New Analytics Feature: YouTube UGC Matches

The Orchard AnalyticsHot off The Orchard press! You can now view your YouTube UGC Matches (a.k.a. Claims) data in The Orchard Workstation.

Let’s back up for a second: a “UGC Match” is a user-uploaded video that contains your content. It might be audio that’s used in the background, a visual clip, and so on. UGC Matches are identified either automatically by YouTube’s Content ID system, or manually by our Video Services team members.


Freeloader Friday: Dfalt, RJD2 & More

612651017728Has everyone adjusted back to office life after a wonderfully slow Easter/Passover holiday last week, or after those March Madness pools, I should say? Hopefully you had the luck of that 12-year-0ld ESPN-pool winner. Either way, it’s Friday. Which means one thing: Freeloading time.

For all those out there down for some dusty drum Hip-Hop samples atop Electronic pulses, then Dfalt‘s your go-to. Try out his EP in full for some bass-heavy beats and Industrial scratches.

Speaking of Hip-Hop, RJD2‘s back on the scene with his latest, this time calling on rapper STS to bring you a lyrically indisputable masterpiece, backed by Soulful horn blasts. And Lyrics Born‘s similarly Soulful tune with Galactic is the cherry on top of this Groovy, Jazzy, laid-back style.

Now this music video you’re gonna catch from Say Lou Lou is one for the books. The 8-minute-plus video (AKA “short film”) takes you to the deep, dark jungle depths to urbanscapes all the way to an isolated subdesert, all while detailing a dreamlike drama. Gotta see it in full.

Check out these and all the rest below in this week’s Freeloader Friday!

Dfalt: Full EP stream via Complex
Blackbook out April 21 on Plug Research

RJD2: “Hold On, Here It Go (ft. STS)” track premiere via Rolling Stone
STS x RJD2 out May 5 on R J Electrical Connections

Lyrics Born: “Rock-Rock-Away (ft. Galactic)” track premiere via Relix
Real People out May 5 on Mobile Home Recordings

Cody Simpson: “Thotful” track premiere via MTV
Free out June 23 on Bananabeat Records

Fickle Friends: “Could Be Wrong” track premiere via Earmilk
Could Be Wrong out now on Killing Moon Records

Rainer: “Marry” track premiere via Fader
Water out May 18 on Kissability

CZARFACE: “Deadly Class (ft. Meyhem Lauren)” track premiere via Ambrosia for Heads
Every Hero Needs a Villain out June 16 on Brick Records

Say Lou Lou: “Nothing But a Heartbeat” music video premiere via Noisey
Lucid Dreaming out now on Cosmos

Oddisee: “Counter-Clockwise” music video premiere via Billboard
The Good Fight out May 5 on Mello Music Group

The Best, The Weird, The Most Unforgettable of SXSW 2015

Bullethead_Hanly_SXSW2015It’s Thursday (#tbt anyone?) and just about exactly a month since SXSW, so basically: the perfect time to reminisce.

The Orchard was in full effect at SXSW this year and what an amazing time it was! Working at a distributor, there is no shortage of shows, events, panels and meetings to attend. We asked some of our super star Client Relations team members to put together their highlights, be it the best, weird, or most unforgettable.

We’re already looking forward to next year!


Welcome, Samantha W.!

SamanthaWolffIntroducing Samantha Wolff, Content Acquisition Coordinator

My name is Samantha and I am so excited to become full-time here at The Orchard as Coordinator for the Content Acquisition team! I have been a part of The Orchard since September, working part-time for BalconyTV, and it has been such a pleasure working here.

I grew up north of the city in Rockland County, specifically New City, and I graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans this past May, where I studied Business and Political Science. I can’t wait to work with and get to know everyone here. I am always down to go to see live music which is where I will be almost every weekend. Please feel free to reach out at any time!

What The #&@$ Do You Do, Emilie?!?

EmilieSnellmanEmilie Snellman
Senior Manager, Scandinavia
Joined The Orchard in January 2011, as an intern

You’re our Scandinavian secret weapon, managing that ever-exciting region for us from our London office. How the #&@$ do you do that?
Hehe, I guess you could say that. It’s an extremely exciting market to be managing that keeps developing and growing. As you know, Scandinavia is the home of Spotify (Sweden), WiMP (Norway) and the first ever streaming and telco bundling service TDC Play (Denmark). Scandinavia is a role model for many other territories as streaming is king and playing a major role of the flourishing Scandinavian music industry.