Review New YouTube Revenue in Workstation Accounting

YouTube_StudioWith the coming of the Fall and your next statement, get ready to dig into new revenue around YouTube in The Orchard Workstation. You heard right: YouTube Music Key and Resolved Conflicts have both started earning you some money, and you can review exactly how much and across what tracks in Accounting.


Radar Music Videos Makes Music Video Contracts Easy

Radar Music VideosAs a trusted Marketplace partner for several years now, Radar Music Videos has continually delivered on its promise to connect people seeking music videos with people making music videos. Not only that, it does it affordably and without compromising on quality.

In its next step towards making music video easy for everyone, Radar has turned to video production contracts. Specifically, it’s inked a deal with UK media lawyers Wiggin LLP to create a simple agreement that’s both accessible and affordable to Radar-registered users. This one-size-fits-all contract provides a straightforward, no frills solution to the usually unregulated world of low-budget video production. It applies to all kinds of video production, from tour diaries to lyric videos and official music videos, and circumvents common pitfalls like favoring one party over the other, misunderstandings linked to complex language and of course, hefty price tags: thanks to Radar’s thorough negotiations, you can get your contract for just £25 + VAT.


The Orchard Chart Toppers: July 2015

The Orchard Chart Toppers

The hot summer month of July brought a number of swelteringly hot chart toppers with it, as well as the launch of New Music Fridays — the new global release date. On the Top 200, we found Cody Simpson with his debut album Free and Nuclear Blast acts Thy Art Is Murder and Symphony X. Quite the range, you might say. Internationally, Portugal label Vidisco dominated the local chart with their series of popular Kizomba releases, and Brazil showed love and support for the local singer-songwriter gone too song, Cristiano Araújo.


Get Your Fix of Real-Time Video with Live for Facebook Mentions

FacebookLive1If you’ve somehow resisted the wave of live video that’s taken the internet by storm, prepare for it to become even more inescapable. Facebook has just unveiled its response to Periscope and Meerkat, and it’s aimed directly at artists and others in the spotlight. And whereas Periscope and Meerkat remain open to any Joe or Jane, Live for Facebook Mentions allows only verified public figures beyond its velvet rope, giving an air of prestige to broadcasts on the platform.


Who Has Time to Wait? Direct to Digital Business Thrives

THE ESCORT Poster ArtWindows in the Home Entertainment space continue to shrink. Just recently, Paramount announced a deal with AMC Theaters and Cineplex shortening the time from the theatrical release to the home theatre screen. Now, only two weeks after a film’s theatrical run has shrunk down to 300 theaters or less, that film will be released on DVD/digital formats. Furthermore, Netflix, now doubling as both a studio and distribution platform, plans to release films on the same day they open in theaters.

Customers continue to embrace these disruptive trends in the marketplace. While historically, direct-to-digital (DTV) titles may have carried a negative stigma of lower artistic quality, our binge watching, on-demand culture has become increasingly impatient and therefore less sensitive to how long a film might be in a theater or if it even has a theatrical run at all. This new consumer mindset has directly benefited the DTV business.