Welcome, Lucy!

Lucy BlairIntroducing Lucy Blair, Director of International Sales & Marketing

Hi everyone, I’m really excited to be joining The Orchard as part of the International Sales & Marketing team in London.

My background is in digital marketing — prior to joining The Orchard, I spent several years indulging my passion for dance music whilst running the digital marketing teams at Ministry of Sound and Anjunabeats, and my most recent role was Director at Digital Marketing agency Motive Unknown.


Case Study: Nothing “Tired of Tomorrow”


Nothing is an alternative rock band from Philadelphia, PA with hardcore punk roots and shoegaze tendencies. The band has a strong base of passionate fans, giving us the opportunity to focus on fan interaction to promote the band’s second studio release, Tired of Tomorrow [Relapse Records]. Through social media tactics that emphasize pop culture and internet trends, our campaign was based on giving dedicated fans something they can participate in, share and interact with.


View Global Music Charts on YouTube for Artists

YouTube-for-ArtistsSince YouTube launched its YouTube for Artists site last year, it has continued to develop and grow the tools it provides artists and fans to both share and find music. New additions like Music Insights have brought greater transparency to the popularity and viewership of musicians on YouTube.

When Music Insights was first rolled out, it only offered data for a few select artists and locations. This alone provided some interesting insights, like Ed Sheeran’s popularity in the Philippines, but as more artist and geographical information become accessible, one can see even larger trends, like the lasting appeal of bachata. One particularly interesting Music Insight feature is the “Locally Popular” tab, which gives you weekly summaries of music that’s popular for a specific location compared to what’s popular across an entire country.


Freeloader Friday: Dog Party, Pillow Person, & More

'Til You're Mine - Dog PartyHere we are once again, Freeloaders, with a full Friday’s worth of fresh, free tracks. This week, our Freeloader Friday is packed to the brim with female powerhouses who are ready to rock your socks off. The real question is, though – are you ready?

If “Bad Reputation” and “Blitzkrieg Bop” had a child, it would be “I Don’t Need You,” the latest track from sister act Dog Party. The song is short and straightforward, clocking in at a mere 2:36, but its repeated angst-filled sentiments are effectively translated through catchy melodic hooks and instrumentation that is rough without being off-putting. Gritty guitars flood and shred their way through the stereo field, leaving just enough room for the vocals and smashing drums to have great performances from siblings Gwendolyn and Lucy Giles, respectively. If you want a record reminiscent of late ‘70s rock with infused with a young spirit, Dog Party’s newest album ‘Til You’re Mine is definitely one you won’t want to miss.


Deathcore Forefathers Despised Icon Roar Back to Life With “Beast”

Despised-Icon-BeastRejoice: After several silent years, deathcore pioneer Despised Icon is finally poised to release its new album Beast this July. Long-time fans of the Montreal-based band will be happy to know that Beast stays true to the heavy sound of the group’s early albums while adding a touch of the “speed and technicality” found on more recent releases.

Over their seven-year studio break, Despised Icon‘s members recharged while spending time with their families and pursuing individual career goals. After touring on and off, they decided they were ready to return to the studio with renewed vigor. The spark the band felt dwindling in 2010 is back full force for Beast, and according to the members, “The O.G. lineup is back and the new shit hits hard.” In the studio, the deathcore legends are having fun and keeping things heavy with the help of producer Yannick St-Amand. Having played guitar for the band on its first two albums, St-Amand helped Despised Icon stay true to its original sound on Beast.