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Working with a Living Legend: Richard Gottehrer

On my very first day at The Orchard almost three years ago, my boss took me around the office in typical Orchard tradition and introduced me to every single person sitting at his or her desk, from our accountants to our developers and everyone in between. Was anyone off limits? …

The Marketplace Presents: Klick Push

If you had the opportunity to get your music featured in more places, why wouldn’t you take it? And if those places were high-engagement areas, it’d really be a no brainer. Well listen up then, because our latest Marketplace partner, Klick Push, has just the thing for you. With access …

Use YouTube Annotations to Create an Album Preview Video

So you’ve got a new album coming out and you want to give fans a taste of what to expect. Try creating an album preview video and uploading it to your YouTube channel! We’ll walk you through how to set this up. Prepare Your Content We’re not going to go …

Become A SoundCloud Master and A Master Of Your Rights On SoundCloud

Between updating their subscription plans and experimenting with more visual profiles (still in early beta), SoundCloud has been on fire lately. ComScore even recently reported that their traffic increased by 26% in one month, making SoundCloud the 8th fastest growing site in the U.S. Though it’s certainly evolved since its launch in Berlin in …

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Visualize It: Make Your Social Media Stand Out With Images

January 21, 2015 Featured News, Marketing No Comments

Visualize-Your-Goals-Dreams-and-Achieve-ThemA picture is worth a thousand words… or so they say. And with the focus on video with major platforms like Facebook, it is worth integrating visuals into your digital marketing strategy. When? How? What? Here are a few examples and networks to think about.

So you have a video release planned? Create 10-15 second clips of the video to tease on your socials leading up to the premiere, and upload to Instagram and Facebook natively. Facebook’s video functionality allows you to add a call to action at the end of the video you are uploading; this is where you can add the official video link within the teaser to drive fans to watch the full length content. Twitter video cards are starting to roll out, so keep an eye out to start incorporating these into your video strategy as well.

How about audio? Have a song you want to give your fans a sample of? Create a video using your album art, press photos, or images with a sample of the track. This type of content also works well for the afore-mentioned platforms and is fairly easy to create in iMovie or programs like Animoto. Bonus: check out this great blog post on album trailers.

I personally love GIFs and using them as content when marketing a release. Tumblr is a great place for GIFs. Grab stills from your video and create one in Photoshop, or use GIFYouTube to grab directly from your video on YouTube. While GIFs don’t work well on every network, you can use apps like Cinemagram to build cinemagraphs that can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Email. Tie in visual platforms, for example Pinterest, to showcase artwork or stills from a video release. You can link to the full length content in the Pins description, and YouTube also shares easily to Pinterest. Check out this awesome case study on how Kina Grannis rolled out her “My Dear” video using Pinterest.

I hope you are feeling visually inspired!

New Year, New YouTube Goals

January 20, 2015 Featured News, YouTube No Comments

With every new year come New Year’s resolutions. For some folks, these can range from: eating healthier, saving money, or breaking bad habits. But what about your YouTube goals? Don’t worry, it’s not too late. Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions every YouTube creator should have, along with reasons for why these resolutions will help grow your audience.

1. Develop a Programming Schedule That You Can Stick To


Captivate your audience by building a cohesive viewing experience across your channel. Come up with a long-term plan and develop a content strategy that is feasible. One tactic for doing this is to come up with a theme to hook your audience. These can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly — whatever works for you and your channel’s content. Throwback Thursday, for example, is a popular theme that lends itself to pointing toward older content.

Are you unsure as to what time and day is best for publishing new content? Here’s a yearly calendar you can refer to from Tubefilter.

2. Create End Cards


End cards are a great space to promote additional content, and are proven to be most effective in getting clicks from fans without disrupting the viewing experience. The additional content can be the next video in a series, a link to purchase merch, or a call to subscribe to the channel. Click here for some examples.

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Freeloader Friday: Red Baraat, The Black Ryder & More

January 16, 2015 Freeloader Friday No Comments

888295186223Who out there is lucky enough to be getting Monday off for MLK Day?! Our office is! But before we all head out for the 3-day weekend, there’s one last thing to do (duh). So let’s take a look at some of the hottest releases from the week!

Red Baraat is our one and only album stream of the week, and rightfully so. No other album can compete with what these guys are throwing down! The brass band utilizes infectious rhythms from Hip-Hop, Funk, Cumbia, and tons of other genres to create an undeniably danceable album. You’ll want to have this playing at your next party, so preview it now.

For a totally different sound (think mellowed-out Indie Rock, much in the style of some Sparklehorse tracks), try out The Black Ryder, the Aussie-based duo who’s about to rock your world. Next, there’s Jesse Harris‘ latest: a Folky, almost Jazzy frill of guitars and harmonies with pal Star Rover. Play this track in the midst of your early-morning, post-night-out haze. Then turn to Fucked Up‘s Young Guv (AKA Ben Cook) for a Funkadelic groove —  surprising coming from him, right?! But SO worth the listen. Follow that up with Vision Fortune‘s Jam, completely warped and electronically heady. Top it all off with Dirty Dishes and their masterful romp of Psychedelic Alt-Rock, and you’ll be all set for a last-minute road trip with this star-studded lineup!

When you’ve got some free time for your eyes, be sure to check out this trio of music videos, starring: Malik B & Mr. Green, ft. Philly urban street scenes; Mount Eerie, ft. trippy, distorted dream images; and Magalie, ft. a totally 80s fluorescent dance-a-thon.

Stream or download, whatever you choose, but make sure you hit up all these fantabulous releases from the week. And most importantly, have a phenom weekend!

Red Baraat: Full album stream via NPR
Gaadi of Truth out January 20 on Sinj Records

The Black Ryder: “Seventh Moon” track premiere via Louder Than War
The Door Behind the Door out February 24 on The Anti Machine Machine

Jesse Harris and Star Rover: “Catch the Ash” track premiere via PopMatters
No Wrong No Right out February 10 on Dangerbird Records

Young Guv: “Wrong Crowd” track premiere via Fader
Ripe 4 Luv out March 10 on Slumberland

Vision Fortune: “Back Crawl II” track premiere via Fader
Country Music out February 9 on ATP/Recordings

Dirty Dishes: “Guilty” track premiere via Entertainment Weekly
Guilty out January 27 on Exploding in Sound

Malik B and Mr. Green: “We Gonna Make It” music video premiere via OK Player
Unpredictable out February 24 on Enemy Soil

Mount Eerie: “This” music video premiere via Stereogum
Sauna out February 3 on P.W. Elverum & Sun

Magalie: “Love Criminal” music video premiere via Vevo
Love Criminal out February 15 on Ovation Records

Ten You Might’ve Missed in 2014

We’re busy. You’re busy. We probably missed some of your favorite records this year. Here are a few of our under-the-radar favorites from 2014. Tell us yours!

The #1s: The Number Ones [Deranged Records]

The guff of these Irishmen! If you name your band AND your debut album “The #1s,” you’d best deliver. (See: Big Star’s “#1 Record.”) Guess what: they deliver. Ten punky power-popsicles with rowdy anthemic gang vocals and heartbroken lyrics that trace a strong lineage from The Undertones to The Figgs.


Warm Soda: Young Reckless HeartsWarm Soda: Young Reckless Hearts [Castle Face Records]

The second album in as many years from the Austin-via-Oakland quartet fronted by Matthew Meltion [Bare Wires], Young Reckless Hearts is chock full of infectious power-pop odes to young love that rival anything in The Shoes’s classic discography. Get your swoon on  just in time for Valentine’s Day. You can stream the entire thing via Noisey.


Haley Bonar: Last War [Graveface Records & Curiosities]

As NPR noted, this Midwestern US singer-songwriter’s fifth album is “so breezy and brief, so bright and agreeable” that it takes a few listens to absorb the “deeply ambivalent” lyrics. The songs are jangly cool, quietly anthemic, and smartly bittersweet. Bonus: her voice reminds us of Sam Phillips (the lady, not the Sun Records guy).


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Reddit Demystified

January 15, 2015 Featured News, Marketing No Comments

reddit-upvoteA few months ago, I saw Catey Shaw’s music video for “Human Contact” for the first time. It was a flawless concoction: an infectious summer Pop jam mixed with a quirky, aqua-haired girl dancing in street-wear. All I wanted to do was cash in my vacation days, trap my scantily clad body in a room, and destructively gyrate until my joints were irreparably damaged. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with the spryness or the hips, so I decided to opt for something less dangerous.

Without too much thought, I posted it to Reddit right before going to bed one night hoping that others would enjoy it as much as I did. When I woke up the next morning, to my surprise, it had generated almost 200 upvotes (part of Reddit’s voting system, explained later) and had risen to the top of the r/listentothis subreddit (a community on Reddit that concentrates on sharing music). The video, which initially had less than 1,000 views on YouTube, had garnered more than 10,000 in the span of a few hours, and artists such as Meghan Trainor and Betty Who were posting about it on Twitter. I could feel the Earth’s axis tilting from the relentless force of thousands of people violently shaking their butts to this music at the same time.

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