Soul Makossa Master Has His Revenge! Dibango Sues Rihanna, Micheal Jackson

The king of Afro-Funk jam music, Manu Dibango continues his quest against the king of pop, Michael Jackson. The trouble all started when the Camaroonian saxophonist belted out the soon-to-be-classic line: “mama-koo mama-sa maku ma-ku-sa”. After the clip was lifted by NYC DJ’s at the outset of the disco move, Michael Jackson sampled it a decade later on his smash funk pop hit  “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”, in the process turning the line into “mama-say mama-sa mama ma-ku-sa.” Dibango had previously sued Jackson and settled out of court, but has been roused again by an unauthorized sampling from one superstar female vocalist in Rihanna. The Guardian has this to say about the matter:

Dibango actually already sued Jackson back in the day, and the two settled out of court. But when Rihanna’s people cleared the Michael Jackson sample, they didn’t get Dibango’s permission, and now he wants his. Dibango is now suing Sony BMG, Warner Music, and EMI over the use of that chant.

Manu Dibango has an extensive back catalogue, including 1982’s Waka Juju , a breakthrough in Jazz/African Soul fusion, Afrijazzy and the recently released compliation The Very Best of Manu Dibango: Afro Soul Jazz From The Original Makossa Man . All Music Guide proclaims “Dibango is Cameroon’s, and perhaps Africa’s, best-known jazz saxophonist” and boasts that “Dibango’s output has been prodigious and multi-faceted. He has worked with musicians as diverse as Fela Kuti , Sly Dunbar , Robbie Shakespeare , Don Cherry , and the Fania All-Stars .” Read up on the drama at Pitchfork and do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with the Makossa Man’s work by hitting up his official site here !

Cut Off Your Hands Cut A Video For Turn Cold

Catchy, catchy, catchy. Here’s an adorable video paired with one of the more adorable tracks on Cut Off Your Hands ‘ stateside debut, You & I .”Turn Cold” was produced by Smiths knob-man Stephen Street. Nice context for those tumbling Marr-esque guitar lines, eh? This DIY, PBS-ified clip was directed by Joel Kefali. Embed courtesy of .

MP3 : Cut Off Your Hands – Turn Cold

Temporary Residence – 7 Minutes In Heaven

This week, we here at the Rind highlight a label that has left many a listener gooey-eyed and dazed; Temporary Residence Limited. Their expertise? Converting pop-hungry attention deficits into modern monks, through an intense regimen of post-rock meditation.

Take a gaze at any of Temporary Residence’s releases and you’ll notice their infamous logo – an encircled heart, equipped with two wings outstretched. This defines the bread and butter of the label’scatalog –  artists whose ethereal and often haunting instrumental soundscapes take flight and soar into the listener’s stratosphere. Tracks can typically stretch past the 7 minute mark, with many offering over 10 minutes of unadulterated music. Over the last 12 years, owner Jeremy deVine and company have elevated this genre to new heights.

To the multitude of devoted followers of this sound, TRL (based out of Brooklyn, New York) represents a safe haven. They signify the return to music as an extended, captivating art form. By all means, they could be considered the Blue Note of the progressive indie/post-rock world. They have nurtured the often-celebrated Explosions in The Sky since their wee years and opened our ears to the worlds of MONO and Envy, both hailing from Japan. Last Election Day they released the Split LP+CD of Envy with post-hardcore stalwarts Thursday. In previous years they’ve also shown their versatility with acts like Rob Crow (Pinback) and Miss Violetta Beauregarde.


Black Lips In India: He Played His Guitar With WHAT?

Like the Sex Pistols’ January ’78 tour of the Deep South, The Black Lips’ recent expedition to India was marked by a series of fairly seismic culture shocks. Bottle-throwing fans at a gig in Pune? Check. Livid show promoters in Chennai? Check. All in response to a bunch of full-frontal punk rock provocateurs from Atlanta. For those that still haven’t heard the story, the band was booked to play on India’s equivalent of American Idol, The “Campus Rock Idol” Tour, a big-ticket televised series with large corporate sponsors. Last Saturday, in Chennai, the band entertained the crowd with what stateside fans would consider a typically raucous Black Lips show, replete with intra-band lip locking, and Cole de-pantsing, mooning the crowd, and attempting to play his six-string with, well, his privates. Barely okay in America, definitely NOT okay in India, the band was subsequently chased out of the country and the sponsors pulled the plug, effectively canceling the rest of the tour and the television season.

Considering the wealth of information – some accurate, some not so much – that washed up on American shores after the event, it’s fortunate that cameras were there to document what transpired. Over the coming weeks, VBS will be running a series entitled “The Black Lips in India,” which faithfully documents the band’s turbulent experience before and after the Chennai gig, their escape to King Khan’s pad in Berlin, and beyond. The (100% NSFW!) trailer for the series —  which captures every bit of Cole — is now available on

In news that doesn’t involve manbits being used to play an instrument, The Lips are currently gearing up for a multi-month North American tour in support of their forthcoming third Vice release, 200 Million Thousand — available for pre-order via Amazon now , due February 24th. Full list of dates below the fold.

MP3 : The Black Lips – Short Fuse


Project Jenny Project Jan On Ice!

You’ve seen them in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist . You’ve heard their work as the soundtrack to Molly Shannon and Selma Blair’s hilarious new NBC sitcom, Kath and Kim. You’ve even caught them in the clubs of Brooklyn. But this Friday, February 6th, Brooklyn’s Project Jenny, Project Jan will conquer the final frontier of live performance. Like all good Disney movies, PJPJ will be putting their act on ice!

See if lead singer Jeremy Haines can pull off his moves at Southstreet Seaport’s ice rink this Friday, February 6th, at 7 PM for a free performance as part of New York City’s Seaport Winter Music Fest .