Records

The Black Opera: “The Beginning of the End” official music video premiere via Okay Player
The Great Year out now on Mello Music Group

The Orchard Chart Toppers: October 2014

The Orchard Chart Toppers

October was a month for the Hard Rockers and Metalheads of The Orchard, with some top positions for Relapse Records, Pure Noise Records, Nuclear Blast and Ipecac Recordings with Obituary, State Champs, Exodus and the Melvins, respectively. That doesn’t mean other genres did get their say: Soul got a good rep there with The Budos Band, and Army of the Pharaohs nailed it for Hip Hop, too. Abroad, Goat made its presence known in the UK and Turkish sensation Cem Adrian hasn’t left the iTunes Turkey Top Albums chart since he hit #1 with even just his pre-order. On the film front, Action Sports doc Days Of My Youth has been a chart staple, and one of our latest theatrical releases, Harmontown deserves a big shoutout too. Hats off, everyone!

PS. This is only a snapshot of our artists’ chart positions. They’ve also placed in many genre charts on both Billboard and iTunes, but we’ve zoned in on the more general charts for the purpose of this post.


Billboard Top 200 Albums
#75 — Obituary: Inked In Blood [Relapse Records]

Billboard Current Albums
#73 — Obituary: Inked In Blood [Relapse Records]

Billboard Independent Albums
#17 — Obituary: Inked In Blood [Relapse Records]

Billboard Tastemakers Albums
#18 — Obituary: Inked In Blood [Relapse Records]

Billboard Heatseekers
#12 — Grouper: Ruins [kranky]
#14 — The Budos Band: Burnt Offering [Daptone Records]
#27 — Abysmal Dawn: Obsolescence [Relapse Records]

Spain Top Albums
#9 — Gemeliers: Lo Mejor está por venir [Pep’s Records]

Portugal Top Albums
#1 — Varios Artistas: Kizomba Mix 2014 – Mixed by DJ Manu Santos [Vidisco]
#2 — Varios Artistas: Mais Kizomba Hits 2 [Vidisco]
#3 — Varios Artistas: Era So Jajao [Vidisco]
#12 — HMB: Sente [ Farol Música, Lda.]
#14 — Leandro: Sou Um Homem Feliz [Espacial]

Italy Top Albums
#10 — Andrea Bocelli: Opera – The Ultimate Collection [Sugar Music]

iTunes Top 200 Albums
#150– Grouper: Ruins [kranky]

iTunes Turkey Top Albums
#3 — Cem Adrian: Sana Bunları Hiç Bilmediğin Bir Yerden Yazıyorum [Dokuz Sekiz Müzik]
#6 — İnsan Nasıl Unutabilir Ki: Cem Özkan [TMC Film Müzik]
#8 — Resul Rindar: Dalgalan Karadeniz [Esen]
#12 — İncir Reçeli 2 (Soundtrack): Çeşitli Sanatçılar [Dokuz Sekiz Müzik]

iTunes Brazil Top Albums
#4 — Suricato: Sol-Te [Som Livre/Globo]
#6 — Malta: Supernova [Som Livre/Globo]
#8 — Varios: Império – Nacional [Som Livre/Globo]
#9 — Henrique e Juliano: Ao Vivo em Brasilia [Som Livre/Globo]
#10 — Sambô: Sambô Em Estudio e Em Cores [Som Livre/Globo]

iTunes Latvia Top Albums
#15 — Dazadi Izpilditaji: Latviešu Teātra Zelta Dziesmas [Mikrofona Ieraksti]

iTunes Czech Republic Top Albums
#1 — Various Artists: Karel Kryl 70 [Supraphone]
#8 — Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika: V hodině smrti [Supraphone]

iTunes Portugal Top Albums
#1 — Various Artists: Summer Jam 2014 [Vidisco]
#3 — Various Artists: Mais Kizomba Hits 2 [Vidisco]
#15 — Various Artists: Kizomba Mix [Vidisco]
#16 — HMB: Sente [ Farol Música, Lda.]
#17 — Various Artists: Era So Jajao [Vidisco]

iTunes Top Documentary Movies CA
#4 — 509 Films: Volume 9 [509 INC]
#6 — Days of My Youth [Red Bull Media House]
#12 — Slednecks 16 [Slednecks Inc]
#13 — Boondockers 11 [Dan Gardiner Films]

iTunes Top Sports Movies CA
#7 — 509 Films: Volume 9 [509 INC]
#8 — Days of My Youth [Red Bull Media House]
#13 — Slednecks 16 [Slednecks Inc]

iTunes Top Documentary Movies AU
#17 — Rich Hill [Dinky Pictures]

iTunes Top Sports Movies AU
#18 — Moto 5: The Movie [The Assignment, Inc.]

iTunes Top Independent Movies AU
#14 — Rich Hill [Dinky Pictures]

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Welcome, Bernardo!

November 5, 2014 Orchard News No Comments

Bernardo ErwesIntroducing Bernardo Erwes, Client Relations & Marketing Manager, Brazil

First of all I would like to thank Liana Brauer for introducing me to The Orchard, and The Orchard for giving me this opportunity to work with the passion of my life that I always dreamed of being involved with somehow, which is music.

I have been a huge fan of Metal since I was around 11, but I also love Classical Music and Rock as well.

I listen to music whenever possible; on the streets, in the subway or bus, car… basically anywhere.

My favorite bands mostly come from Scandinavia, which is home to some of the best Black/Death Metal in the world. It might sound a little strange for someone who is not familiar with the genre, but Metal is founded on incredible sounds and lyrics, some of which focus on ancient History and Myths from Sweden, Norway, Finland and other European countries and also things from our daily life, but in a different “metal” way.

I am also a big fan of History, which was one of the reasons that I chose to study Law at University.

Before joining The Orchard, I worked for several years for an IP Law Office called Dannemann, Siemsen, Bigler & Ipanema Moreira. After nearly 4 years there, I wanted to try to get closer to my passion for music so when I saw an opportunity in an Online Music Agency, I chose to take a chance in this new world.

One thing led to another and now I am part of The Orchard Brazil team and it has already been a pleasure to work for this company which I realized is THE opportunity for me to work with my passion for music.

Looking forward to meeting you all and working together!

Zone In on Accounting: How to Draw Intelligence from Your Revenue

Header AccountingPart of my job in running The Orchard French and Benelux office with my colleague Philippe Giard is to meet up as regularly as possible with our local labels to discuss life (of course), and the development of the music business. In particular, we serve our clients best by reviewing how things are going in their relationship with us and sharing ideas on how to help this partnership grow even further.

When we do this, we typically prepare a brief presentation/analysis of developments we’ve noticed with their catalogue revenues and trends, whether by artist, top tracks/albums, label imprints when relevant, by store, by source of income (streaming, downloads, YouTube, RingBackTones revenues, etc.) and more.

Those who use our Workstation regularly will have probably already dug into a lot of this for themselves, but a refresher with a few tricks and methodology never hurts, especially when it comes to digging into your revenue data, i.e. money, and working out where more sources and mines of this precious metal can be found and maybe tapped and developed better.

Since we’re talking about actual revenues here, the “Accounting” tab in your Workstation is most useful as it reflects final revenue that has been reported and entered into clients’ accounts. Analytics, on the other hand, shows real-time developments of your label’s catalogue, and though useful to analyze data trends and activity around your content, numbers serve as a guideline and aren’t considered 100% verified until amounts are actually paid.

When using Accounting, I usually start by taking a period that is representative: remember you can now have 1 year’s worth of accounting displayed on your main page. I usually use the last 12 months or four quarters so it includes stronger and weaker sales periods, and I view by Country to spot the top 10 territories where a label’s customer base is most active:

Screenshot Accounting1

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When & Why Should You Invest in Radio Promotion?

November 3, 2014 Featured News, Marketing 1 Comment

thesyndicate_logo_2014We’re happy to welcome our partners from The Syndicate to The Daily Rind! In this guest blog post, Robert Wilcox, Senior Manager of Alternative Radio Promotion, tells us when and why you should invest in radio promotion. Take it away, Rob! 

So you’re in a band, or perhaps you’re a manager of an up-and-coming artist — or perhaps you run a record label and have a release you want to create additional exposure for. What do you do to create awareness for a piece of art that needs to be heard? Where do you go? How do you bridge the gap between a local fan base and a national audience? As we’ve all learned, cream does not always rise, and it takes more than just a message in a bottle to make sure you’re being received in an ocean of new and/or already established artists.

Studies have shown that radio is still the number one source for new music discovery — and it’s as simple as flipping a switch or clicking a mouse. As a radio publicist, I too can attest to this, and feel that in any field of marketing, knowledge is power in taking full advantage of these tools. Much like a conversation you’d share with the knowledgeable clerk at your local mom and pop record store, radio promotion serves the purpose of cultivating positive dialogue about your music between the promoter and the programmer of a radio station — focused on turning them onto new ideas and sounds across various genres.

If you find that there’s been an organic build in awareness for you or your artist preceding a new release — independent or through a label — or you’re planning to go on tour in support of that release, you should consider radio promotion. This is especially important when your release has national distribution, either physically or digitally, as radio support can help influence immediate sales. In doing so, there are several arenas in which you can enlist a radio publicist to promote your record: College and “Non-Comm” Radio, Specialty Radio, and Commercial Radio.

For decades now, the College Radio format has existed as a source of new music discovery, regardless of genre. College Radio can also be a great launching pad for artists looking to test the waters of their commercial viability. Many artists, especially in the Indie genre, have seen their rise to notoriety through college radio. The Adult Album Alternative (or Triple A) radio format is representative of Indie and Singer/Songwriter “tastemakers” like WXPN in Philadelphia, KCMP in Minneapolis, WFUV in New York City, KCRW in Los Angeles, and KEXP in Seattle — all of whom happen to be Non-Commercial radio stations, either listener supported or university affiliated. Equally well known, the AAA format also includes commercial stations like WRLT in Nashville and WCNR in Charlottesville. These stations tend to play music that skews towards independent and heritage artists, and encompass a wide array of genres.

It’s not uncommon to also see artists from this side of the dial “cross over” into the world of Commercial Alternative Rock radio, where some recent examples include Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, and Mumford & Sons. But before these artists were in regular Rock rotation alongside bands like The Foo Fighters or M83, they were getting their first debut spins on commercial alternative New Music Shows — better referred to as the Alternative Specialty format. Alternative Specialty is a radio format designed to act as the testing ground for slightly more “underground” acts who are nudging their way into the mainstream. Well-respected stations like KROQ in Los Angeles, WRFF in Philadelphia, and WEQX in Albany all carry weekly specialty programs designed to feature new music from artists both old and new.

Regardless of the format, a good promoter will be there to help navigate and decide upon the appropriate avenues for your music. Not all music is meant for the radio (and that’s perfectly okay), but if you have a desire to be heard, choose a publicist that shares the same burning desire. The secret code to all of this is that when the right song hits the right ears, it can lead to wonderful results — whether you’re a radio programmer who’s inspired by a promoter to fall in love with a track, or a casual listener looking to purchase “something new” for their music collection.

— Robert Wilcox, The Syndicate

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