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Welcome, Chris!

Introducing Chris Heydt, Software Engineer I’m thrilled to be here at The Orchard, working at the intersection of technology and media. My first gig out of college was at Citigroup, where I worked for two years as an information security analyst. I then joined Sony Music (Sony BMG at the time) as a software engineer,… Read more »

How to Market Developing Artists: The Basics

I’m sure most of us can agree, the music universe is so over saturated to such a great degree that searching for new music can often times make my head explode. So how is it possible for potential fans and consumers to sort through this endless sea of music to get to to unknown establishing… Read more »

The Orchard’s Viewpoint on SOPA and PIPA

There are likely more black pages, icons and avatars appearing on the web today than at any time in its history. Why? Two pieces of legislation being considered on Capitol Hill: The Stop Online Piracy Act (a House bill commonly called SOPA) and the Protect IP Act in the Senate (called PIPA). From today’s Google… Read more »