Welcome, Joe!

JoeLimIntroducing Joe Lim, Software Engineer, Master Rights

My name is Joe Lim and I’m a Software Engineer here. I got my BS at Cornell University and since then I’ve worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and at an AdTech startup called ActionX. Aside from technology, I like playing golf (though I’m terrible) and following the Philadelphia Eagles. Lastly, I’ve been playing the flute for over 12 years so if anyone wants to play some music, come find me!

What The #&@$ Do You Do, Bob?!?

BobArdreyBob Ardrey
Director, National Sales
Joined The Orchard in July 2008, when The Orchard bought TVT Records

As an Orchardite adopted via TVT Records, can you please give us both a short history lesson and tell us what the #&@$ you do?!!?
Simplified, TVT was bought by The Orchard seven years ago. I worked for TVT Records from 1995 until 2008 (although there was a 2 year break in there to do A&R/Sales direction for a developing label). TVT sold more new releases than any other independent label/distributor from 1999-2006, and we had a great time doing it.


The Orchard Goes Back To College

CollegeRemember your college days? Yea, neither do we. But — we’ve managed to track down a group of College students in various markets across the U.S. who are as passionate about music as we are! These students I’m speaking of make up our College & Lifestyle Marketing Department.

We have students in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Denver, Austin, Chicago, Portland and Seattle, and we’re hoping to find more like-minded, passionate College students in even more markets in the near future. These students, better known as The Orchard’s College Marketing Representatives, create awareness around priority releases in each of their markets by targeting lifestyle accounts, indie retail stores, college campuses, local radio stations & blogs, and by using various social media platforms.


Freeloader Friday: L’Orange and Kool Keith, Maritime & More

Time Astonishing Album ArtAnyone out there reading this on an iPhone 6S? More than 13 million people have one in their pocket already, only one week after last Friday’s launch. Since each of those iPhones was packaged with a pair of Apple Earpods, that means that there are some 26 million ears out there that are capable of listening to this Freeloader Friday’s musical offerings, right? You betcha.

L’Orange & Kool Keith released the instrumentals of Time? Astonishing! this week. With Kool Keith’s vocal tracks lying in a heap on the bedroom floor, this album is undressed and ready to get intimate. Get your hands on these sample-laden tracks; discover the Erroll Garner-like Jazz piano samples and fat backbeats that keep them all in line. Feel the textural record noise and the emotional aesthetic that make up the bed on which Time? Astonishing! lies.


Shana Halligan Comes Back to Us, and Herself, With New Album

backtome2Time and time again, we hear that to succeed as an artist — or anything in life for that matter — one has to evolve and change as the years pass by. In a market where music is constantly changing, Shana Halligan‘s unique sound and style has remained relevant. With over 300,000 records sold as the lead singer/songwriter in the band Bitter:Sweet and hundreds of placements in television and film, you are bound to have heard her sultry vocals at some point before checking out her latest record, Back To Me, which debuts October 16th on Plug Research Music.