Become A SoundCloud Master and A Master Of Your Rights On SoundCloud

Between updating their subscription plans and experimenting with more visual profiles (still in early beta), SoundCloud has been on fire lately. ComScore even recently reported that their traffic increased by 26% in one month, making SoundCloud the 8th fastest growing site in the U.S. Though it’s certainly evolved since its launch in Berlin in …

The Team Behind The Orchard Machine [Infographic]

You might know The Orchard as a global music and film distribution company but do you know much about the people behind the name? We have over 175 employees worldwide all hailing from different backgrounds, boasting different lines of expertise, and coming from all walks of life. We thought it’d be fun …

Use YouTube To Go Beyond The Music Video

Videos are by far the most engaging form of social content. This isn’t exactly a new discovery, but there’s a lot of missed potential by bands that claim to have a YouTube presence. The common misconception is that your music videos go up on YouTube and you’re done. Although MTV …

Get In On The Crowdfunding Action with RocketHub

Between Amanda Palmer and Veronica Mars, crowdfunding has proven its worth beyond the shadow of a doubt. In one year alone, global crowdfunding initiatives grew 81% to generate a reported $2.7 BILLION. Of that, music-related projects represented a very respectable $202.5 million, i.e. 7.5% of all raised funds and 4th most …

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Tycho Comes “Awake” with New Album

Tycho-AwakeTycho, a.k.a. graphic designer Scott Hansen, is releasing his second studio album, Awake, via Ghostly this week. This time around, however, he feels that Awake ”is, in many ways, the first true Tycho record.” With a change in sound, a new accompanying band making the once solo project into a three-piece, and a new vision and focus, Tycho has pushed his music beyond his previous album’s singular ambient focus and into something larger.

With three singles out already and a full album premiere courtesy of NPR First Listen, anticipation behind this release is building almost as much as the guitars do in the recently released single “Spectre.” In the title-track, “Awake,” we begin to hear a  departure from Tycho’s previous releases — his first foray into a post-Rock sound. This sound becomes even more apparent in the track “Montana,” which features  prominent lead guitar undulations while filling the remaining space with momentous rhythms and ambient soundscapes, keeping the pace exciting and energy high. The latest single, “Spectre,” finds Tycho at his most groove-oriented of the three first singles, creating a sound of never-ending bass riffs and ambient guitar melodies over a bed of steady drum beats.

With the release of Awake, Tycho feels that this new sound is more representative of him, rather than what he might be influenced by, and that he has found the ideal musical aesthetic to match his intuitive designer nature. Catch the record this week, and mark your calendars for Tycho out on the road — full dates below!

… Continue Reading

Hook, Line and Sync’er

hollywood_flickruser_photographerglenHere at The Orchard, we’re committed to finding you as many sources of revenue as possible, and getting your music heard in films, TV shows, trailers and commercials is a great way to do just that. But getting there takes more than just an email or phone call to a music supervisor whose card you got back in the day. That’s where our Sync Licensing team comes in.

Our team just recently trekked over to Los Angeles and stacked up on meetings with various LA film studios, TV and ad agencies, as well as independent music supervisors. We met with the likes of Sony, Fox, Lionsgate, Relativity Media, Universal Pictures, RPA Advertsing, 72andSunny, and many more. We had no time to waste.

Looking back a couple of weeks later, it’s obvious our trip was a success. In terms of placements, it has has already yielded results, but some of its most important achievements rest in the expanded visibility for The Orchard’s immense catalog from around the world, present time and past, and artists both established and breaking. We’re excited to be seeing exciting new opportunities, and look forward to more in the coming weeks and months.

At the end of the day, nothing can replace the personal relationships you build. The sync world is constantly changing, and the connections we’ve built and continue to nurture are the most invaluable in finding the best fit for our clients as well as our partners in the field.

Freeloader Friday: I Am the Avalanche, Warm Soda, Wooden Wand, Tying Tiffany, Joel Ford, The Black Angels, Army of the Pharaohs & Dead Gaze

I Am the Avalanche - WolverinesFor those of you not marking off your music schedules at SXSW this weekend, don’t fret — it’s Friday! Albeit not in Austin, but there’s plenty of music to be soaked up without spending the big bucks. Just follow our lead, and we’ll hook ya up with some freebies for your fundays this weekend.

If you’ve had it rough this week, start off with I Am the Avalanche’s full album stream. The gritty, raw rock is totally relatable, especially considering all the hurdles faced in the making of the record. If you’re looking for something a bit more garage-rock groovy, look no further than Warm Soda’s album — part NYC-grunge, part cruising-down-a-southern-Cali-highway.

Speaking of California, the sun is finally coming out and things seem to be getting a little bit warmer here at NY HQ. This spring weather will have you either (a). reminiscing of tire-jumping into that small-town, childhood pond (in which case you should play on repeat Wooden Wand’s steel-guitar laden track) or (b). gearing up for summer dance parties. And if that’s what’s coming to mind, then you should most definitely be tuning into Tying Tiffany’s synth-pop jam or Joel Ford’s futuristic, beat-ridden dance track.

Closing us out on this fine Friday are three awesomely pleasing-to-the-eye music videos: a wild stallion galloping in sync to The Black Angels, Army of the Pharaohs ripping rhymes in your face and Cole Furlow (of Dead Gaze) partyin’ it up with home-grown Mississippi yuppies.

Now that we’ve got you fully covered ‘till Monday, Happy Friday, y’all!

I Am the Avalanche: Full album stream via Billboard
Wolverines out March 18 on I Surrender Records

Warm Soda: Full album stream via Noisey
Young Reckless Hearts out March 11 on Castle Face Records

Wooden Wand: “Dambuilding” track premiere via Pitchfork
Farmer’s Corner out May 5 on Fire Records

Tying Tiffany: “A Lone Boy” track premiere via Noisey
Drop out now on ZerOKilled Music

Joel Ford: “Connection To” track premiere via Pitchfork
Connection To out now on Driftless Recordings

The Black Angels: “Evil Things” video premiere via Guitar World
Indigo Meadow out now on Blue Horizon

Army of the Pharaohs: “God Particle” video premiere via Respect.
In Death Reborn out April 22 on Enemy Soil

Dead Gaze: “Yuppies Are Flowers” video premiere via Spin
Brain Holiday out now on FatCat Records

Engage with Streaming Services to Better Engage Your Fans

Engage with streaming services: playlistingAs more and more of our clients here at The Orchard see streaming services generating a major share of their revenue, a blog post about marketing your releases on streaming services seems pertinent.

À-la-carte download stores do not always have the discovery dimension that full-length streaming functionality offers, and the structure of the store is very much built around a lead homepage and a few editorial pages. Marketing your releases on such a service is therefore highly dependent on the relationship you’ve built with the editor and the quality of your pitch.

With streaming services who boast about 20 million tracks open to for users to browse and listen to, the game has somewhat changed. Other than Beats who position themselves slightly differently, a lot of these services make heavy use of algorithms to populate their recommendations or browse sections, limiting editorial placement so far.

To help increase your visibility despite these restrictions, here are a few guidelines on what you can do to market your content on streaming services:

Less is more (isn’t it always?)
It’s more effective to make fewer playlists containing a limited number of tracks (10-15) and keep them updated regularly. Every time you update your playlist, your followers receive a notification.

Keep an eye on what’s trending
Consider including tracks that are popular at the time into your playlist in order to increase your chances of gaining more followers. Your playlists don’t necessarily have to include releases from your catalogue only.

Weave your own web
Good ideas for artist playlists are themes such as what they listen to before going on stage or what they listened to while writing their album. These playlists also offer a great opportunity for artists from a same label to include each other.

As a label,  you can take advantage of a large catalogue by creating playlists around  one of your strongest genres.

Be active on the service, even when you don’t have a recent release
No matter what stage you’re in in producing a new record, it is important that you not wait until said release is coming out to start engaging with streaming platforms. On a service like Spotify, you want to build a base of followers before the release comes out, so that when it finally does, all your followers get a notification about it.

In a nutshell, you want to keep your profile exciting. If you need ideas or additional best practices, keep an eye for service-specific resources, like Spotify for Artists, and follow our updates on The Daily Rind.

What The #&@$ Do You Do, Adam B.?!?

Adam Brostoff
Video Operations Manager
Joined The Orchard in October 2012

It seems as though Video Operations keeps growing and growing. And we see you guys watching movies a lot. Tell us, what the #&@$ you do?
You’re certainly right, we’re growing! January 2013 was just myself; February 2013, Tim Vargas joined us and now February 2014, Video Operations consists of 7 people working everyday to ensure that our music video, film, and TV content is ingested and delivered properly! That means QC’ing or watching each film, episode, or video. We look to make sure that the video quality is intact, the audio sounds good, there are no iTunes style guide issues, and ultimately that the product delivered to us appears to be the best possible asset. On the delivery side, this means monitoring our delivery feeds and making sure no internal issues like bad metadata, encoding issues, or Aspera/SFTP connection issues get in the way. It also means updating our feeds to the retailers with any new requirements. For example, most platforms are requesting closed captioning for the hearing impaired and subtitle language files. This requires us to have the XMLs and V.E.C.T.O.R. updated to ensure we’re storing, tagging and delivering the new assets to each store’s liking.

In a nutshell, Video Operations reviews, corrects and delivers all video content on behalf of The Orchard and our clients. As manager, I help prioritize our needs with Product/Tech, maintain our relationships with our counterparts at retailers, and monitor our film/TV deliveries and feeds. Since we work in a currently evolving side of the business, new standards, metadata/XML updates and new store integrations are all part of what I do as well. I also aim to make sure everyone on my team, and even outside of it, has what they need to succeed.

Fun stuff! Are we growing at this rate because our film/TV catalog is getting larger, and can you give us some fun facts and stats so we can get an idea of just how much?
Our catalog is not only getting larger, it’s getting smarter! We’re now delivering every film to iTunes, Amazon and YouTube. We’re also delivering more and more content to our cherry picking stores XBox, Sony Playstation, VUDU, Hulu, Comcast, and Netflix — all because of an increased focus on sales from the Film team. To put things in perspective, we used to max our capacity at 50 films a month; we now max out at about 30 films per week! Additionally, we’re delivering far more content than we ever used to: in November 2012, we delivered 475 videos between iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube, and we only did 123 videos the year before that.

Apparently you like partying with famous rappers in Vegas. What’s the story and can we join in next time?
Party? Vegas? Nooo… Every year there is a convention in Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), you can imagine the type of crowd an event like that draws — let’s just say there aren’t too many rockstars or rappers in the bunch. I was out there by myself and looking for something to do the night before the convention and figured I’d attend the convention “after hours” event at one of the Vegas clubs. I certainly expected to be networking over some red wine and maybe a luke warm buffet, instead… I was treated to a surprise Snoop Dogg concert in a small Vegas club! I finagled my way to a balcony directly across from the stage and proceeded to jam to Snoop hits till the wee hours. The next day at the convention my conversation starter couldn’t be beat!

That’s AMAZING! Glad to finally know what the #&@$ you do, Adam, and how much fun you are in Vegas.

favorite winter feel-good activity: Definitely my wife, my dog, and some Netflix!
guilty pleasure album: Currently anything with Action Bronson.
best and worst habit: Best habit, I follow quite a few relevant news feeds in an effort to stay up to date on our industry — worst habit, I wait too long to grab lunch!
random fact: I’ve licensed music to quite a few reality TV shows.

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