Love Gaming? Meet Twitch.

Twitch_BlackLogoDo you or your artists have a passion for gaming? Is it a struggle to talk about an upcoming record but easy to have an in-depth conversation about Counter-Strike? It might be time to setup a profile on the social video platform, Twitch.

Before you run away screaming “NO MORE SOCIAL NETWORKS,” let me explain how Twitch isn’t your usual social platform of the moment. Twitch is a social video platform specifically for gamers. It allows users to broadcast while playing any game of their choice while interacting with a community of fellow gamers tuning it to watch. Twitch broadcasts can additionally include Q&As and competitions for real money. Oh, and Twitch reaches over 50 million unique users worldwide each month. Gaming is serious stuff.


The Orchard and Tribeca Film Institute Will Move Your Documentary Right Along

TFI_DocFundFrom critically-acclaimed Oscar nominees such as Cutie and the Boxer and If a Tree Falls (which, incidentally, was directed by Marshall Curry, whose stellar documentary, Point and Shoot, The Orchard released theatrically in October of 2014), to crowd-pleasing gems like 112 Weddings and The Battered Bastards of Baseball, The Tribeca Film Institute has a long history of supporting a diverse array of nonfiction films, linked only by their quality.

The Orchard, too, has made marked strides in the documentary space, having released films including Frederic Tcheng’s Dior and I, Tracy Droz Tragos and Andrew Droz Palermo’s Sundance winner Rich Hill, and The Yes Men Are Revolting, a hilarious look at climate change led by everybody’s favorite culture jamming activist pranksters, The Yes Men.


The Orchard Climbs to New Heights with Teton Gravity Research

10547615_10152305701619092_5294688822342299635_nWe did it again. We just couldn’t help ourselves! We’ve picked up another very exciting action sports deal. This time, it’s with Teton Gravity Research (TGR), an award-winning media company that sure does know the ins and outs of action sports entertainment.

We’re already pals with TGR: we distribute their film catalog. This bit of news takes our partnership to new levels: TGR has announced 3 new films they’ve got in the works for this year, and we’re the trusted ones who’ll be releasing them for the world to see in your traditional on-demand stores, as well as new avenues like Cable VOD and InFlight Entertainment.


Welcome, Sam!

SamFrunerIntroducing Sam Fruner, Client Services Content Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Sam Fruner, and I am very excited to be joining The Orchard team in New York. I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I recently moved back to Queens (Ridgewood), after living in Huntington for the past two years. I have a Music Business degree from Five Towns College in Dix Hills, Long Island.

After touring in a band nationally throughout college, I began booking and promoting shows at various venues throughout Long Island and NYC. More recently, I started a small boutique talent agency, booking national tours for artists such as Andrew W.K., Biohazard and Junior Marvin’s Wailers.


Check-In on YouTube: 6 Best Practices for Bands and Labels

audience growthFollowing in the footsteps of digital media hosts Netflix and Hulu, YouTube is joining the game of original content programming. YouTube is financially backing stars such as PrankvsPrank, who have been playing spontaneous and creative pranks on each other for the past six years, and Smosh, who make parody videos, to name a few.

This creative content works well on YouTube as opposed to other platforms because of its proven track record as a social network for sharing video and interactive comment system. As avid readers of great content strategy blogs (I mean, you are reading this blog, after all!), we all know the impact of varying your content across social media sites. There are a lot of articles that give insight into posting original content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., — here are some tips to make the most out of your presence on YouTube: