What The #&@$ Do You Do, Oleh?!?

Oleh Zaychenko
Senior Manager, Digital Operations
Joined The Orchard in March 2013

We all know that the operations department can get into some pretty sticky stuff. As a higher up in the department, what the #&@$ do you do?!!?
When I was a client manager, I always wondered what the folks in the operations department actually did. As our fearless leader, Jess Payne, likes to say: “We keep the trains running.” Some days, we get to map out a new tunnel and launch a new line and other days we re-route trains and take care of sick passengers.


GEMA and YouTube Have Struck a Deal: What’s Next for You

germany-gema-youtube-playThe news arrived last week and we are all very excited. After seven years of negotiations, GEMA & YouTube finally reached an agreement. As of November 1st, 2016, all music videos controlled by GEMA have been switched on and are being monetised effective immediately. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, but this is obviously great news as Germany is a key market in Europe.


Around The World with ‘The Music of Strangers’

the-music-of-strangersShortly before the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015, The Orchard acquired international rights to The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble. This was the first film we took on and went door-to-door with overseas theatrical distribution.

We spent the year selling the film to local distributors in foreign territories. The Orchard was very fortunate to secure an international gem of a film with interest coming in from all parts of the globe, especially from Asia and Europe. What do film buyers look for? Uplifting stories, recognizable stars and stories that deal with highly topical subject matter. This film hit all of these notes with buyers. It also helps to have Morgan Neville attached, an Academy Award-winning director who has proven himself on films such as 20 Feet From Stardom and Best of Enemies.


Easily Customize All Your Videos with YouTube End Screens

youtube-end-screens-adobestockEvery YouTube channel’s quest: to keep viewers watching more and more of their content. But how do you achieve this goal? There are endless tricks and methods that creators and channels use to keep their audience within their channel’s ecosystem, whether that’s through playlisting, cross-video promotion or the trusted end card. These all help keep viewers with you and that helps the all-important watch time to go up.

Traditionally end cards have been a very effective way of turning one view into two views, and more. The trouble with these is that they require an element of graphic design and thereon an ability to work the graphic into a video edit, which is not only time-consuming but may well require a lengthy procedure and pass through many different people before a video can be uploaded.


Freeloader Friday: Sleigh Bells, Hajk & More

jessica-rabbit-album-cover3000x3000-640x640Happy November my freeloading friends! Hopefully you’ve all recovered from your Halloween parties. I’ve been contently eating left over candy all week so I feel great. I also feel great because we’ve had some excellent activity at The Orchard this week, with plenty of new tracks and videos coming in daily. As always, we have a few hand-selected for you in observence of Freeloader Friday.

It’s almost release week for Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based duo Sleigh Bells and their new LP Jessica Rabbit is everything we hoped for. The Bells have always been killer, but these two brought their signature sound to the next level with these 14 twisted tracks. Backbreaking beats, ripping guitar licks and shimmering synths give Jessica Rabbit a stadium rock edge and an 80s pop attitude. Frontwoman Alexis Krauss tears it up vocally, inciting chills on tracks like Throw Me Down the Stairs” and “I Can Only Stare.” You need to hear it. Luckily, you can catch a full stream here.