Praise the Lord! The Orchard Buys 2 Gospel Catalogs!

51rft7SHDpLThe Orchard recently completed the purchase of two venerable Gospel catalogs — Blackberry Records and MCG Records.

Blackberry, a Jackson, MS company, is centered around The Williams Brothers, a multi-generational act now in its 55th year. Founded by Leonard “Pop” Williams in 1960, the band currently consists of brothers Doug and Melvin Williams, along with honorary brother Henry Green. Regulars on the Billboard Gospel charts, their most recent LP, Songs of Worship, Praise & Deliverance spent 18 weeks on the Gospel Albums chart in 2014, peaking at #16. Other notable artists in the catalog are The Canton Spirituals, Tim Rogers & The Fellas, The Bolton Brothers and the Jackson Southernaires. Check out this 1997 video of The Williams Brothers performing “I’m Too Close” with Stevie Wonder, also among the Blackberry recordings.


What The #&@$ Do You Do, Corey?!?

CoreySheridanCorey Sheridan
Director, Client Relations
Joined The Orchard (via IODA) in March 2012, and started at IODA as an intern in the summer of 2008

You came to us from the IODA merger, and stand guard at our San Francisco office (*cough* jealous *cough*). Please tell us, what the #&@$ do you aside from bask in the glory of the Bay Area?
I oversee a team that comes without coincidence from IODA. Together, we oversee some of The Orchard’s largest distributor clients in the U.S., including Select-O-Hits, Malaco Records, Allegro Media Group, A-Train Entertainment and Burnside Distribution, to name just a few. While these distribution companies are similar to The Orchard in the sense that they represent many labels and artists (and most offer physical distribution too), these partners utilize The Orchard’s Workstation technologies to manage their catalogs as well as our distribution deals across retailers to support and grow their business. Some of these sub-distributors also take advantage of other lines of business from The Orchard, like neighboring rights collections, mechanical administration, and even video to a much lesser degree. My team manages these accounts from a higher level, working with the distributors directly and supporting their growth.


Freeloader Friday: Michael Feuerstack, Lyrics Born & More

889176383496As we all look forward to our weekend plans leading up to St. Paddy’s Day, there are a couple of things we should take note that happened this week. Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’s track “Blurred Lines” lost their case for copyright infringement of Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.” On a more positive note, Will Ferrell plays Major League Baseball suiting up for 10 different teams to support the fight against cancer. Now presenting this week’s Freeloader Friday:

The Montreal based singer-songwriter, Michael Feuerstackgraces us with his beautiful, thought-provoking songs from his full album that will give you an unforgettable experience  listening to it. This collection of songs has been evolving over the years and the artist proves to be a staple in the Canadian music scene.

There are quite a few new tracks to look into this week, 5 to be exact! We first start off with this feel-good, upbeat Lyrics Born track that will leave you clapping your hands and stomping your feet. Then comes a track that shows off the love from Oddisee, followed by Holiday Mountain’s track that will slow you down and lift you up from the ground. This psych dance trio has great influences from Of Montreal and St. Vincent. Next, we present Mt. Wolf’s dreamy blend of Folk, Indie and Electronic, and finally, an emotionally triumphant track from Soft Cat.

Enjoy these great music video selections starting with the Synth Pop/Electro group White Prism, followed by performance right here in the office! We’ll bring you down from space with this haunting, mystical video by The Black Ryder. Bring yourself back up with this vibrant Pop video from PreeWe’ll finish this week off rocking with rock legends, Whitesnake. 

To wrap it all up, here’s a St. Patrick’s Day toast for you all:

Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl (or handsome man) and an honest one
A cold beer –and another one!

Have a great and safe weekend!

Michael Feuerstack: Full album stream via The Wild Honey Pie
The Forgettable Truth out now

Lyrics Born: “Real People” track premiere via Wax Poetics
Real People out May 5 on Mobile Home Recordings

Oddisee: “That’s Love” track premiere via Complex
The Good Fight out May 5 on Mello Music Group

Holiday Mountain: “Slow Motion Thugs” track premiere via Spin
You Be You, Part 1 out on April 28 on Clean Bill Music

Mt. Wolf: “Hamburg” track premiere via Hillydilly
Red EP out on April 13 on X Novo

Soft Cat: “Diana” track premiere via Stereogum
All Energy Will Rise out April 7 on Miscreant Records

White Prism: “Shake You Off” music video premiere via The Wild Honey Pie
Open Heart Job out on April 07 on MNRCH

The Bright Light Social Hour: “Sea of the Edge” live at The Orchard via Youtube
Space Is Still The Place out now on Frenchkiss Records

The Black Ryder: “Let Me Be Your Light” music video premiere via Interview
The Door Behind The Door out now on The Anti Machine Machine

Pree: “Two Feet Shy” music video premiere via AltSounds
Rima out May 5 on Paper Garden Recs

Whitesnake: “Stormbringer” music video premiere via YouTube
The Purple Album out May 19 on Frontiers Records


3 Easy Social Media Tweaks That Have a Big Impact on Fan Engagement

fan-engagement_sonicbidsThis article, written by Founder of New Artist Model, Dave Kusek, originally appeared on Sonicbids. We’re excited to be working with them to exchange industry tips and trends for your business! 

The New Year always brings thoughts of big changes and complete revamps when it comes to your music career, but I want to suggest a different approach. Instead of completely changing your strategy and mindset, make little changes gradually. Little tweaks in your social media strategy and simple messages, tweets, or emails can make a surprisingly large impact on your music career. And those little changes can add up to something game-changing.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some small things you can do to boost fan engagement and grow your fanbase. You can translate every single one of these examples into your music career with the tools you have available right now – your social media channels. On top of that, you can probably start executing some of these strategies today right after you finish reading this article, so let’s get started!


Welcome, Corinne!

CorinneFranceschiniIntroducing Corinne Franceschini, Client Relations Manager

Hello everybody! My name is Corinne and I am so excited to be joining The Orchard family! I was born and raised in the north of Italy, but I lived in France for the past 4 years, where I worked for Believe Digital in Paris. I landed in the music industry by chance (my first love is translation) and decided to stay as long as possible, and here I am, making my dream come true.

Musically speaking, I would say that I am quite eclectic, depending on the mood, but if I had to choose a genre I would definitely say Hip-Hop. When I am not working, I am a huge fan of TV series, my favourite one right now is ‘The Walking Dead.’ I love dogs (my best friend Chester is in the picture), reading books in different languages (I am still a translator, after all) and eating (I am Italian, of course I love food!). I can’t wait to get to know you all!