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Working with a Living Legend: Richard Gottehrer

On my very first day at The Orchard almost three years ago, my boss took me around the office in typical Orchard tradition and introduced me to every single person sitting at his or her desk, from our accountants to our developers and everyone in between. Was anyone off limits? …

The Marketplace Presents: Klick Push

If you had the opportunity to get your music featured in more places, why wouldn’t you take it? And if those places were high-engagement areas, it’d really be a no brainer. Well listen up then, because our latest Marketplace partner, Klick Push, has just the thing for you. With access …

Use YouTube Annotations to Create an Album Preview Video

So you’ve got a new album coming out and you want to give fans a taste of what to expect. Try creating an album preview video and uploading it to your YouTube channel! We’ll walk you through how to set this up. Prepare Your Content We’re not going to go …

Become A SoundCloud Master and A Master Of Your Rights On SoundCloud

Between updating their subscription plans and experimenting with more visual profiles (still in early beta), SoundCloud has been on fire lately. ComScore even recently reported that their traffic increased by 26% in one month, making SoundCloud the 8th fastest growing site in the U.S. Though it’s certainly evolved since its launch in Berlin in …

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4 Creative Ways to Sell More Merch

October 28, 2014 Featured News, Marketing No Comments

merchThis article, written by Founder of New Artist Model, Dave Kusek, originally appeared on Sonicbids. We’re excited to be working with them to exchange industry tips and trends for your business!

A lot of people in the music industry call merchandise one of the best revenue streams musicians have left. Sometimes, however, getting people to buy your branded T-shirts or other knick-knacks can be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out.

Merch can become a great revenue stream for you and your band – if you have some strategies in mind when pitching and selling your merch. Here, we’ll cover four you can start implementing right now or at your next show.

1. Let people know you’re selling merch

Okay, this one isn’t exactly “creative,” but you’d be surprised how many musicians fail to do it, whether it simply slips their minds, or they aren’t comfortable playing salesmen.

We’ve all been to a concert where the excitement of the music and being with friends means we just don’t think about merch. Something as simple as mentioning that you have a merch table or even directly asking fans to check out what you’ve got for sale will increase the number of people who stop by.

If you want to really go above and beyond, take some time to walk through the audience (not during any other band’s performance, of course) and get a conversation going with fans. Carry some merch with you and make transactions right from your smartphone with a card reader like Square.

2. Make it fun

Sometimes the prospect of T-shirts isn’t enough to draw fans to the merch table. Once you actually get people there, however, the chance that they will buy greatly increases. One of the best ways to get people to walk over to the merch table is to make it an event. Don’t entirely leave your merch to some random assistant or venue employee – before and after the show, hang out there yourself!

Of course, you could just hang and talk to fans and that will certainly be effective, but, if you want to go one step further, take some time to think about how you can really turn it into a fun event. If your audience is primarily teenage girls, set up a photo booth with fun props where fans can take pictures with you and the band. If you play Hip-Hop or EDM, host a spur-of-the-moment dance contest over by the merch stand. Something fun will draw people – and purchases.

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We’re Live! Stream Your Events on YouTube

October 27, 2014 Featured News, YouTube No Comments

sandow_liveIt’s not hard to see why Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube have changed the way we consume entertainment all together, mainly because of its convenience and the freedom that comes along with on-demand options. Nowadays, it’s rare to watch something at the time of its original air date. Aside from the Super Bowl and season finales of shows like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, people tend to view content at their own pace in line with their day-to-day routine. In the age of instant gratification there is no substitute for watching what we want, when we want.

Even with all of the obvious advantages to the on-demand experience, there’s still nothing like live television. Luckily, YouTube has found a way for us to experience the best of both worlds by allowing its users to create live events on their channel. By combining a live event with social media, you can create a memorable and interactive experience for your viewers. Conduct live improvised Q & A’s and interviews using questions and comments tweeted in by your audience and answer them in real time. Film your band’s live show from the road. Broadcast a live feed of your extreme sports competition. The length of your live feed can be up to 8 hours long, and the set up is simple. Only stipulation? Your YouTube account needs to be in good standing. It’s easy to promote across your channel with in-video programming and on social media. It’s also a great way to bridge the gap between you and your subscriber base.

After your live event is over, send the footage to post-production — and then upload fully edited video clips for monetization on your channel. If creating a live event seems right for your content, give it a shot.

Freeloader Friday: Obituary, High Hazels, Army of the Pharaohs & More

October 24, 2014 Freeloader Friday No Comments

781676729623CMJ week is wrapping up here in New York – was it everything you’d hoped for & more? It has been for us! We had some very rad live performances in the office (PROM, Radclyffe Hall, and The Bright Light Social Hour) plus an in-house happy hour – CMJ has done our office well. To keep in line with the marathon week of music, let’s check out who made it onto this week’s Freeloader Friday.

So, since it is a music marathon, why not pack in as many full album streams as possible?! We’ve got FOUR. There’s Obituary’s Heavy Metal Screamage for the initial shake-up, High Hazels’ English Indie-Pop that’ll have you reminiscing of summer, Forever Came Calling’s catchy riffs of Pop-Punk, and Army of the Pharaohs round it out for some good, clean (yeah, right) raunchy Hip-Hop. Whew! That’s a lotta album stream time.

Since I gave you so many albums to try, let’s keep tracks to a minimum. Sample John Southworth’s latest – a soothing, mysterious melody of Folk Rock that falls in line with a Dylan-esque genre. Then go for a total 180 with The Skull’s doom & gloom of Heavy Rock.

Moving right along, whet your Halloween whistle with Sweet Apple’s Salem Witch-themed video, explore what Los Angeles Police Department did last summer, and watch Elliott BROOD woo and wow their audience from the stage.

Have a fantastic weekend and be sure to hit up every show you can if you’re enjoying CMJ in New York!

Obituary: Full album stream via Loudwire
Inked in Blood out October 27 on Relapse Records

High Hazels: Full album stream via Clash
High Hazels out October 27 on Heist or Hit Records

Forever Came Calling: Full album stream via Absolute Punk
What Matters Most out now on Pure Noise Records

Army of the Pharaohs: Full album stream via
Heavy Lies The Crown out now on Enemy Soil

John Southworth: “Ode to the Morning Sky” track premiere via Pitchfork
Niagara out now on Tin Angel Records

The Skull: “The Touch of Reality” track premiere via The Obelisk
For Those Which Are Asleep out November 4 on Tee Pee Records

Sweet Apple: “Reunion” official music video premiere via A.V. Club
The Golden Age of Glitter out now on Tee Pee Records

Los Angeles Police Department: “Enough Is Enough” official music video premiere via Stereogum
Los Angeles Police Department out now on Forged Artifacts

Elliott BROOD: “Nothing Left” (Live) video premiere via Hear Ya
Work and Love out now via Paperbag Records

The Orchard Goes Haute Couture for “Dior and I”

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.47.13 PMRemember R.J. Cutler’s The September Issue, the riveting look into the world of Anna Wintour’s Vogue? The documentary brought fashion to a forefront in the entertainment world, but there hasn’t been anything as high-quality or comparable since. That is, until now.

This past April, Frédéric Tcheng premiered Dior and I, his solo directorial debut and the next-big-thing for fashion docs, at Tribeca Film Festival. Tcheng was given a very rare chance to document a pivotal point in the history of fashion institution Christian Dior: Creative Director Raf Simons’ debut couture collection.

The hire of the industry veteran did not go as seamlessly as hoped; Simons is known in the fashion world for his minimalist design, not exactly on par with the elegant extravagance that is Dior. To top it off, Simons had only eight weeks to prepare and produce his debut collection for the fashion house. With that kind of controversy and intensity, you know you’re in for a treat.

Tcheng captures every bit of those eight weeks in his film, which is just as beautiful as the story itself. It’s a glossy and glamorous behind-the-velvet-curtain exploration of Dior’s past and present; it’s picturesque, dreamlike, and romantic, shot in just the style you’d expect to see from a Dior-centered documentary.

So, if you’ve been pining for a true-to-life, artfully distinct fashion film, this is your next go-to. Thankfully, we’ve acquired all US and Canadian rights to this gem, so we’ll be rolling it out your way in the next year! Read the full press release for more information, and check out what folks at The New York Times and Hollywood Reporter had to say about it.

While you’re waiting, check out a sneak-peak below:

Label Spotlight: Joel Gion & The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Himmelman_11183I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Gion, the most famous tambourine player in the Indie Rock world, about his new album Apple Bonkers on The Reverberation Appreciation Society label in Austin (also the home of Night Beats, Elephant Stone, Holy Wave, Austin Psychfest DVDs and Christian Bland & The Revelators, guitarist for The Black Angels)…

Your new album Apple Bonkers on the Reverberation Appreciation Society label seems like a great fit. How did you hook up with one of Austin’s finest labels?

Well after I got most of the album tracks recorded I saw the Austin Psych Fest was coming up so I wanted to premiere my new songs at the coolest Festival in the world. I emailed them the tunes and they’re like “hey let us put this out on our label” so I got the perfect fit before I even had to go shopping.

I saw a prior Joel Gion album, Extended Play, at Other Music a while back… How would you compare the experience of making and playing that record to your latest?

Oh that’s neat they had that. It was a home recordings EP. It was my first attempt at writing my own songs and I turned it into an experiment. I wrote, recorded and mixed the whole thing on my computer and had a limited edition vinyl pressed before ever playing the music to anyone. I was just bored and was up for some learning in public. Some of the results I love, but it’s got some wonky moments as well. But then Burger Records wanted to do a cassette so I was able to add a couple more songs and make some afterthought adjustments. That’s the best version.

Doing everything by yourself I get, but I also think it’s kinda masturbatory. I much prefer collaboration with like-minded weirdos. I guess I found I’m just more of a circle jerk kinda guy. I wrote all the songs and had a great time fleshing it out in a proper studio with many friends. It was really nice to have people I respected want to be apart of it. Rob Campanella, Collin Hegna, Dan Allaire & Matt Hollywood from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pete Holmstrom from The Dandy Warhols, Ryan Van Kriedt from Asteroid #4, ex-BJMr’s Miranda Lee Richards and Jeff Davies and others. The Psychedelic Super Friends!

“Hairy Flowers” is a Psych-Pop smash hit in our opinion. What’s the back-story on that particular song?

Thanks. Well that song more than any other is a true expression of myself and also explains why it took so long for me to start making my own work. I’m lazy as f#ck! I can sing that song with pure honesty and self awareness. I love music that romanticizes just being free to bum around. Lee Hazlewood, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings — all that “Sunday Morning Coming Down” type fare.

OK now lets jump back into history… you and I met while the documentary Dig was being shot here about your old group The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols in what was then the TVT offices. Can you synopsize your time with BJM and leader Anton Newcombe for us?

Well he’s incredibly motivated and intelligent and funny and a real f#cking trip of a dude. He’s also very self-obsessed which is common in people that prolific. My Chinese Astrology animal is the Dog which makes perfect sense in that I’m fiercely loyal and so the perfect right hand man. So we went through all this crazy stuff and people came and went but I was always the constant guy hanging tough with him. When I finally did have just too much of what had become total heroin negativity and left, I came back a couple of years later to a different situation. The “band” mentality was gone (if it was ever truly there) and the idea is it’s just him and whomever. Which is fine, I absolutely accept his vision. But for me, what makes it better than before is the line up that has been the constant since my return has turned into the best bunch of friends I’ve ever had (except for one guy but that’s still pretty good for an 8-piece).

So now we’re in this current year of the Horse, and dogs run as fast as the horses, you see, so I’ve stepped out on my own as my own leader. This year I put out a new single, an album and now have 4 songs recorded for the next one plus I’ve got 2 different live bands. I also toured Europe for a month and an additional 3 months with BJM. I’ll always play with Anton as long as it makes sense for both of us, but now things are different for me too. It’s a lot funner to write and record your songs than it is just to play tambourine. There, I said it and it freaks me out!

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