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The Orchard Makes It Easier Than Ever To Pay Collaborators

The Orchard Makes It Easier Than Ever To Pay Collaborators

The key to maintaining success in the music industry is adaptation. Remaining stagnant never earned anyone an award, that’s for sure. At The Orchard, we don’t just work with creatives, we have to be creative too. As technology advances, and the needs of our artists and labels change, so do we. 

Over the years, a hot button topic throughout the industry has been ownership and credit transparency. From writer to producer, pianist to singer, their careers depend heavily on their list of credits as well as the royalty payments that keep them moving forward. As music lovers, we want to see artists get paid and receive the credit they deserve for their talents. 

Recently, The Orchard launched a new feature available to its distributed clients, which allows labels to assign splits to their artists and collaborators. Once splits are properly designated by the label, they can quickly calculate Collaborator payouts with a few simple clicks! And, thanks to a recent partnership with Wise (formerly known as TransferWise), users can process bulk payments with ease. The new offering is available to The Orchard’s labels in 27 countries with the ability to process real time exchange rates globally. 

No more confusing spreadsheets and formulas. Let’s get your artists paid, so you can keep collaborating and making the music we know and love. 

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