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Out Today by The Orchard: Stereophonics, Christian McBride, Fieh

Out Today by The Orchard: Stereophonics, Christian McBride, Fieh

Enjoy new music with releases from UK favorite Stereophonics, American bassist and composer Christian McBride, and Norwegian 7-piece band Fieh.

Stereophonics – Oochya (Ignition)

Longtime UK giant Stereophonics returns with a brand new studio album, Oochya (Ignition). Featuring 15 tracks, including the new single “Hanging On Your Hinges,” Oochya! showcases some of the best music the band has to offer. Catchy melodies and hooks frame songwriter Kelly Jones’ lyrical prowess throughout. Having achieved 7 No. 1 albums and sold over 8.5 million albums in the UK alone, the band shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Fans can celebrate the indisputable mastery on display in Oochya! by streaming here

Christian McBride – The Q Sessions (Mack Avenue Records)

Philadelphia native and seven-time GRAMMY® Award-winning jazz bassist Christian McBride showcases his many talents on the new release The Q Sessions. Framed by a star-studded cast of contemporaries – Mike Stern on guitar, Marcus Strickland on saxophone, and Eric Harland on drums – all three tracks speak to McBridge’s undeniable virtuosity. Recorded at Power Station studios in New York, The Q Sessions transports the listener through the best contemporary music jazz has to offer. Listen to a new composition by Christian, “Brouhaha,” and McBride’s interpretation of two classics: “Blues Connotation” and “On Green Dolphin Street” from The Q Sessions here

Fieh – In the Sun in the Rain (Jansen Records)

Hailing from the Norwegian countryside, 7-piece band Fieh returns with follow-up tracks to their 2019 album and 2017 breakthrough. In the Sun in the Rain melds funk with experimental and orchestral undertones. Fans of Solange, Joni Mitchell, The Roots, and The Beatles are sure to enjoy this new release, which brims with creativity. Recorded with powerhouse producer Lars Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist, Amgala Temple), the album is sure to appeal to a broad audience. The band combines their relatable lyrics and true friendship with musical mastery, making for an unforgettable listening experience. Fans can expect further success from the band in 2022, slated to play SXSW and New York City’s New Colossus Festival. Listen to In the Sun in the Rain by Fieh here.

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