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No Email Uncollected… And More Updates from DIY Music

Sure, new apps are great — but updated apps are even better! Why? Because they aim to improve a product based on what people want and need. That’s exactly what DIY Music, the do-it-yourself e-commerce platform, has done with their series of updates to their app. As an Orchard client, you can benefit from all of them via… Read more »

Introducing: Custom Events in Analytics!

Those of you who use the Orchard’s Analytics product may have noticed the recent appearance of a lovely orange “Add Event” Button. We’re pretty excited about this — it allows you to annotate the graph with events that may have impacted your sales. By now, you’ve all played with Analytics enough to have noticed some… Read more »

Welcome, Tricia!

Introducing Tricia Arnold, International Sales and Distribution Director Hi everyone! I am happy to be joining the growing number of US expats in the Orchard London office and am excited to be working with all of you! I am originally from the small town of Middletown, Pennsylvania (if anyone remembers the near nuclear meltdown at Three… Read more »

Online + In-Venue = To The Bank

In honor of holiday shopping, Google, the master of my domain, published stats about how consumers research and purchase products online and offline, many times intermingling the two. The most common process, at 51%, is to research online and then buy in-store. I can understand that, and should probably do it more often to avoid… Read more »