4K, 8K, HDR & VR: NAB’s Game of Thrones

NAB2016Once a year in April, the buyers and sellers, old guard and new, meet in the desert to talk shop, explore new technology and unavoidably take in the Vegas nightlife. This year’s attendance is reported to have exceeded 103,000.

The convention is NAB (for National Association of Broadcasters), and this was my third time attending and seeing how ideas talked about in the hallways and meet-ups have made their way to the show floor. Although 4K/UHD has yet to penetrate enough U.S. households to make it a game-changer, the encoding exhibitors are further integrating it into their products, setting the industry’s stage for a potential critical mass.

However… while 4K has some momentum, it’s already being challenged by its high-dynamic-range cousin HDR, its older-brother 8K, and maybe even the family infant…. VR!?


Catch the New, Unique & Personal Electronic Sound of Conrad Clifton

conrad cliftonIf you have never heard his name before, please take note: Conrad Clifton is a Brooklyn based producer and DJ who has worked with artists like Missy Elliot, Rick Ross, The-Dream, as well as Big Sean, Asher Roth and Yelawolf. His production “Down” (performed by Yelawolf) was included on Eminem’s SHADY XV compilation. His remixes of “American Oxigen” by Rihanna and “Single” by L’Étranger where highly acclaimed by critics.

Conrad Clifton describes his sound as “[…] a crazy mixture of all of my influences, from hip-hop, electronic, alt rock, house, bass, and all types of dance music.” He released his EP If I Were Me last December, and I had a chat with him about his life, his work and his future projects.  (more…)

Welcome, Wendy!

WendySchlesingerIntroducing Wendly Schlesinger, Project Manager

Hi, my name is Wendy Schlesinger and I am very excited to be working full time as a business project manager on the many initiatives that will be growing The Orchard’s business. My husband Charly, 14 year old son Henri and Chesapeake Bay/Golden retriever Kailua live in Warwick, NY and we love cooking, eating, traveling and spending time outdoors.

From a media perspective, my favorite band is Rush, my favorite movie is The Blues Brothers, my favorite male actor is Robert De Niro and my favorite female actress is Meryl Streep. Guess you can call me old school.


Getting Technical: Supporting High Quality Audio

bit-depth-vs-sample-rate-tweakheadz-dot-comAs the industry evolves in both listening trends and formats, we at The Orchard make it a priority to stay at the forefront of new audio technologies and store requirements. For a long time, 16-bit audio has been the standard, stemming from Compact Disc limitations and transitioning into the digital norm. Most retailers still only support 16-bit audio, but a number of new digital retailers are now exclusively moving to 24-bit audio, or at least are offering the means to support it.


Shazam Your Way Through Your Next Campaign

Shazam Masterbrand LogoShazam has been a staple on smartphones for years. For the best part of the last decade, people have been holding their phones in the air to discover what music was playing and Shazam has been there every step of the way. “Shazaming” has even entered the lexicon of internet-inspired jargon: “I gotta Shazam this track” and “I’m Shazaming this right now” have all been thrown around to mean varying degrees of “I’m going to scan this song with my phone to determine who or what is playing right now.” Beyond that, Shazam enables fans to get involved with campaigns in a uniquely different way than most other platforms. But how? No worries. If you have an active imagination, the answers are plentiful.