Create & Publish Ads On Your Own with New YouTube Director App

youtube-director-for-business-appYouTube is putting users in the director’s chair for the first time ever. With the announcement of the YouTube Director for Business app, users now have the ability to create professional video advertisements without having to shell out big bucks on production. Better yet, because of the seamless nature of the app, very little experience or skill are necessary to achieve great results.

YouTube Director for Business, introduced last month, empowers brands to connect with consumers through YouTube ads that they create at their own fingertips. This free app allows users to fully produce a video ad from ideation to completion and then directly publish to YouTube, making it appealing to novice and seasoned advertisers alike who are looking to personalize their ads and save money.


Freeloader Friday: Eerie, 3teeth & More

EerieHello again, fellow Freeloaders! It’s gotten face-meltingly hot here in New York City this past week – so much so, it inspired me to fill this week’s Freeloader Friday with some rock, industrial, and heavy metal that’s equally as face melting. We’ve got a ton of totally new and totally free head-bangers to start your weekend on a high note, so without further ado – let’s get to the shredding.

First off, black metal band Eerie has unleashed “Yeti,” the powerful first single off of their self-titled EP Eerie, set to release July 29 on Tee Pee Records. This haunting track is nearly ten minutes of aggressive guitar riffs of varying timbres and angry, spacious vocals, all of which is enhanced by the phenomenal drum work. Drummer Moses Saarni nails impressive rolls and builds that keep listeners on their toes throughout the entire song, never letting up to release the compounding tension he creates. This keeps all 10 minutes of the song interesting – not once does it feel slow or dragging at all. All of these elements combine to create a track that is truly a sonic representation of the ancient creature’s violent nature. “Yeti” isn’t scary by any means – it’s just plain awesome.


Festivals: Then, Now and Beyond

festivalWe’re in the throng of summer festivals, and as I recover from attending Solidays in Paris just recently, I have to reflect on the past 20 years of festivals and how things have changed (I’m not as old as that sounds, really). Here are 5 examples that stood out to me:

Big screens: to see the show even when you’re far far away from the stage. (That should save many of us the muscle strain of carrying people on your shoulders all summer!)  (more…)

Welcome, Jim!

JimWehrfritzIntroducing Jim Wehrfritz, Manager, Strategy and Finance, Film & TV

Hi everyone, I grew up in Colorado and graduated from Indiana University. After school, I completed GE Capital’s Financial Management Program and then worked in their leveraged finance business. While working at GE, I received my MBA at Northwestern University. Subsequently, I’ve worked at several start-ups in a finance capacity and most recently worked in music, doing the accounting and finance for touring bands (mostly indie rock/indie pop). I’m really excited to bring my passion for all forms media to The Orchard!

VR: Virtual Reality, Very Ready

virtual realityIt is hard to determine how a product will be received by the public. Sometimes brands try to create demand for new products to expand their line, for example when Pepsi tried to launch Pepsi A.M., intended as a breakfast substitute for coffee or tea. It didn’t work. Sometimes the public has such a strong perception of a brand that they can only relate one single product to that specific name. Coors tried to introduce a line of mineral water — disappointing if to you Coors screams beer — or think about Colgate kitchen entrees — just looking at the picture makes you feel sick right?