Welcome, Alessio!

Introducing Alessio Radoccia, Marketing Manager, Italy

Hi everybody, I’m Alessio the newest Marketing Manager for the Italian territory. I’m very excited to become a part of the wonderful team at The Orchard!

As a professional, I’ve worked primarily in the music business because it’s the only thing I’ve always wanted to do in my life. After graduating with a degree in Marketing and a postgraduate degree in Music Communication, I joined one of the leading independent Italian dance land pop labels, Energy Production (Italian home to Bob Sinclar, DJ Antoine to name a few). At Energy Production I assisted the Digital Manager and then quickly drifted into the family of Made In etaly, a digital distributor in the Italian business.


YouTube Music Upgrades Offline Listening

YouTube Music Offline ListeningAn exciting new development for YouTube Red now offers users more control over what music and videos they play, and when. YouTube Music now allows you to select songs to play offline, which means that you can take your favorites with you on trains, airplanes, the great outdoors and anywhere else without a reliable Wi-Fi connection. For artists and labels, this means more opportunities for your content to be played and greater potential payoff from marketing and natural momentum.

YouTube Red has been around for one to two years now, depending on the territory. There are a number of draws for the service including ad-free streaming, the ability to continue playing videos in the background while using other apps after locking the screen and exclusive video content in the form of YouTube Red Originals. Additionally, YouTube Music, which is included with YouTube Red, allows subscribers to listen to YouTube’s large and unique archive of music offline.


Out Today by The Orchard: Apollo Brown, Oh Sees & More

It’s been a unique week in the United States as certain areas plunged into darkness in the middle of the day due to the first total solar eclipse in several decades. All of us here at The Orchard jumped out of the office Monday to join the thousands of other New Yorkers crowding the sidewalks and stopping traffic in order to stare up at the sky for a few seconds. Hopefully you got to see this incredible event too, but if you didn’t feel free to check out this awesome video of it from the New York Times (just a heads up, it’s 4 hours long). Aside from the “Great Eclipse” we have some incredible new music out this week ranging from a conscious rap album to a punk garage project and lastly an AI awareness PSA.


Welcome, Kevin L.!

Introducing Kevin Li, Software Engineer, Digital SquadKevin Li

Hi everyone, my name is Kevin Li and I started at The Orchard this summer as a Software Engineer on the Digital Squad.

After earning my Bachelors I worked at a fintech startup building a platform for Hedge Fund Research, to make it more accessible at a lower price point. I then worked at a Digital and Social Media Marketing platform. Now, I am here at The Orchard!


Camera Trends: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Mirrors

Whether you’re a vlogger, an amateur filmmaker, or even a band with a cool idea, your choice of cameras has never been better. Competition between manufacturers and the explosion of the mirrorless market have produced cameras that are small, affordable and packed with features. No matter what your needs are, there is probably a camera that fills them.

To help organize a sense of the current offerings, we’ll look at some leading manufacturers and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each.