Capture Your Viewers’ Attention with YouTube’s Unskippable 6-Second “Bumper Ads”

YouTube_Reuters_LucyNicholsonHow do you sell a product in six seconds? That’s the question now being posed by YouTube, as the industry-leading video streaming network introduces unskippable 6-second “Bumper Ads” this May.

YouTube’s business model revolves around ad revenue, and it features three major ad types: Video ads (formerly known as “InStream” ads) are built into the video player itself and can play before or after the prime attraction, or in an ad-break format (a “mid-roll”). Overlay (“InVideo”) ads are stationary text and/or banners that overlay the video player. Lastly, display ads are shown alongside a video on the right-hand sidebar. These three ad types are sold on an auction and/or reserve basis. We’ve also told you about other ways to advertise on your video, via shoppable ads and sponsored cards.


Welcome, Gabby!

GabriellaMassiminoIntroducing Gabriella Massimino, Coordinator, Digital Advertising

Hi, my name’s Gabby and I’m so happy to be working at The Orchard as a coordinator in the Digital Advertising department! I grew up in Houston, TX and found my home in NYC while going to Sarah Lawrence College, which I graduated from last year. I, of course, love music, especially Radiohead, Massive Attack and Portishead. I might be considered a super Radiohead fan because my apartment is filled with their artwork.


The Duplass Brothers & The Orchard Brighten Things Up with “Rainbow Time”

rainbow-timeThe ever-proficient Duplass brothers and The Orchard are teaming up once again for the release of the brothers’ 2016 SXSW premiere, Rainbow Time. After closing The Overnight at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and later signing a seven-film output deal with The Orchard, producers Mark and Jay Duplass and are now entrusting us with this funny yet moving drama, which we will release in theaters later this year.


How To Produce Exciting Live Events with Stagelink

stagelink_logo_320x100More and more, live performances are providing a big chunk of entertainers’ revenue. Stagelink, a fan-powered tour promoting service originating in Germany, knows this and strives to maximize the possibilities for artists of all kinds to make a buck while touring. Better yet, they do this by satisfying fan requests for performers to visit their cities. Read up on how you can use this tool — which by the way was just shortlisted as one of 20 finalists for the 2016 Midemlab startup competition — in their guest blog post below. 


Introducing Fllio, A Network for Creatives of All Kinds

FllioA former YouTube and Pinterest employee turned Orchardite, Michael Ortali has been helping The Orchard drive its technology forward for more than two years. Over the past few months, he has taken on a new challenge on the side: helping creatives better showcase their work and find new opportunities. His project, Fllio, launched a few weeks ago in beta and The Orchard is proud to be hosting their first Meetup at our offices this week! Join us on Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:30PM to find out more about this great initiative and get to know the man behind it all below. 

Michael, tell us how this all started?