Welcome, Josh!

JoshWisemanIntroducing Josh Wiseman, Coordinator, YouTube Content

I am very pleased to now be the new Coordinator for YouTube Content. I received my undergraduate degree in Marketing from Rutgers Business School. I’ve had the opportunity to tour North America throughout my twenties in two bands, the latest being Trophy Scars. My professional background includes experience with Live Nation, Columbia Records and most recently producing Think Events and Product Launches for Google.


5 Best Practices to Master Apple Music

iPhone6-3Up-AppleMusic-Features-PRWe hope everyone has been enjoying the brand new Apple Music and exploring all of its exciting features. As with all new friends, it takes a little bit of time to get to know and understand how best to work with. To help, here are 5 Best Practices that you can follow to start maximizing your streams on the service.


First, welcome to Apple Music Connect, an exciting new platform that allows artists to share pretty much any content they like, as with any social media platform. Think about engaging content fans will want to see — snippets of new tracks, candid backstage or tour-bus shots, behind-the-scenes videos, you name it. Apple is also sharing compelling audio and video content from Connect on the Apple Music main page, so be creative! You’ll need to have your profile verified to start using this new platform — check your client newsletter to find out how and read up on the new service in our FAQs. (more…)

T.G.I. New Music Fridays

new-music-fridays-logoListen up folks, because we just experienced history. Last Friday, July 10th was the first ever global release date for music, and the first of many New Music Fridays. An initiative to standardize national release dates for albums and singles, New Music Fridays have many benefits for us music industry folk, not least of which is minimizing piracy. With some music being available in certain territories and not in others, modern listeners will find other means to get it if not given a legal option — even if we’re talking about a few days. New Music Fridays solve this problem.


Not Your Typical Butterfly Effect: Crazy Town Is Back

Crazy Town - The Brimstone SluggersReady for a throwback fixed with frosted tips, pierced lips and overtly provocative lyrics? Well come on pretty baby, because Y2K platinum record rockers Crazy Town are back with a new attitude, a new sound and a new album, The Brimstone Sluggers.

In an era of bands like P.O.D., Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit gaining popularity, Crazy Town rewrote the Alternative Rock/Rap story with their #1 track “Butterfly” back in 2001. The chart topping hit differentiated the band from others at the time, as they dropped eloquent rhymes over a smooth Red Hot Chili Peppers sample, creating a unique gem in the genre.


Freeloader Friday: Malpas, Windhand & More

windhandHey gang, did you know that today marks the first week of New Music Fridays? Starting now, all music worldwide will be released digitally on Fridays for even more weekend wildness. To mark this monumental day, we have compiled an especially exciting collection of new music for you. Let’s go!

To start things off, we have an EP download from the Indie Electronic Malpas. The duo, made up of writer Ali Forbes and producer Andy Savours, takes a uniquely organic angle on electronic, with beautifully sampled beats and sweeping synthesizers tied together by wonderfully melodic vocal hooks. This EP is no exception, and it will definitely help you head into the weekend with a smile on your commute home. The verses are reflective, the chorus is catchy and the mood is mellow.