Welcome, Samantha W.!

SamanthaWolffIntroducing Samantha Wolff, Content Acquisition Coordinator

My name is Samantha and I am so excited to become full-time here at The Orchard as Coordinator for the Content Acquisition team! I have been a part of The Orchard since September, working part-time for BalconyTV, and it has been such a pleasure working here.

I grew up north of the city in Rockland County, specifically New City, and I graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans this past May, where I studied Business and Political Science. I can’t wait to work with and get to know everyone here. I am always down to go to see live music which is where I will be almost every weekend. Please feel free to reach out at any time!

What The #&@$ Do You Do, Emilie?!?

EmilieSnellmanEmilie Snellman
Senior Manager, Scandinavia
Joined The Orchard in January 2011, as an intern

You’re our Scandinavian secret weapon, managing that ever-exciting region for us from our London office. How the #&@$ do you do that?
Hehe, I guess you could say that. It’s an extremely exciting market to be managing that keeps developing and growing. As you know, Scandinavia is the home of Spotify (Sweden), WiMP (Norway) and the first ever streaming and telco bundling service TDC Play (Denmark). Scandinavia is a role model for many other territories as streaming is king and playing a major role of the flourishing Scandinavian music industry.


Don’t Box “Classical:” Naïve, Classique & More

naive-classicalOne of the great things about signing a new deal with a label is getting the opportunity to apply our expertise to new genres, talent and strategies that best fit our budding partnership. With naïve, the second largest indie label in France, we have the privilege of working with experts in genres ranging from French Pop to Jazz, and one in particular for which I’m very excited: Classical.

Some of you may know that my earlier formative years in the last century were (mis)spent becoming very obsessive about Reggae — not difficult for a musical culture whose phonographic output, and yes I do mean as in Phonograms, could be measured in the number of vinyl singles being released each week — on average around 500. While of course, my musical interests vary widely, I admit that Classical music is one genre on which I’ve always wanted to work closer. Now is my chance!


Freeloader Friday: Say Lou Lou, Royal Thunder & More

7332334435221The chit-chat continues on for the streaming debate. This week, it was all about Tidal. Lucky for us, though, it’s Friday and we get to simply relish in the music that was born into the world this past week. Here we go!

Say Lou Lou and Royal Thunder are both offering up full album streams before the big drops next week. But Todd Rundgren‘s twist on the album stream is this week’s major highlight. Hopefully you catch this post in the nick of time; otherwise, you’ll miss the pre-release festivities. You see, Todd’s got an entire “global” listening party going down for this album stream. So be sure to tune in at the right time so you can catch this one-time-only first listen!

For track premieres, we’ve got Brooklyn duo Weeknight giving away a sultry synth treat of Glam Pop, followed by a throwback Classic Hip-Hop track from 1995, courtesy of Pete Rock. Also check out Saun & Starr‘s contagiously upbeat Funk & Soul, as well as Holly Miranda‘s acoustic session at Dangerbird studios.

Happy Weekend (and Easter and Passover)!

Say Lou Lou: Full album stream via NPR First Listen
Lucid Dreaming out April 6 on Cosmos

Royal Thunder: Full album stream via NPR First Listen
Crooked Doors out April 7 on Relapse Records

Todd Rundgren: Full album stream via Premiere/Listening Party
Global out April 7 on Esoteric Antenna

Weeknight: “California” track premiere via The Wild
In the Dust out April 21 on Dead Stare Records

Pete Rock: “One, Two, A Few More” track premiere via Fader
One, Two, A Few More – Single out now on Mello Music Group

Mt. Wolf: “VIII (ft. Alexa Harley)” track premiere via Indie Shuffle
Red out April 13 on X Novo Records

Saun & Starr: “Big Wheel” music video premiere via Noisey
Look Closer out May 19 on Daptone Records

Holly Miranda: “Until Now” live acoustic session
Holly Miranda out 5/19 on Dangerbird Records

Planet Of the Abts: “Down For The Count” music video premiere via YouTube
All Things The Valley out June 2

Fidel Wicked: “Miss V” music video premiere via Radial YouTube
The Fusion out now on Первое Музыкальное Издательство

Label Spotlight: MPress Records

RachaelSageFor this month’s label spotlight, we’ve decided to feature MPress Records. The multi-talented singer-songwriter, producer and founder of the label, Rachael Sage, is a force to be reckoned with. This talented woman has been making music since 1995, cultivating a sound all her own and creating a following that has stuck with her throughout all these years. Not only does her label spotlight (no pun intended) her many talents but has also allowed other artists such as Melissa Ferrick and Seth Glier a platform to share their talents with the world.

Most recently, The Wall Street Journal premiered a new duet featuring Rachael Sage and folk icon Judy Collins singing Neil Young’s song ‘Helpless’. Sage’s music has also been featured on Lifetime’s hit show Dance Moms and she even appeared on the show to perform a song she specifically wrote for Maddie Ziegler, the young dancer who has most recently become Sia’s muse. This woman is unstoppable and we wanted to catch up with her to find out how she balances a label, continues to play shows and work on collaborations.