5 Ways to Snapchat in a Snap

snap incWith the announcement of Snapchat’s name change to Snap Inc. and the upcoming release of the new Spectacles, we’re counting down 5 of our favorite ways to use Snapchat. What are yours?

1. Track Previews/Announcements

Snap is the perfect platform to tease new tracks by using its concept of short disappearing content. Each Snap video lasts a max of 10 seconds, giving just enough of a snippet to entertain and entice fans. Snap is also a great way to make first announcements about tours, upcoming videos, albums and more in a casual way that makes fans feel they are getting a more personal/behind-the-scenes experience.  (more…)

Freeloader Friday: Mouth Tooth, Sleigh Bells & More

191018005849Hello hello to the world’s Freeloaders on this wonderful Friday. There’s been some big news lately about streaming services such as SpotifyGoogle Play and more extending to new countries. Not to mention a new friendship between China and yours truly that we’re all pretty excited about. Globalization is sick! Anyways, we have the tracks you need to hear this week. Ready?

Mouth Tooth is a duo of dudes that have mastered the art of indie. With a minimalist approach of electric guitar and vocals, this band will have your heart strings yanked midway through track one. The band’s new record Group Therapy / Memory Foam is a combination of two EPs written several years apart that still manage to intertwine beautifully. In a somber mixture of Kurt Vile and Yo La Tengo’s slower music, Mouth Tooth‘s style has been called a “soundtrack to a film” due to the the band’s strong emotional pull and sensory timbre that gives you a visual and feel with each melody. The group’s artistry is obvious and apparent in the their music videos as well, I recommend checking them out. Stream Group Therapy / Memory Foam here.


What The #&@$ Do You Do, Andrew?!?

Andrew TellAndrew Tell
Senior Account Manager, Video Services
Joined The Orchard in October 2012

We know you’ve made quite the ascension at The Orchard and recently moved to a new position on the Video Services team. In this new role, what the #&@$ do you do Andrew?!!?
Well, I gotta start by saying that it’s quite the honor to have been chosen for WTFDYD, thank you! It has been an awesome four years here at The Orchard since I started as a part-time QC Coordinator in what was then a very small YouTube department. Honestly, the growth I’ve been fortunate enough to experience here is owed in large part to The Orchard environment and the people around me. (more…)

Meet TUNS: Canada’s New Power-Pop Supergroup

tunsTUNS (pronounced “tons”) is a Canadian trio featuring Matt Murphy (The Super Friendz, The Flashing Lights), Chris Murphy (Sloan), and Mike O’Neill (The Inbreds). Or: “Three of Canada’s best songwriters/musicians from the ’90s having a blast for their sake and ours.” (Exclaim!) Or: “A trio of eternally boyish and Beatlesque voices veritably born to sing and play together.” (The Toronto Star)


Welcome, Chris!

Chris DavisIntroducing Chris Davis, Associate Product Manager, Master Rights

My name is Chris K Davis, joining The Orchard as an Associate Product Manager for Master Rights. Most recently, I worked to create tools for artists, managers, venues and promoters at Bandsintown. Before that, I worked for a media company specializing in music technology trade publications, and every so often, I moonlight in the evenings as a Product Management teaching assistant at General Assembly. A few times each quarter I write for music magazines including DJ TimesClubWorld and The Music & Sound Retailer, with examples of my most recent cover story here and most recent tech review here.