Welcome, Shaun!

Shaun SinticIntroducing Shaun Sintic, Coordinator, Owned & Operated

My name is Shaun Sintic, I’m from Denville, New Jersey and I’m a member of the Owned & Operated team. I spend the majority of my free time either playing in my band, Basement Beers, or watching Parks and Recreation reruns.

Currently I’m listening to PWR BTTM, Jank, and Hop Along, who all put out phenomenal records last year. If you want to talk about Kevin James, I’m your man. I also take care of seven cats that were born outside my house, so if you are interested in a kitten, I may have one for you.

Sharing Made Easier: YouTube’s New In-App Messenger

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 5.11.33 PMIf you’ve ever shared a YouTube video via text message, you’re probably familiar with the auto-generated text that used to appear before a video’s URL after you pasted it into the body of your message: “Check Out This Video On YouTube: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0WZORaF7Gk)”. If you’re like me, you probably always deleted this portion so that you could add your own comment, opinion or inside joke for good measure. Even though it’s only a few extra steps, having to switch between apps to share a video made the whole process very tedious — especially by today’s standards.

Well, it looks like those days are about over…


The Orchard Adds Julia Hart’s “Miss Stevens” to Fall Release Film List

Miss StevensFall 2016 is looking better and better for The Orchard as we’ve acquired another fantastic film from this year’s SXSW line up. This time, The Orchard won all North American rights to Julia Hart‘s directorial debut, “Miss Stevens,” a film with a cast and crew sculpted for success.


Make The Most of Your Festival Tour Date

FestivalBlogpostSummer Music Festival Season is almost upon us and you know what that means: music, sunburns, bad festival attire, good food, and most importantly, more music!

As festivals are becoming more than just a music experience though, it can be easy to get lost in the chaos, especially if you have a not-so-ideal time slot at the start of the day. If you fall into this category, below are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you’re making the most of your festival date and driving as many fans and soon-to-be fans to your set.


The Orchard Sets the Table for Oren Moverman’s “The Dinner”

Richard-Gere-The-DinnerCannes gave us another gift today as the Oren Moverman film The Dinner will be served via The Orchard after acquiring all North American distribution rights. The dramatic picture is based off of Herman Koch’s novel of the same name that received literature accolades worldwide. The Orchard plans on whetting your appetite soon with a release set for this fall.