Label Spotlight: Hiphoplife.PRO

hiphoplife.proIn the early 90’s when the musical bad boy of all genres, hip-hop, was getting popular all around the world, Gastarbeiters’ following generation in Germany were amongst the ones who heard the first timbres of this energetic genre. Turkish youngsters who were trying to fit into 90’s communities in Germany were influenced by the children of the American Army families. This is where they got the first taste of hip-hop. The interaction between these two youth groups became the origin of the Turkish hip-hop culture. Every aspect of the hip-hop culture manifested itself in this period from rap and graffiti to break dance, as well as its sub-cultures that were heard by the Turkish crowds in the beginning of the 90’s.

Let’s dive into Turkey’s biggest hip-hop record label Hiphoplife.PRO and ask them a couple of questions about how they created their structure and how they still continue to shape hip-hop culture in Turkey.


Snapchat Tips, Tricks & Best Practices: 2017 Edition

Snapchat Best PracticesSnapchat has come a long way in the past year. They went public, and yes, they began producing their own Spectacles, but the app also made a number of updates that made it more fun (and valuable) than ever to be an artist on Snapchat.

Once the best kept secret of experimental marketers, it’s now a core component of any social strategy that targets a young, mobile-savvy audience.  And since we last shared our Snapchat best practices, the app has gained 61 million daily users that visit 18 times a day. No big deal.

Interestingly, despite the increasing mainstream appeal, Snapchat somehow maintains its trademark authentic feel. The combination of bigger reach and authenticity make it one of 2017’s rarest opportunities to reach fans under 34 years old.


Welcome, Vince!

Vince SeibertIntroducing Vince Seibert, Content Management Coordinator, Video Services

Hey everybody, my name is Vince. I’m so happy to be a new addition to the Video Services team here at The Orchard. Before a brief stint in the finance world, I previously worked on the royalties team at EMI and interned at Atlantic Records and Engine Room Recordings. I’m glad to be back in the music industry!

I’m originally from upstate New York in Orange County and went to school even further up state at SUNY New Paltz. If you haven’t been, I highly suggest it. It’s beautiful and a great escape from the city.


The Orchard Lands Raoul Peck’s ‘The Young Karl Marx’

The Young Karl MarxThe Orchard has acquired US distribution rights for The Young Karl Marx. The film was directed, produced and co-written by Academy Award nominee Raoul Peck. Starring August Diehl, Stefan Konarske and Vicky Krieps, The Young Karl Marx is planned for a theatrical release this fall.

A historical tale of friendship and passion, the story traces the footsteps of legendary Karl Marx through the Socialist movement and founding of the Communist League, as it originated in Paris during the 19th century. The forward thinking of Marx, his wife Jenny and industrialist friend Friedrich Engels, sparks fear in a society seemingly unequipped of change. The team take on a world-wide battle for the oppressed aiming to encourage revolution by questioning everything society has come to accept.