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Welcome, Julie!

Introducing Julie Dansker, Director, Sales & Marketing, Film/TV Originally from the East Coast, I went to the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. I studied Film because I have always loved movies and storytelling in general, whether through film, music, podcasts, at a dinner party or around a camp fire. I interned at The Daily Show… Read more »

Marketing Drivers: What We Need, When

So, your biggest priority of the year is approaching: a new album from the most prominent artist on your roster. You’re feeling organised; with 3 months to go before release date, the album is mastered and in production for physical. The digital is uploaded and ready to submit. Press and online teams are hired and… Read more »

Welcome, Dorothee!

Introducing Dorothee Imhoff, Senior Director, International Sales & Marketing, London My name’s Dorothee and I am excited to be joining The Orchard. I already know quite a few of you from before, and the timing is quite amazing as the Company Get Together will be happening within my first month, so I will get to… Read more »

What The #&@$ Do You Do, Tricia?!?

Tricia Arnold Senior Director of Sales and Distribution Joined The Orchard in March 2012 Congratulations on just being appointed Senior Director of Sales and Distribution, Tricia! Tell us, what the #@&$ do you do now? Thank you! My job at The Orchard remains rather varied. Firstly, I oversee the international physical distribution network, scheduling releases, providing sales… Read more »