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Snagging iTunes Single of The Week Around The World

December 10, 2013 Marketing 1 Comment

Single of the WeekHave you ever downloaded a free Single of the Week from iTunes? It’s a great promotional tool for consumers to discover new artists that they might not know. Recently, a few of my colleagues from The Orchard’s global retail team secured this feature for some of their local artists.

Snagging this promotion is not easy, so I tip my hat to them for making it happen. Basically they suggest new artists for the SOTW promotion on a regular basis with their local iTunes marketing representative. There’s a fair amount of competition and high demand because the artists that are picked receive great placement on the iTunes store. The Single of the Week is covered on the main page, the main music page and in its own Single of the Week section on the store. And guess what?! There’s even an app for it!

The U.S. store has had this weekly feature for a few years now, but iTunes has only recently started the concept on some newer stores in countries like India, Russia and Turkey. It’s regarded as the #1 awareness driver for emerging artists and timing it with an artist’s new album coming out the same week is a huge advantage as curious fans can download the free track and then have the option to buy the album as well.

Last week, Brazilian singer Laís received a Single of the Week feature on the iTunes Brazil store with the track “Eu Só Queria Te Amar (Corre)” from her self-titled debut album.


Around the end of November, Russian artist Franky was part of a Single of the Week feature on the iTunes Russia store with the track “Cracked.” And Canadian EDM upstart Jessy Lanza had Single of the Week at iTunes Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan with the hypnotizing track “Keep Moving.”

This week, the Jaipur-born, New York-based singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad has Single of the Week at iTunes India with the track “Raat Raazi” from his EP of the same name.

Besides these, we also have other upcoming promotions on iTunes in the next few weeks including iTunes’ fun “12 Days of Christmas” promo which offers users a free download each day between December 26th and January 6th. A couple of Orchard artists from Turkey and Russia will be involved on the iTunes Turkey and iTunes Russia stores, respectively. So if you happen to live in Turkey or Russia, keep your eyes peeled!

Ten You Might’ve Missed in 2013

December 10, 2013 Artist News, Orchard News No Comments

Two years ago, The Orchard added 60,000 UPCs to its distribution catalogue between the start of the year and our annual “10 You Might’ve Missed” post. As of this writing, the official number for this year is 603,505. 603,505! We’re not quite sure how our headphones haven’t melted, but thankfully they’ve held out long enough for us to assemble this list of 10 under-the-radar gems you might not have heard.

RokyRoky Erickson: Don’t Slander Me [Light In The Attic]

This was a bit of a toss-up, as LITA reissued three fantastic ’80s recordings from the former 13th Floor Elevators frontman this year. The Evil One [1981] is rightly celebrated as Erickson‘s powerful comeback following a hellish period of mental instability, but this 1986 recording, a tightly focused collection of Power Pop anthems and Garage Rave-ups, should be required listening for the Burger Records / Hardly Art set.


MoroderGiorgio Moroder: Schlagermoroder Vol. 1 – 1966 – 1975 [Repetoire Records]

Everyone loves the Disco innovator who produced Donna Summer’s mid-‘70s Dance hits. But we love the pre-Disco Bubblegum Pop genius even more. This import-only (outside Europe) 51-song collection is wall-to-wall fun, and sounds like the 1910 Fruitgum Company with a quirky Italian singer. It’s hard to pick favorites, but top contenders are the groovy “Lilly Belle,” the glammy “Underdog” and the garage-y “Watch Your Step.”



Blank Realm: Go Easy [Fire Records]

On Go Easy, these prolific Australian siblings artfully toe the line between hooky, Psych-tinged Garage Rock and the primitivist, shambolic, and slightly damaged aesthetic of the Xpressway label (more on them later). Think The Clean jamming with The Dead C. Or just listen to it here. Dig in before their new album, Grassed Inn, drops on January 14.


ZeffiraRachel Zeffira: The Deserters [Paper Bag Records]

This debut solo album from the Canadian singer-songwriter Rachel Zeffira (Cat’s Eyes) is a stunner. It’s subtle, dreamy, haunting, ethereal, timeless, and affecting, with tasteful orchestration. Includes a My Bloody Valentine cover, too (“To Here Knows When”). Our favorite is the Zombies-like “Front Door.” RIYL: Julee Cruise



Peter Jefferies: The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World [De Stijl]

Featuring actual contributions from The Dead C and others on the afore-mentioned Xpressway roster, the 1990 solo debut from this New Zealand pianist / songwriter is a singular album that sounds like little else, before or since. As affecting as it is experimental, even the noisier numbers are suffused with a very private sense of melancholy and moody beauty that has drawn adherents like Cat Power.


RathborneRathborne: SOFT [True Believer]

Rathborne is a swaggering young Power-Pop band led by NYC’s Luke Rathborne. Like a 1978 Plymouth Fury warming up, their debut album chugs slow and rough (“Soft”), then picks up speed until it’s zooming at a tight clip with “Eno” and “Low!” (where’s “Berlin?” har har cough). Stream the whole invigorating trip hereRIYL: The Strokes (Albert Hammond, Jr. co-produced), Ty Segall


TheMallardThe Mallard: Finding Meaning In Deference [Castle Face Records]

Released after the band’s dissolution earlier this year, the second album from this San Francisco outfit is noticeably darker than its predecessor, Yes On Blood [2012]. Every song has an eerie, minimalist, and hypnotically repetitious Post-Punk throb to it that’s made even more unsettling / utterly captivating by front woman Greer McGettrick‘s No Wave-esque sprechgesang. Stream “Iceberg” here.


CopilgrimCo-Pilgrim: A Fairer Sea [Battle Music]

Catchy hooks. Soaring vocal harmonies. Bittersweet lyrics. Folky and jangly. Flirts with Americana. Shades of ELO, Pernice Brothers, Teenage Fanclub, The Byrds. Co-produced by Mark Gardener (Ride). Breezy and breathtaking. Help. Can’t stop. Choppy sentence fragments. Watch the the video for “22.” It’s head-free!


EboTaylorEbo Taylor: Conflict NKRU! [Mr. Bongo]

A lot of killer African music was reissued this year (I’m looking at you William OnyeaborNational Wake et al) and this rare 1980 recording from the newly rediscovered Ghanian Highlife / Afro-Beat titan is no exception. In a conscious effort to break away from some of the genre’s prevailing tropes, Taylor injects elements of JBs funk, Philly Soul, Jazz, and Exotica for a truly enthralling brew. Stream it here.


bigottbigott: Blue Jeans [Bigott]

bigott is a Spaniard named Borja Laudo who sings in surreal broken English with a deadpan baritone over whimsical Latin-tinged Indie-Folk. For example: “Oh Yeah” (“you make me feel like I’ve been walking on coconuts… I wanted to be an astronaut / to fuck off the martians,” then something about Yugoslavia). Blue Jeans is his sixth dive into strangeness. Stream it hereRIYL: Herman Dune


Want more? Here’s last year’s list.

Ask You Anything? Planning Reddit AMAs

December 9, 2013 Marketing No Comments

reddit logoHow important are Reddit AMAs? Considering that Barack Obama took the time to answer some questions last year, I’d say they can be pretty influential. You don’t have to be president to host an AMA, though. Filmmakers, musicians, writers, actors, developers, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone with an interesting story to tell can host an AMA.

Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Let’s backtrack: an AMA = Ask Me Anything, a place where you allow users to essentially interview you on Reddit’s public forum.

Why do one? Reddit has an estimated 70 million monthly active users — that’s a lot of potential fans. If you’re trying to raise awareness about an upcoming or recent release, an AMA might tap into a segment of fans that aren’t consistently engaging on other social sites.

AMAs perform two important functions that aren’t always found together: they inform and engage. The description section is a space to provide a little background info, including the reason for doing the AMA. While these aren’t meant to solely promote something to purchase, there’s nothing wrong with mentioning an upcoming album and linking to an iTunes pre-order. The Q&A portion can also be informative. Many fans still won’t know about tour dates or recent releases, no matter how many emails and Facebook posts have gone out. Fans who ask questions about these things create another opportunity to publicly share information.

Reddit has a main section for bigger AMAs, but many subreddits offer their own AMA systems, too. /EDMproduction, for example, hosts AMAs solely for discussing production techniques. /Music will only have AMAs from musicians and can be a better fit for a developing artist than the main AMA section. Each subreddit has its own set of rules for scheduling, promoting and running an AMA. Always check the subreddit page for an FAQ and when in doubt, message a moderator for more info before using poor “Reddiquette.”

To setup a main AMA and get it on the Reddit schedule, simply message the moderators using this link (make sure you have an account and are logged in before clicking). This will pre-populate the info that needs to be included to get an AMA on the public schedule, including title, date/time, background and proof. All AMAs require proof both at the time of scheduling and in the description itself. Proof helps maintain that the person doing the AMA is actually who they say they are. A photo with a sign that says “Hi Reddit, it’s [NAME]” is usually the best way to get started. When placing proof in the actual description of the AMA, the photo can be reused as an imgur upload (Reddit doesn’t support link shorteners, so avoid hiding a long URL behind a!). Another option for proof is a link to a tweet about the AMA from an official account. This will work if an AMA isn’t being added ahead of time to the official schedule.

Want to dig into some recent AMAs from Orchard artists? Check out these from RJD2, Anthony Green, and DEVO’s Gerald Casale.

The Orchard Chart Toppers: November

The Orchard Chart Toppers

As always, we’re excited to share with you the artists and bands that made it to the top of the charts this past month. In November, Stryper made a huge comeback and stormed its way up several charts, child prodigy Alma Deutscher seduced hundreds of thousands after appearing on Ellen, and Moto 5: The Movie lived up to its predecessors and then some with top placement in iTunes Film charts around the world. Way to go!

PS. This is only a snapshot of our artists’ chart positions. They’ve also placed in many genre charts on both Billboard and iTunes, but we’ve zoned in on the more general charts for the purpose of this post.

WEEK ENDING December 1, 2013

Billboard Independent Albums
#32 — Jewel: Let It Snow [Reflections / Allegro]

Billboard Heatseeker Albums
#32 — Epica: Retrospect – 10th Anniversary [Nuclear Blast]

Italy Top Albums
#9 — Elisa: L’anima vola [Sugar Music]

Portugal Top 30 Albums
#5 — David Carreira: La Força está em nós [Farol Musica]
#20 — Rita Guerra: Ao Vivo no CCB [Farol Musica]

iTunes Blues Albums
#2 — Royal Southern Brotherhood: Songs From The Road [Ruf Records]

iTunes Italy Top Albums
#14 — Elisa: L’anima vola [Sugar Music]

iTunes Germany Metal Songs
#1 — Eskimo Callboy: “We Are the Mess” [Redfield Records]

iTunes Russia Top Albums
#2 — Various Artists: OST Молодёжка [Midland Phonographic]
#13 — Nautilus Pompilius: Эта музыка будет вечной. Наутилус — 30 лет [First Music Publishing]
#17 — Various Artists: Дискотека 80/90 [Creative Media]
#18 — Okean Elzy: Избранное [Nikitin]
#19 — Grigoriy Leps: The Best (Deluxe Version) [Nikitin]

iTunes Turkey Top Albums
#4 — Fazil Say: İlk Şarkılar [Ada Yayincilik]

iTunes Brazil Top Albums
#2 — Jorge e Mateus: Live in London – At Royal Albert Hall [Som Livre/Globo]
#7 — Maria Bethânia: Carta de Amor (Ao Vivo), Vol.1 [Biscoito Fino]
#9 — Pericles: Nos Arcos da Lapa [Som Livre/Globo]
#14 — Luan Santana: O Nosso Tempo é Hoje [Som Livre/Globo]

iTunes Documentaries US
#3 — Pierce the Veil: This Is A Wasteland [Motion Army]
#18 — Into The Mind [Sherpas Cinema]

iTunes Sports Movies US
#4 — Moto 5: The Movie [The Assignment, Inc.]
#9 — Into The Mind [Sherpas Cinema]

iTunes Horror Movies US
#13 — 1972 Yellow House [Yellow House Community Alliance]

iTunes Documentaries CA
#2 — Pierce the Veil: This Is A Wasteland [Motion Army]
#4 — Into The Mind [Sherpas Cinema]

iTunes Sports Movies CA
#2 — Moto 5: The Movie [The Assignment, Inc.]
#3 — Into The Mind [Sherpas Cinema]
#15 — Valhalla [Sweetgrass Productions]

iTunes Documentaries UK
#3 — Pierce the Veil: This Is A Wasteland [Motion Army]
#19 – Into The Mind [Sherpas Cinema]

iTunes Sports Movies UK
#2 — Moto 5: The Movie [The Assignment, Inc.]
#8 — Into The Mind [Sherpas Cinema]

iTunes Documentaries AU
#1 — Pierce the Veil: This Is A Wasteland [Motion Army]
#17 — Bottled Life [Rise and Shine World Sales UG]

iTunes Sports Movies AU
#1 — Moto 5: The Movie [The Assignment, Inc.]
#11 – Butter: All Moto Flavored [G3 Productions]

iTunes Documentaries DE
#20 — Into The Mind [Sherpas Cinema]

iTunes Sports Movies DE
#4 — Moto 5: The Movie [The Assignment, Inc.]
#10 — Into The Mind [Sherpas Cinema]
#15 — Notbad [Anthill Films]

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Freeloader Friday: Charles Bradley, Lil Silva, William Onyeabor, RJD2, Com Truise, Rachel Sermanni, Sam Roberts Band, Sun Glitters, Neil Davidge, Fanfarlo, Anthony Green and Tanya Morgan

December 6, 2013 Freeloader Friday No Comments

Charles Bradley 7 inchMissed us last week? Don’t worry, we’re making up for lost time with a slew of great tracks, from exclusive new ones to exciting remixes, and of course a couple of music videos and something a little in between.

Starting off this Freeloader Friday is the soulful Charles Bradley with a new song, featuring The Bullets, that is not on his latest album. If you can get your hands on the now sold-out Record Store Day 7-inch, you’ll find it on the B-side. Then, to keep you on the inspirational train is a track off the upcoming Africa Express album, which brings together Damon Albarn of Blur and some very talented Malian artists.

Next we have two well-crafted remixes perfect for the weekend: Policy’s version of William Onyeabor‘s “Something You’ll Never Forget” and a “dirty souled out” version of RJD2‘s “See You Leave.” Follow that up with the first we’ve heard of Com Truise since 2012, and you’re well in the zone for the rest of this Freeloader Friday and weekend.

To keep you cruisin’, Rachel Sermanni and Sam Roberts Band have just the thing — these guys just never disappoint. Then, Sun Glitters and Neil Davidge step in with some ambient, mind-and-body-soothing tracks that’ll set the perfect tone for a more intimate side to your weekend.

Closing this generous batch is a graphic video from Fanfarlo, which might include a familiar face for Sigur Rós fans, and music videos from Anthony Green and Tanya Morgan.

Hope that does the trick! Happy Friday, everyone.

Charles Bradley: “Ain’t It A Sin (ft. The Bullets)” track premiere via Consequence of Sound
Victim of Love out now on Daptone Records

Lil Silva: “Bouramsy” track premiere via Dummy Mag
Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes out December 9 on Transgressive Records

William Onyeabor: “Something You’ll Never Forget (Policy Remix)” free track download via XLR8R
Who Is William Onyeabor? out now on Luaka Bop

RJD2: “See You Leave (ft. STS and Khari Mateen) (Insane Warrior Remix)” track stream via Okayplayer
More Is Than Isn’t out now on RJ’s Electrical Connections

Com Truise: “Declination (ft. Joel Ford)” track stream via Pitchfork
Wave 1 out February 18 via Ghostly International

Rachel Sermanni: “Everything Changes” track premiere via Clash Music
Everything Changes EP out January 27 on Middle of Nowhere

Sam Roberts Band: “We’re All In This Together” track stream via SoundCloud
Lo-Fantasy out February 11 on Paper Bag Records

Sun Glitters: “Closer To The Sun” track stream via Under The Radar
Scattered Into Light out January 28 on Mush Records

Neil Davidge: “Slo Night” track premiere via Clash Music
Slo Light out March 2 on 7Hz Productions

Fanfarlo: “Landlocked” track premiere via Rolling Stone
Let’s Go Extinct out February 11 on Blue Horizon

Anthony Green: “Young Legs” music video premiere via AltPress
Young Legs out now on Moshtradamus Records

Tanya Morgan: “The Vehicle (ft. Spec Boogie & 6th Sense)” music video premiere via Complex
Rubber Souls out now on Imprint One80 Inc.

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