The Orchard & Jeff Deutchman Want Your Vote on “11/8/16″

11-8-16Although you’ve probably been hearing this a lot recently, we mean it when we say: Election Day 2016 just got way more interesting.

The Orchard is teaming up with producer Jeff Deutchman to bring you 11/8/16, a documentary that follows the Election Day experience for individuals of all walks of life, all across America. We’ll be documenting this historic election in over 25 states with more than two-dozen esteemed filmmakers including Academy Award-winner Daniel Junge, Emmy Award-winners Eugene Jarecki, Martha Shane, Lana Wilson and many, many more.


YouTube, Google and FameBit: Taking Brand Partnerships to the Next Level

famebit-googleFor 9 years, YouTube has assisted creators in generating advertising revenue through its Partner Program. As YouTube has grown over the years, so have the possibilities for brands and creators alike to work together on branded content opportunities like product placements, promotions and sponsorships. In the last year, the top 100 advertisers have increased their spending on YouTube video ads by 50 percent.

Building on this, YouTube recently announced Google’s acquisition of FameBit — a technology platform company that facilitates sponsorships and paid promotion between creators and brands. (more…)

The Orchard Takes Home Quirky Comedy “Carrie Pilby”

carrie-pilbyThe Orchard is proud to introduce another critically acclaimed addition to the early 2017 line-up, the coming-of-age comedy Carrie Pilby. Based on Caren Lissner‘s internationally best-selling novel of the same name, the film stars Bel Powley, Nathan LaneVanessa Bayer & more.

The film follows an 18-year-old Harvard grad named Carrie Pilby (Powley) that cannot find much reason to leave her apartment. To her, everyone around her is a one-dimensional, oversexed phony. Taking on the seemingly insurmountable task of understanding the wild world around her, Carrie adopts a one-month checklist put forth by a psychiatrist (Lane). With each completed check comes a small step toward realizing that there is much more to people than she thought.


Redesigning The Orchard Workstation, Piece by Piece

the-orchard-workstation-redesignThis November, we are excited to launch the redesign of The Orchard Workstation. Sleek and simplified but with all the functionality our clients need, the new Workstation incorporates feedback we received from a survey we conducted last year paired with the best technology from the ground up.

To explain how we approached our redesign, let’s use the example of legos — a system of pieces where when connected, turn into something beautiful. The feedback we received from our survey showed us how our clients were using the Workstation and what needed to be improved. We prioritized fixes that not only aimed to improve the user experience visually, but also make it easier for our clients to find what they were looking for. We took apart our colorful but mismatched lego town and began updating its architecture.


Benefit from Perks & Discounts Through the A2IM Supporters Program

a2im_supporters_programA2IM, a.k.a. the American Association of Independent Music, has launched a new program to help support and grow smaller labels. Read about it straight from the source in the guest blog post below and click here to sign up. Thanks, A2IM! 

First and foremost, let’s give a little overview about A2IM for those who may not know much about us. Here’s our deal: A2IM exists to help Independent music labels improve business by promoting access and parity through advocacy, education and connection-building with one another and associated businesses. We are a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization representing a diverse group of over 380 independently-owned American record labels. A2IM’s independent community includes music labels of all sizes and staffing levels across the United States, from Hawaii to Florida, representing musical genres as diverse as our membership.