The Orchard Takes It to the Streets With “The Motivation 2.0: The Chris Cole Story”

10603458_579610358811382_4330608488478919864_nIf you keep up at all with the big, wide world of skateboarding, you’re gonna be over-the-top stoked to hear our most recent news: we’re releasing director Adam Lough‘s The Motivation 2.0: The Chris Cole Story!

The title may sound familiar to you, as it should: 2013’s The Motivation had massive names behind it (Pharrell Williams and Rolling Stone, off the top of my head). The film followed eight of the world’s top-tier pro-skatboarders as they prepped for NYC’s Street League Championship. Now, Lough takes a close-up look at one of those skaters: Chris Cole.

In this 2.0 version, Lough peels back all the layers of Cole’s life. The all-access documentary sits down with Cole’s closest friends from home, industry vets and family members to recount his improbable, yet successful climb to the very top of the skateboarding world. The Philly-born skateboarder dreamed of going pro as he learned the tricks of the trade on the streets and curbs near his mom’s building complex, and now Lough documents just how Cole turned that dream into a reality.

Expect the big drop to happen this June. For more info, read our official press release here and check out a clip from the movie below!

The Motivation 2.0 Real American Skater – The Chris Cole Story from Adam Bhala Lough on Vimeo.

YouTube Playlists, The Other UGC

K7-DrawnThe mixtape has long been a part of music culture. Ever since the 8-track and the cassette, fans have spent countless hours compiling tracks into audible lists that vary from a simple top favorites to highly conceptual themes. For some, mixtapes are creative outlets that can hold deep meaning. For others, they are simply a means to carry their favorite music wherever they go. Regardless of complexity, mixtapes always serve as a way to discover new music. From an artist standpoint, this is great because it promotes your music. So, what if you could track how many times your songs make it to a mixtape?


Welcome, Francesca!

FrancescaFerrariIntroducing Francesca Ferrari, Client Manager, Italy

Hello everyone! I’m Francesca and I’m looking forward to meet all of you (sooner or later)! Something about me… I’m from a city that I’m sure none of you heard before — La Spezia — but it’s worldwide known for its beautiful neighborhood, such as Cinque Terre (The Five Lands) and Portofino. I studied first in Florence, where I lived for almost ten years and where I got my degrees in “History of the Performing Arts” and “Musicology and Musical Heritage.” Then I moved to London where I received a Masters Degree in Music Industry Management at London Met.


The Orchard Chart Toppers: March 2015

The Orchard Chart Toppers

In our March chart toppers report, we tip our hats to legendary rockers, Toto, who graced the world with brand new music under the title XIV, and dominated the charts in many territories, from the U.S. to Scandinavia as well as Eastern Europe. Two Spanish acts stood out this month: teen Pop artist Calum and Pop/Folk band Blaumut, and Kai Neville’s newest surf film, Cluster, took charge of the Documentary and Action Sports Film charts around the world with several #1 spots. Go see it!


Billboard Top 200 Albums
#98 — Toto: Toto XIV [Frontiers Records]

Billboard Current Albums
#52 — Toto: Toto XIV [Frontiers Records]

Billboard Independent Albums
#9 — Toto: Toto XIV [Frontiers Records]
#33 — Whitehorse: Leave No Bridge Unburned [Six Shooter / Burnside]

Billboard Tastemaker Albums
#21 — Toto: Toto XIV [Frontiers Records]


Mo Data, Mo Problems (but Mo Performance Royalties)

mo data mo probs

ISRC, UPC, Song Title, Version, Artist, Composer, Release Name, Duration, Label, Imprint. These are just a few of the pieces of data that identify your songs. How about Country of Recording? Nationality of First Producer? Gender of drummer’s first born?!! Ok, I made that one up… but it probably couldn’t hurt to include it.

In the world of collecting performance royalties on master or neighboring rights, data is EVERYTHING. And the better your data, the better chance a collection society has of matching money to you. So clean it up people!