Welcome, Dennis!

DennisRoseIntroducing Dennis Rose, Manager, Client Relations & Product, Germany/Switzerland/Austria

Hey there! My name is Dennis Rose and I’m very happy to be part of The Orchard as a Client Relations & Product Manager. Originally, I‘m from a small town called Minden, which is near Hanover and I moved over to Hamburg in 2005. My first step into the music business was in 2007 when I started to work for Broken Silence Distribution as a trainee. In 2008 I switched over to Kontor New Media where I worked as an IT manager and later as a label manager, specialized in the Rock genre.


You Are Going To Love The Frights’ “You Are Going To Hate This”

unnamedThe Frights know exactly how you’re going to feel about their new album, released last week through Dangerbird Records. If the title You Are Going To Hate This isn’t enough of a hint, take a listen and judge for yourself. However, contradictory to the album’s title, you may fall in love with each track off their latest production. The songs will bring your inner angst to the surface, and have you jamming out to their dirty doo-wop vibe.

With 50’s inspired rockabilly references, The Frights explore topics like moving out on your own, being in a confusing relationship, and growing up, all in one emotionally charged album. There’s nothing better than reflecting on your life choices through music, right? Front-man Mikey Carnevale’s vocals along with driving rhythms and reverb-drenched riffs make each song one you’re guaranteed to love, not hate. You’ll find yourself bopping along to each song’s infectious melodies and catchy tune.


Freeloader Friday: The James Hunter Six, The Frights & More

Hold On! - The James Hunter SixI take great pride in being the “cool kid” that knows first about the latest good music. I’m no genius — Freeloader Friday keeps me in the loop. As always, it has been a busy week and I have a lot of great new music to share with you. First stop: England.

To be named “the UK’s best soul singer” by Mojo Magazine might be too much to handle for some, but for James Hunter it’s just another well-deserved nod on a long list of accolades. The singer and his band, The James Hunter Six, just released a fourth album, Hold On! While undoubtedly reminiscent of classic R&B tunes, Hunter’s latest work manages to sound fresh and contemporary. Infused with influences that range from bossa-nova to jazz, it sways, it grooves, it punches just in the right way. Listen to the smooth vocal arrangement and tight instrumentation on “Something’s Calling” and let yourself be transported to another era.   (more…)

Case Study: Myrkur “M”



Myrkur is the Black Metal project from Danish artist Amalie Bruun. In the past, Bruun released music under a handful of pseudonyms and Myrkur was the least well-known of all of her artistic projects, so we set out to ensure the release of her latest album, M [Relapse Records], would draw attention to this creative outlet in particular. We aimed to build a strong digital presence for her on all social media platforms, help her communicate with her most passionate fans, and create a steady stream of content for her to share throughout the campaign.  (more…)

Welcome, Ryan!

Introducing Ryan Lee, Associate Product Manager, Data

Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Lee and I recently joined The Orchard as an Associate Product Manager. Most recently, I was building a next-gen smart TV at Samsung and, before that, was working on making online dating a less painful activity (alongside our friend Ben Rubin) at HowAboutWe. In regards to music — my favorite genres are hip-hop and jazz. Also, it took me three tries (piano, violin, and percussion) to realize that I was always meant to be a fan, and not an artist.