Midem Thrives In The Cannes Sunshine

I enjoy the Midem conference each year and feel that the event continues to be a valuable point of contact for certain parts of the ever-evolving music business.

In many ways Midem has mirrored the changes in our Industry`s evolution and mindset moving away from a throwing of money to a much leaner relationship with newly emerging market forces and players geared towards tech and start-up culture. Technology has become an important part of the successive Internet-driven revolution that has impacted this business of music monetisation and sales, dramatically. From Napster to Apple and Spotify – we know this period of change has not ended.


Celebrate Independents’ Month With The Orchard & A2IM

If you haven’t heard, indie music coalition A2IM has named the month of June Independents’ Month. From June 5th to July 5th, the music world is celebrating some of the most creative and driven minds in the industry. Want to get involved? Consider this your official invitation.

First thing’s first, you’ll need to know what to listen to. You can find full spreads of incredible indie artists on some of your favorite digital platforms. For example, the Apple Music and iTunes teams put together a spread of music from independent artists, labels and curators inspired by A2IM’s Libera Awards and other sonic trailblazers.


Welcome, Charlie!

Charlie GeitzIntroducing, Charlie Geitz, Data Operations Analyst

My name is Charlie Geitz, and I am incredibly excited to join the Data Analytics Team as a Data Operations Analyst at The Orchard!

I am originally from outside of Hartford, CT, and I spent my undergraduate years in central Pennsylvania at Bucknell University where I majored in Mathematics and Economics. After college, I did a brief stint in Washington, D.C. working for a small defense contractor to examining the vulnerability of certain Naval Facilities and learning about Cybersecurity, among other things.


The Nucleo Project: A Program To Inspire Young Musicians

Nucleo ProjectIn the last few months I have become a piano teacher as well as a committee member of the BPI’s Classical PR Committee. These activities combined have led me to discover The Nucleo Project, a side project of the charity Sistema England, which is part of the Venezuelan charity El Sistema. The organisation fits perfectly into what we are trying to achieve in the BPI Classical PR Committee, i.e. to expose the opportunities for young people to get into classical music, to recognize the barriers and to develop an understanding of the social and economic benefits of classical music.


Out Today by The Orchard: Jim Gaffigan, Jason Isbell & More

Every weekend is different. Sometimes you want to laugh, sometimes you want to just relax and listen to great new music and sometimes you want to discover a national conspiracy (just me?). Whatever you want this weekend, we’ve got it, from some wholesome comedy to a fascinating documentary.

After streaming on Netflix, Jim Gaffigan’s fifth comedy special Cinco is now available on audio, brought to you by Comedy Dynamics. Master of clean comedy, Gaffigan shares his gift of making just about anything hilarious, poking fun at everything from international travel to family life without relying on dirty jokes for easy laughs. He isn’t afraid to make fun of himself either (food, and his love of it, seems to be a common theme). Featuring bonus material and track commentary, Cinco is a ton of fun, and it’s guaranteed to brighten your day. Watch a clip from the special below, and get the album here.