Ask a Music Journalist: Which Music Links Do You Prefer in a Pitch Email?

music-598176_1280This article, written by Sound Dessert music blog founder, Gillian Driscoll, originally appeared on Sonicbids. We’re excited to be working with them to exchange industry tips and trends for your business!

Humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. We’re talking eight seconds to get someone to opt in and listen to your music. (Goldfish, for the record, beat us with nine seconds.) How many seconds does it takes for someone to get to your music? Is audio or video prominently featured on your website and/or Facebook page? Are links discernable in your press releases and newsletters with a clear call to action? If the answer is no, you’re losing out on potential press coverage and fans.


Freeloader Friday: Teen Daze, Jeanne Added & More

teendaze5I hope you’re ready to throw on that questionable Hawaiian shirt you’ve been eyeing up for the last couple of days, because it’s Friday baby. And, as always, with each Friday comes a shiny new box of tracks, packaged neatly by The Orchard team. Let’s get at it!

You know when you wake up slowly on the weekend and you’re looking for that perfect tune to sip your coffee to? Well the new Teen Daze track will certainly do the job. It’s even called “Morning World!” It’s light, melodic and a perfect summer sway-along song.


Compilations: Breaking Down Musical Barriers Since 2011

unnamed (2)The New York Times’ recent article on Spotify revealed what some may view as a marketing revelation but is old news for us at Compilations: that streaming services are moving away from classifying by generic labels and instead embracing new mood or time-based musical recommendations. Considering how easy it is for the average Spotify subscriber to listen to anything they like at a moment’s notice, it is not surprising to see how more and more consumers of all ages are willing to explore musical styles and artists that lie outside of their generic comfort zones.


The Importance of Being a Client Manager

tumblr_naz7frkZ2F1s5ouwpo1_500When people ask me “what do you do for a living?” I always take few seconds to ponder my words. It’s a cool job indeed, it’s just that when people hear “I work for a musi…” I can’t even finish my sentence before the inevitable “Wooow music? That’s sooo cool!” as the person before me pictures me going to concerts every night, drinking booze with artists backstage and going to exclusive parties.


Felicitaciones to Our 2015 Gardel Award Winners!

PremiosGardelALaMusicaThe 17th edition of the “Premios Gardel a la Música” were held on June 2nd in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are very proud to announce that The Orchard won 16 ‘Gardel’ out of 42 total categories.

The Gardel Awards are the most important in Argentina, and besides the Latin Grammys, are the most influential of the region. They are organized by CAPIF (Argentina’s Chamber of Record Producers) and distinguish the best national talents in a wide array of categories. The jury consists of musicians, journalists, producers, sound engineers and various notable figures related to the industry, and the “Gardel de Oro” is awarded to the Best Album, which in recent years has gone to artists from The Orchard twice: Babasónicos’s Infame in 2004 and Escalandrum’s Piazzolla Plays Piazzolla in 2012.