A Very Special Valentine’s Day 2015 Mixtape

a very special valentine's day 2015 mixtapeThe exchange of mixtapes is a time-honored courtship ritual for music nerds the world over. Well-documented in “High Fidelity,” “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist,” “Love Is a Mixtape,” and every relationship I’ve been in since I was 15, it’s a great way to show a potential romantic partner that, what you might lack in things like “charisma” and “basic social skills,” you totally make up for in “owning a tape deck” and “knowing who the Paragons are.”

So in honor of that holiday this weekend that nobody actually likes but everyone begrudgingly celebrates anyway, we made you a mixtape! We made it on Spotify, because that’s easier than making a copy of the tape for everyone who reads the Daily Rind.

<3 Your Secret Admirer in the Compilations Department

The Orchard Goes Down to the Border in “Cartel Land”

10854395_1595955510635280_7125245618147132113_oSo often in war zones, citizens are left stranded in situations that have no clear black and white moral compass, leading them to question where the road truly diverges between right and wrong. Such is the case with the protagonists in Matthew Heineman‘s award-winning documentary Cartel LandBut rather than twiddle their thumbs, these harrowing citizens answer their questions of morality by taking the law into their own hands.

Director Matthew Heineman was initially drawn to the world of Mexican and Arizonan vigilante groups after reading articles about their ongoing involvement in the war on drugs. When he dug deeper, his findings were so chilling and unlike any he’d ever seen, he only knew of one solution: record it all on film.

In Cartel Land, which by the way won both Sundance’s Directing Award and Special Jury Award for Cinematography in U.S. Documentary Competition, Heineman gives his audience unparalleled access to lands overrun by drug cartel both north and south of the U.S./Mexico border. Think Breaking Bad meets Robin Hood, and you have the Autodefensas and team “Nailer,” two vigilante groups who’ve taken it upon themselves to fight against the terrorizing drug lords wreaking havoc in their lands. As you might expect, this true-life western walks a very thin line between good and evil.

We’ve picked up this absolute gem of a documentary, what Collider calls “a tight, dark, and powerful narrative that’s almost too dramatic to be true,” and we’ll be pushing it out digitally and theatrically later this year. For more info, read our official press release, The Hollywood Reporter’s news on the deal, and watch a sneak-peek below:

Heat Up Your Catalogue, Sign On To Compilations!

Daily Rind New YearsAre you ready for a Spring thaw? Need something to warm up your catalogue? Well, 2015 presents a brand new opportunity to give your catalogue a breath of fresh air by signing up with The Orchard’s fast-growing Compilation Services! When you do, our crack team will work closely with you to match your content with even more terrific music to create custom compilations. Last year, we worked with more labels than ever, and this year, we plan on doing even better.

In Compilations, we specialize in covering an incredibly diverse musical territory, from Reggae to Country & Western, Rock & Roll to Classical, from Golden Oldies to the freshest New Music, and content from just about every corner of the globe — we leave no stone unturned in our quest to create only the best Compilations.

Whether you’re looking to introduce the world to a new artist, or remind us of an old favorite, compilations is the perfect avenue for providing exposure for your artists and boosting your catalogue’s visibility. So let us help you chase away those Winter blues; maximize your content and sign up for Compilation Services today!

Get Spoiled by Icelandic Songstress DíSA This Valentine’s Day

DisaValentine’s Day is here! Glug…

So the 14th of February looms and you’re either alone and eating ice-cream or spending more of your hard-earned cash smiling adoringly into another’s eyes. Right? Ben & Jerry’s for me please…

Whatever your relationship status, our very own DíSA just premiered her new single “Marry You” as a warm-up for Saturday and is offering you the opportunity to win a luxury Valentine’s Day gift bag worth $150/£100/€130.

“Marry You” is the second single from the upcoming debut EP by the Iceland-born, London-raised and Copenhagen-based singer/songwriter who is already receiving critical acclaim. Although the song is about the troubles with unrequited love and the heartbreaking grief that follows, “Marry You” stands out from the rest of the EP with its warm and embracing melody and the electronic Scandi sound we love, all still in DíSA‘s mysterious universe of electro layers and power with a strong and graceful vocal.

The good news is, whether you’re home alone and gleefully tucking into the Valentine gift bag solo, or sharing it with a loved one, entering is easy. To celebrate the launch of the single and to enter the competition, all you have to do to is head over to our friends at EarMilk here.

Don’t forget to check out more of DíSA by visiting her website and social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and YouTube.

P.S – Is anybody free Saturday night?

Welcome, Marc!

MarcCuevasIntroducing Marc Cuevas, Client Manager, Sports, Film & TV

Hello everyone, my name is Marc and I’m excited to be joining The Orchard Client Management team in New York. A little bit on my background: I grew up in Palo Alto, CA, a suburb of San Francisco. I graduated from Pitzer College where I studied Math and Media Studies. Since then I’ve worked in digital distribution through a variety of companies including Live Nation and The Orchard’s new acquisition Fanclub Media. At Fanclub, I was VP and Head of Operations, this gave me the unique opportunity to manage direct relationships supplying content to worlds top digital platforms while still being involved in client management and marketing strategy. When I’m not working, I have a slight obsession with music and will probably always say yes to checking out a new artist at a local spot. Also a big sports fan, everything from skateboarding to the NBA. I really look forward to meeting everyone in the New York office and getting to know the city!