What The #&@$ Do You Do, Michelle?!?

MichelleArnoldMichelle Arnold
Senior Counsel
Joined The Orchard in September 2012

We know you as lawyer, photographer of our Radial Live sessions and participant of several past Orchard Battle of the Bands. Now we want to know more: what the #&@$ do you do, prey tell?
I draft lots and lots of agreements – mostly for content-in deals relating to physical and/or digital audio distribution, YouTube channels, and recording agreements (for Frenchkiss Records), as well as any amendments to those documents. I also sometimes handle video distribution agreements, Marketplace agreements, and other types of agreements or legal things that come up from time to time… for example, the other week, I drafted Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy for our new film and TV B2B site. Another important part of my job is working with and advising Orchard staff regarding the intersection between business and legal considerations.


Welcome, Christina!

ChristinaRosadoIntroducing Christina Rosado, Coordinator, Rights Management, YouTube

Hi everyone! My name is Christina and I am so excited to become full-time here at the Orchard! I’ve spent the past few months working part-time in the Video Services department on the Rights team. I grew up in NYC, where I studied at the “Fame” high school, Hobart and William Smith Colleges and John Jay for my Masters in Forensic Psychology. I play the flute and I’m really good (and modest). I’ve worked in background casting for film and at a classical music publisher before coming to The Orchard in October. I just finished an externship at the Brooklyn Supreme Court where I assessed defendants competency to stand trial under a team of Doctors. I work for Match.com by night hosting speed dating events. If you want to hear some stories about criminals or awkward speed dates, feel free to drop me a line in the comments!

Should You Post the Same Content on Facebook and Twitter? Here’s How to Decide

twitter_facebook_Sonicbids_CyberPRThis article, written by Brooklyn-based electronic music producer and singer-songwriter, Sam Friedman, originally appeared on Sonicbids. We’re excited to be working with them to exchange industry tips and trends for your business! 

We’ve all seen it: Twitter feeds with incomplete sentences that turn into “on.fb” links, Facebook pages with nothing but tweets that are smothered in hashtags and Twitter handles we can’t click. Yes, it’s nice and convenient to be able to share the same post on both platforms, but is it always smart? Will it really make the most of each platform and help you reach your following to its full potential? These are questions you should ask yourself when posting the same content on Facebook and Twitter. We see artists doing this all the time, so below, we’ve weighed the pros and cons for you to help you decide on an approach that works best for you.


The Sounds of Summer Are Calling You…

summersocapartyYou thought winter would never end, but guess what?! After months in the Polar Vortex and the eye of the tigers of spring, SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER. And nothing is more useful to make you look like a boss in the midst of your summer antics than the perfect party mix. Whether you’re barbecuing some mushrooms in the backyard, dancing on a rooftop or scaling a mountain, you’re gonna need both hands!

Check out some of these new releases from our Compilations department to assist you in achieving all your summer hopes and dreams:


Freeloader Friday: Saun & Starr, Holly Miranda & More

889176550553Today marks the last “regular” Friday here in our NY office for a while… Summer Fridays start next week! Who else is on the #SummerFriday track? So even though it’s not technically summer yet, it might as well be. That summer groove is well on its way. And along with it, a brand new slew of Freeloader Friday listings! Take a look.

The New York Times premiered the new albums of two of our absolute faves this week: Holly Miranda and Saun & Starr, both of whom recently stopped by the office for some rad Radial Live sessions! (See here & here) Holly Miranda’s got that gritty, honest Singer/Songwriter sound going on, while Saun & Starr liven things up with some Soul n’ Shake. And, if you get tired of the NYTimes platform, head on over to Pandora — they’re streaming the album there, too! (more…)