Welcome, Meghan!

MeghanMcGovernIntroducing Meghan McGovern, Rights Management Coordinator

Hi, everyone! My name is Meghan. Born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, I graduated this year from Drexel University with a degree in Music Industry. Prior to joining the wonderful Rights Management team, I spent time interning at SONGS Music Publishing in LA, working as a Tour Marketing Rep for UMG in Philly, and most recently, interning at ATO Records here in New York. This city has stolen my heart, and I’m so excited to now be here full time with The Orchard!

Outside of work and music, I love baking, yoga, binge watching Netflix, and spending time with my two Havanese puppies — who are sadly still in Philly, but that’s what FaceTime is for, right? Looking forward to working with all of you!


Don’t Miss The Fresh Talent of Jazz Up-and-Comer Jacob Collier

jacob-cover“I have never in my life seen a talent like this… Beyond category. One of my favourite young artists on the planet — absolutely mind-blowing” – Quincy Jones

“Talent oozing out of every pore” – Jamie Cullum

“I am a big fan… great chords, great arrangements, great singing!” – Pat Metheny

“Wow!! Jacob, your stuff is amazing” – Herbie Hancock

These are just some of the high-praising quotes about 22-year old Jazz up-and-comer, Jacob Collier. (more…)

The Unexpected, Welcome Rise of Indie Horror

DemonThis winter will see the theatrical premiere of the late Polish director Marcin Wrona’s stunning new horror film, Demon. This work — the last one he completed before his suicide last September — depicts a wedding day gone terribly amiss, as the young bridegroom finds himself possessed by the ghost of a victim of the Holocaust. It’s a modern take on a Jewish folklore demon, the dybbuk. But more than that, it’s a parable for modern Poland: We watch a guy literally losing himself in the weighty cultural inheritance of World War II. His struggle mirrors Poland’s struggle with its demons — and that of young people everywhere who must find a way to define themselves against an old world.


Freeloader Friday: Paul Gilbert, Cymbals Eat Guitars & More

Paul_Gilbert_I_Can_DestroyHello everybody, vibes are solid in the NYC office as today is the first of our seasonal Summer Fridays and the start of a long Memorial Day weekend! To celebrate, we have a huge helping of awesome music for you this week, so let’s get at it.

We launch this weeks edition of Freeloader Friday with a full album stream from the face-melting, fretboard-burning fingers of Paul Gilbert. For those of you familiar with Gilbert, his new album I Can Destroy is the holy sacrament of soloing you expect. For those of you unfamiliar with this dude, his work on the six string is almost as epic as his lyricism. To give you an idea, Gilbert proclaims on the album’s title track: “I can move the mountains and push them into the sea, fly across the sky and take a bite of the moon.” Please give it a listen. Be careful, but give it a listen.


5 Types of Visual Content You Can Use Right Now to Promote Your Music

640px-Giulietta_Pixelated_music_video_3This article, written by the founder of Power Publicity, Lauren Gill, originally appeared on Sonicbids. We’re excited to be working with them to exchange industry tips and trends for your business.

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, artists must create high-quality visual content to consistently engage their fans. Great visual content helps to increase your exposure among your target audience, grow your fanbase, and even land major career opportunities. Here are five types of visual content you can use right now to promote your music.  (more…)