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Celebrating Springtime and Record Store Day at The Orchard

The Glitch Mob RSDFor some folks, it’s the return of baseball season. For others, it’s Easter. But for us here at The Orchard, nothing heralds the return of warmer weather quite like Record Store Day! This internationally celebrated event has been getting bigger and better every year since its inception in 2008, and this year looks to be no different. So let’s dive right in and let you know what exclusive vinyl releases we’ll be bringing to the party this year.

First up is Orchard favorites The Black Angels with Clear Lake Forest. Hot on the heels of their acclaimed album Indigo Meadow, this EP features seven new tracks on 10” clear vinyl. Next is Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Live At The Greek. This classic live collaboration will be available as a triple LP set on red, clear, and blue vinyl. Then there’s Sam Roberts Band with We’re All In This Together/Shapeshifters 12” single on clear vinyl. Or how about a four song EP from Creepoid called Wet that features a B-side etching. And last, but certainly not least, is The Glitch Mob’s Drink The Sea/We Can Make The World Stop.Words cannot do this release justice, so just check out the accompanying packshot to see it in all of its glory.

Over in Europe, Transgressive Records are releasing Africa Express Presents: Maison des Jeunes, featuring the likes of Damon Albarn and Brian Eno, available as a double LP set in blue vinyl. Additionally, metal-heads across the pond will be excited to pick-up their copies of Death of a Dead Day by SikTh and Circles‘ incredible debut, Inifinitas on LP for the first ever time courtesy of Basick Records.

And don’t forget, Record Store Day isn’t just about records. There are also the in-store performances! Be sure to check out Cincinnati natives Tweens, who will be appearing at their hometown shop Shake It Records.

See you all on Saturday, April 19th!

Record Store Day Kicks It Up a Notch with the Adapter Prize

Adapter PrizeTbe U.K. has the Mercury Prize. Canada has the Polaris Prize. Until now, the U.S. has not had a similar music prize. Well that’s about to change with the recent announcement of the first official Record Store Day Adapter Prize!

The idea for the Adapter Prize was hatched at a recent industry convention by a group of independent store owners. They wanted to “celebrate the releases that come into the stores all year, and will honor those that the people in those stores think are stellar.” The four categories are Record of the Year (New), Record of the Year (Reissue), Record Store Day Release of the Year and Breakout of the Year. The first three will be awarded to a specific album, while Breakout of the Year will be given to an artist who made a big national splash that year.

Although the final voting will be done by record store employees, you can take part in the nomination process! A list of participating retailers can be found here. Since each store gets to decide exactly how to collect their nominations, please visit or contact your local indie store for details. But don’t wait too long; stores will begin sending in their nominations at the end of the July.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The award itself will be shaped like a record adapter. What’s a record adapter you may ask? A look at the prize’s logo should give you a hint…

Ra Ra Riot Team Up With The Shins and The Postal Service

April 17, 2013 Artist News No Comments

Ra Ra Riot 'Beta Love'A catchy Indie Pop storm was brewing around Syracuse University in 2006 — and that storm turned out to be Ra Ra Riot. Since those academic beginnings, the Indie rockers have gone on to release three full-length albums, culminating with 2013′s Beta Love (via Barsuk Records). And now, in support of their new record, the frenetic foursome will be setting off across the States with not one, but two legendary Indie bands: The Shins and The Postal Service, who Ra Ra Riot will be joining for part of the Give Up tenth anniversary tour.

This epic Spring/Summer tour will take Ra Ra Riot across North America, and each stop is sure to be a packed event, so make sure to grab your tickets fast. But that’s not all: The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Speak, and a smattering of other raucous live acts will be performing with Ra Ra Riot during their extensive summer schedule. Consider your Indie concert calendar officially booked.

To catch you up to speed on the new record, Beta Love is the first recording for the group as a four-piece – Wes Miles on vocals, Milo Bonacci on guitar, Mathieu Santos on bass, and Rebecca Zeller on violin — and it’s a dynamic aural adventure. Equally melodic as it is infectious, epic as it is dance-inducing, Beta Love can be the soundtrack to your next dance party or just as easily, your leisurely weekend drive. The band stated that the new album’s songs were informed by cyberpunk novelist William Gibson and futurist Ray Kurzweil, and it makes sense, as Beta Love shows the band heading towards a more Synthpop, futuristic sound.

If you already have a copy of the new record and are looking for more Ra Ra Riot music, you’re in luck: the group is releasing Binary Mind as a special Record Store Day 10-inch vinyl. The special release includes both the title track as well as the unreleased song “All I Fear,” and for you die-hard B-side lovers, demo versions of “Binary Mind,” “Wilderness” and “I Shut Off,” all from the Beta Love sessions. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the vinyl though, as the release is limited to 1,000 copies.

But wait, there’s more. The group will also be playing the Boston Calling Music Festival, sharing the stage with acts like The National, Of Monsters and Men, Matt & Kim, and more. Check out Ra Ra Riot‘s full tour schedule after the jump.

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Celebrate The Indies This April 20

March 19, 2013 Industry Trends No Comments

Record Store Day 2013Record Store Day 2013 is quickly approaching. Originally started in 2007, RSD has not only become one of the most important days in the year for physical retail, but it also gives us a chance to reflect upon and celebrate the joy of the indie record store.

Growing up in Suburbia, USA, I had little concept of what an independent record shop was. Tuesdays involved trips to the mall to buy the latest new releases at Sam Goody or Wee Three Records. It wasn’t until I started going to Philadelphia as a teenager that I was first introduced to independent record shops and all that they had to offer. My first indie record shop experience was at Noise Pollution, just off South Street. I was awed by the selection of out-of-print vinyl singles of my favourite band and many others, and I spent many an hour and dollar there over the years. Wall to Wall Listening Booth this was not.

As a university student, independent record shops became a huge part of my life, and one was spoiled for choice in ‘90’s Philadelphia. Each shop had its own temperament, flavour and memorable characters within, from the cute guy who made me blush to the dodgy one who would sticker and sell promos.

I spent many evenings after class with friends flipping through racks of used CDs trying to find a bargain and just generally hanging out with the shop owners, playing each week’s new releases and discovering so much great music. Social media today allows us to share our music with friends and have them share music with us, algorithms introduce us to music we like in new and exciting ways — but the world of the indie record shop is social sans media. I spoke to new people and made friends amongst the CD racks, and some albums will always carry with them a gentle memory of someone that I used to know.

While in university and for several years later, I declined to buy music anywhere except at one of my favourite indie shops. As with many others though, as online shopping became possible and downloads and streaming came into being, my loyalty gave way to convenience (and the explosion of choice and availability). Many of my beloved Philly record shops no longer exist, and it’s been a tough ride for any retailer to survive, let alone a quirky independent.

Record Store Day celebrates a world that still exists, but is not as prevalent in the lives of many music fans as it once was. I, for one, hope that we never lose it completely. So this April 20, how about tearing your eyes from whatever size screen you are glued to, and allow yourself to linger in a world of cover art, gatefolds and special editions, finding things through serendipity not algorithms, and join me at your local indie.

Not only will there be exclusive releases and performances from some of your favourite artists, but also like-minded people. Tell the person behind the counter your favourite band. They just may have a new band for you. Maybe they‘ll even be cute enough to make you blush.

The Orchard: Killing It At NARM Once Again…

May 15, 2012 Orchard News No Comments

The 2012 NARM Convention was a huge success this year for The Orchard in terms of business closed, deals announced and goodwill spread — and the Physical Team was no exception.

In addition to meeting with top accounts, from Amazon, Transworld, AEC, Hastings and Super D to the all-important indie stores and their coalitions (including Spencer Hickman, the manager of the soon-to-be open Rough Trade Megastore in Brooklyn), the team found time to “socialize” with these same accounts as well as some of our label personalities like Michael Nobrega from Volcom and Curtis Casella from Taang! Records.

On Wednesday night, the Physical Team attended the Dodgers/Giants baseball game (where for some reason they still rooted for the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies anyway), then we headed back to the Hyatt Regency lobby to find more old friends like Liz, Andrea and Reg from CIMS and Luann Myers from AIMS. Our favorite car music at NARM this year? A tie between the new albums by The Shrine and Kadavar (two great driving albums on Tee Pee!).

Another exciting win for the team last week: The Orchard announced the acquisition of Iris Distribution!

Check out the pics of what went down at our high-level meetings with NARM veterans such as Mark Hudson from Transworld, Record Store Day co-founder Carrie Colliton, and Larry Mansdorf and Carl Mello from Newbury Comics. There was some steak-eating, refereeing, bullying and cheering… You’ll wish you were there.

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