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All Eyes on SXSW 2014: From Our Client Managers

SXSW2014March may be over, but we’re still reeling from our SXSW experience. More than 30 Orchardites were in Austin this year, including a handful of our Client Managers, and they wanted share some thoughts and memories from the conference. Without further ado…

João Brasil‘s DJ set from The Orchard’s Happy Hour on Friday 3/14 was one of my favorite sets. His mash-ups of Baile Funk brought a much needed dance party vibe. Kind of the right place, right time, right grooves all coming together at once.” – Corey Sheridan

“Standout shows included Haley Bonar at the Ginger Man; Marijuana Deathsquads at The North Door (Totally Gross National Product Showcase) — Har Mar, Channy from Polica were guest vocalists — Astronautalis at Holy Mountain (First Ave Party): he does a freestyle rap at every show based on ideas from the audience. This one was about missing planes and bunnies. It was amazing. And Riverboat Gamblers at Jackalope: Mike Wiebe with a tambourine on a bar, then going behind bar to get/make people’s drink orders.” – Sarah Sandusky

“For me, the highlight was having the opportunity to meet with all of the labels I work with and spending time with them at our happy hours, various meals and their shows. It’s always awesome to put a face to an email and connect with people in a more relaxed, sunshine-filled environment. Joining the team over at Rock The Cause to participate in their panel on cause-based music during their day party was an honor; RTC and their teams are some of the most dedicated people working through music to make a change in the world. Additionally, having a chance to check out all the FatCat artists who have releases coming out later this year, including We Were Promised Jetpacks, Paws and Honeyblood, was pretty great. Stand out show though was closing this year’s SXSW trip with Travis Barker and Yelawolf :)” – Amanda Suriani

Eli Cook’s virtuoso blues-rock guitar wowed the crowd at Rowdy’s Saloon. Eli’s debut album for Cleopatra, Primitive Son, will be released on April 29th 2014.” – Riker Griffiths

Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas’ showcase at the Palm Door on Sixth on Friday, 3/14.” – Valeri Travagliante

Primitive Man hurled molten lumps of awesome dissonant crust at the Relapse showcase.” – Riker Griffiths

“I had been waiting for five years, patiently, to finally see Tinariwen. The last schedule performance they had in San Francisco was a few years ago, and I was traveling at the time. While the performance only consisted of six of the core members of Tinariwen, it didn’t at all seem thin, or that any parts were missing. In fact, it all seemed perfect. The show featured all new material from their new album Emmaar. While the set was short, it certainly did not disappoint. As the show came to a close, the band played through the last song “Chaghaybou,” bringing up members of their crew who danced on the stage. Shortly thereafter the lights went up, but the crowd was chanting for more… a true rarity that you don’t see often at SXSW, given everyone is too busy hustling from venue to venue.” – Corey Sheridan

Forest Swords at the Pitchfork showcase at Central Presbyterian Church — some gorgeous weather-beaten dubtronica here.” – Riker Griffiths

The Districts — a rag-tag group of underage rockers from Lititz, PA. They recently found a home at Fat Possum Records, which seems to be the perfect fit for the up-and-coming lo-fi rockers. The Districts had the dreaded early 12:00pm-12:30pm slot at the Another Planet / Noise Pop party at Red Eyed Fly. As they began the set, you could tell that the crowd was not giving the young group even half of their attention. However as the first track really opened up, and the riff-heavy rock took over, EVERYONE’S attention was now centered on these kids. The room began to fill out from the outside stage, and soon enough it was a full-on rock concert. The youngsters left it all on the stage — sweating through their clothes by the end of the second track, and leaving the audience in awe on how they magically avoided knocking each other over while rocking out on stage. Rare is it when you get a group of youngsters that demands a crowds attention at SXSW — even rarer when it’s that early in the day. In my years of attending SXSW, I feel like I have only seen one other band that had this effect on the crowd. And that was Delta Spirit, before they were “Delta Spirit.” Keep an eye out for these kids!” – Corey Sheridan

“Eoin Loveless from Drenge rocking out so hard at the British Embassy day party during “Bloodsports” that he accidentally unplugged his guitar. He seamlessly plugged it back in and carried on with the song.” – Valeri Travagliante

Until next year, folks!

The Orchard Does SXSW 2014

shutupanddance-editSXSW is one gigantic, exhausting, immersive playground of an event made up of small, memorable moments that last long after our planes land in NYC. There was the time some dude next to me asked me if he could buy a Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas CD after stumbling across her soulful talent at a showcase. The challenge of slyly leaving our branded bottle openers at a competitor’s party. The embarrassing text to our Orch GroupMe that was meant for our coworker’s friends. The realization that one of our venue coordinators also co-runs one of our labels (shoutout to Street Ritual). The demo of wireless, smart Muzik headphones, debuting soon. The moment of silence during Psycho White‘s set for victims of the crash. The dinner where small talk wasn’t necessary. The live stream of Edward Snowden. The magical pedicab ride across town at 1am. And the many, many introductions, shows, panels, parties, handshakes and hugs.

We’ve captured some of those moments to share with you, but sometimes you just have to shut of your phone and dance (to our SX 2014 sampler).

Stream Our Texas-Sized SXSW 2014 Music Sampler

sxsw_texas-sized-samplerIt’s hard to believe, especially given the seemingly inexhaustible supply of cold and snow heaped on us here on the East Coast this winter, but SXSW is once again right around the corner. To that I say YEE FREAKING HAW! Goodbye twenty degree weather and the possibility of snow flurries. Hello to the relative certainty of warmer temps and the inevitability of good BBQ, breakfast tacos, margaritas, cold beer, and more great music than you can shake a stick at.

The team has spent the last few weeks listening to as much music as we can by artists who will be performing next week to get ourselves in the right frame of mind. And because we also want you to be in the right frame of mind, we’ve assembled the following massive 200-track Spotify playlist (also available on featuring some of our favorite tracks from Tweens, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, Sam Roberts Band, Leif Vollebekk, Albert Hammond, Jr., DJ Rashad, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Lizzo, Travis Barker, and many many others.

Now all we have to do is dig up our warm weather gear.

On The Radio (and Beyond) with Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas

November 5, 2013 Artist News No Comments

jessdeltas_demonsIt is every musician’s dream to turn on the radio one day and hear his or her song playing over the airwaves. Having recently signed with Richard Gottehrer’s Instant Records, Jessica Hernandez (of Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas) had the pleasure of making this dream come true. The best part? The experience was caught on video and shared with the  world on Instagram.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Jessica Hernandez, let me give you a little background. Born and raised on the mean streets of Detroit, she grew up living above her parents’ bakery located in the historic Mexicantown district. Originally, she intended on going into fashion, studying design at Columbia College in Chicago. It wasn’t long before she fell into the music crowd at school. Ultimately, she decided it would be best to pursue her music career back home in Detroit, dropping out after her sophomore year. She was able to quickly establish herself in the local scene by opening a new venue, “The Bakery Loft,” in addition to establishing the Detroit Soup meal program, intended to help burgeoning local artists fund their projects. After a few solo performances, The Deltas were “accidentally” (Jessica’s words) formed.

In just a few short years, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas have climbed up the musical ranks in Jessica’s hometown of the D, and recently brought their mad skills to SXSW and Bonnaroo Music Festival, with well-received performances. Ever since they caught the attention The Orchard’s Co-Founder Richard Gottehrer, it was love; she announced her affiliation with Instant Records just a few short days ago. Her first album, Demons EP, drops on 11/12/13. In the meantime, here’s a treat courtesy of Rolling Stone.

SXSW Panels: Record Producers and Music Startups!

March 11, 2013 Orchard News No Comments

Richard Gottehrer Josh Builder

Newsfeeds, Twitter/Instagram feeds beware…. it’s SXSW time.

If you’re going to be in Austin this year, put a hold on the margs and BBQ and head over to the Austin Convention Center (ACC) for some actual brain food.

We have two of our staffers on panels this year and we wanted to make sure you were aware of them. This year we’re covering Record Producing and Start Up Growth.

Hope to see you there!

The Evolution of the Record Producer
w/ Richard Gottehrer

Friday, March 15
Room 17B — Austin Convention Center
Start Time: 5:00 PM End Time: 6:00 PM

When Music Startups Grow Up
w/ Josh Builder

Wednesday, March 13
Room 10C — Austin Convention Center
Start Time: 3:30PM End Time: 4:30PM

We’ll just leave you with Josh’s icy stare and Richard’s cheery grin for now, and see you in Texas.

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