Freeloader Friday: Lost Boy ?, DÍSA & More

889176235429Some of you may have been devastated about Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction, taking the 5-piece all-star boy-band down a notch. But we’re slowly starting to see positive signs for warmer and actual Spring weather, so I can’t wait to finally stow away my winter gear. (Who’s with me?!) Let’s enjoy it by kicking off this weekend with a Super-size edition of Freeloader Friday!

We’ll start with a full album stream by the upbeat Punk/Alternative band, Lost Boy ?, described by Steroegum as sounding like “summer in New York,” so let’s bring in warm vibes from that! Then we have a couple of EPs to check out. First, there’s DÍSA: an Icelandic artist with her Gloom-Pop, Dark Wave style that’s both majestic and devastating. Following that’s an EP that tackles social issues by the activist rapper, Big Pooh. Lastly, enjoy a live Folk-Pop session by Seth Glier.

Mt. Wolf is back with this hypnotic, Electronic rework of Turtle’s ‘Hamburg.’ Then we’ll free fall with Chicago-based Indie-Rock band Geronimo! with their raging, final track as they look to disband after the release of their upcoming EP. Then dig into this aggressive and powerful track by Minsk, and top off these track premieres with one from Communions that displays an immense amount of Reverb goodness and lust-fueled lyrics.

Now let’s jump into the music videos for the weekend, starting with Yokan System, a Japanese Electronic duo performing live at our London office. Then look at Torche‘s badass music video trailer that will have you wanting to watch and listen to the full version once released, followed by the surreal and cinematic video by Electronica group Dems. Finally, dance it all off with Strange Names‘ gloriously danceable B&W video, a tribute to 90s kids and dance-a-thons everywhere.

Here’s to looking forward to the warmer weather of Spring that’ll hopefully hit us next month!

Lost Boy ?: Full album stream via Stereogum
Canned out now on PaperCup Music

DÍSA: Full EP stream via The Line of Best Fit
Sculpture out now on Tigerspring Records

Big Pooh: Full EP stream via XXL Mag
Words Paint Pictures out now on Mello Music Group

Seth Glier: Live session via Daytrotter
Things I Should Let You Know out now on MPress Records

Mt. Wolf: “Hamburg – Turtle Rework” live as a free download via Noisetrade
Red EP out April 13 on X Novo

Geronimo!: “Fires of Hell” track premiere via NPR
Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol. 4 – Why Did You Leave Me? out March 31 on Exploding in Sound Records

Minsk: “When The Walls Fell” track premiere via Stereogum
The Crash And The Draw out April 7 on Relapse Records

Communions: “Out Of My World” track premiere via Fader
Communions EP out June 2 on Tough Love Records

Yokan System: “A Dream You Never Wake Up From” live at The Orchard (London office) via YouTube
A Dream You Never Wake Up From out now on Ample Play Recordings

Torche: “Annihilation Affair” music video premiere via YouTube
Restarter out now on Relapse Records

Dems: “Wake” music video premiere via Pigeons and Planes
Muscle Memory out now on Sew In Love Records

Strange Names: “Ricochet” music video premiere via BlackBook
Use Your Time Wisely out May 19 on Frenchkiss Records

The Orchard Takes On Recorded Music Royalty Processing

Orch-RoyaltiesOur policy at The Orchard has always been to provide our clients with best-in-breed service and opportunities to facilitate their business. What started off as a one-stop-shop for worldwide digital distribution has grown into physical distribution, performance rights services, sync licensing, audio fingerprinting and claiming, premium video services, compilations, marketing, and now, we add recorded music royalty processing.

Of course, we’re not just adding it lightly: we’ve acquired RoyaltyShare, who launched the industry’s first web-based platform supporting revenue processing and master royalties for indie record labels and music distributors, and we’ve made a strategic investment in Korrect, which has built a robust accounting software and data processing platform that supports the shifts in consumption models we’ve seen in the music biz. Together, RoyaltyShare, Korrect and The Orchard will combine our strengths to become the power rangers of royalty processing for independent record labels.

Find out more about this exciting news on Billboard or in our official press release, and hit us up with your thoughts in the comments!

Welcome, Sean!

SeanMacGahanIntroducing Sean MacGahan, QA Engineer, Catalog Squad

I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, and graduated in 2013 from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Physics. I’ve been programming since I was 10, so software quickly became my professional focus after graduation. I joined a fashion startup, Chloe + Isabel, as an automation engineer/IT specialist/code gardener, and have since stuck with QA.

I am pretty experienced with the tenor saxophone, and even double majored in it during my freshman year, though I haven’t really practiced much since then. I also have experience with the bassoon and piano. I mostly listen to progressive rock and classical, though I’m open to pretty much anything. As far as hobbies go, I’m an avid beer snob, and have been homebrewing for the past year and a half.

Unleashing Toto XIV: First New Record in 10 Years

TotoAfter a wait of nearly a decade, Toto has released new music in the form of TOTO XIVtheir 13th record release and their third new album since the turn of the century.

The sheer dedication and hard work that Toto put into this new record will not leave fans disappointed. Though it’s technically the follow-up to their 2006 record, Falling In Between, the band considers this to be more of a response to TOTO IV, the record that gave them world-wide recognition. With everything from Progressive Rock and Jazz to Pop and Blues, the album embodies the band perfectly and the music reflects the classic sound that fans know and love.


Compilations Dabble with International Players


Feeling a little fenced in at your desk? That second cup of coffee not doing it for you after catching up with your Netflix for 5 hours in a row last night? Never-ending Winter Blues giving you cabin fever? Expand your horizons and let your mind wanderlust with something different, like our latest compilation, Global Rhythms – Drums and Percussive Traditions from Around The World, curated by our team member Maia MacDonald.

One of the advantages of using our Compilations service here at The Orchard is the ability to bring new exposure to International music traditions and genres, to music fans who might not otherwise be introduced. It can be intimidating for a listener to embrace a new genre when they feel like they don’t know “what’s good,” or popular in a different culture. Whether the curiosity stems from wanting inspirations for travel, educational purposes in the classroom, a theme for a cocktail party, or simply having a change from the usual jams, it can be easily satisfied with a well-curated and filtered collection.