Out Today by The Orchard: The Dears, All Those Sleepless Nights, & More

Happy Friday everyone! Now that we’re about midway through summer, it gets harder and harder to fight off summer slump. The obvious solution is to spice up your summer with a fun trip, but that’s easier said than done. Maybe you’re running low on vacation days, or maybe it’s too late to plan a weekend away. If that’s the case, have no fear! This week’s releases will bring you all the travel you need, from some Canadian indie rock, to a portrait of life in Poland, all the way back to 1999.

This week, The Dears release Times Infinity Volume Twothe highly-anticipated second installment of their two-part release, through Dangerbird Records. Though all of Times Infinity was written and recorded at once, Volume Two shows a progression from the tone of the first portion. The Canadian indie rock group maintains their signature orchestral pop noir sound, but the songs reflect a loss of innocence and optimism from the first album. The married duo and frontmen Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak are disarmingly earnest, examining themselves with smoldering honesty as they explore new ideas and sounds throughout their expansive anthems. Although we’re yet to get a video for any new tracks, get a taste of their sound from Times Infinity Volume One track “To Hold and Have” below before diving into Volume Two here. (more…)

Welcome, Evan M.!

Introducing, Evan Morehouse, Manager of Acquisitions, Film & TV

I am excited to join The Orchard family as Manager of Acquisitions. Born and raised in Larchmont, NY, I received a BA in Radio/Television/Film from Northwestern University before promptly thrusting myself into the tumultuous world of film festival gypsy-dom. I spent my days cutting my teeth as a Theatre Manager at the Chicago International Film Festival and slowly working my way up to a position on the programming team.


Five Essential Content Assets You Need For Your Next Release

Our Marketplace partner, Radar Creatives, have recently launched a new tool allowing commissioners to search creative profiles to find talented designers, artists, filmmakers and the like. With more info on this update, we have Lizzie Cooley from Radar with the guest blog post below.

As a current artist or band working in the music industry, you certainly need a lot of content to keep your marketing campaign alive these days. Leading content commissioning platform Radar Creatives share five essential assets you’ll need to hit the ground running with your next single campaign.

Out Today by The Orchard: Pete Holmes, Mike Cooper & More

Well, July 4th weekend is over and we’re back to the daily grind. When the work week blows by, sometimes it’s nice to take some time to step back and decompress. To help you recover from last weekend’s celebrations, we’re bringing you everything you need, from nonstop laughs, to a seafaring voyage, to some chill-out shoegaze.

For feel-good humor and endless fun, check out goofy man-boy Pete Holmes in his latest Comedy Dynamics release, Faces and Sounds, as seen on HBOThe jokester behind the podcast You Made It Weird can make something as mundane as the parking lot at Target funny. Each anecdote on the album is full of his good-natured self awareness with a willingness to laugh at his own jokes and corny wordplay. Faces and Sounds covers everything from rude baristas to gender stereotypes and Pete Holmes is more hilarious than he would ever admit. Get ready to laugh until your face hurts with a clip from the HBO special below, and get the full album here. (more…)

Physical Sales Are In Full Bloom

With over 30 new releases over the past four weeks, it’s been a busy season for physical sales! Interestingly enough, some of our best sellers have come from releases of older archival recordings and secondary genres like comedy and classical. With collectables, bundles, multiple discs and more, it is clear, the physical world is a unique but valuable market.

Check out what’s flying off the shelves this summer: