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14 Tracks For Your Valentine

14 Tracks For Your Valentine

February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day, is a day dedicated to the celebration of love. Love can come in so many forms, from friendship to family, romance or even pets! Not only that but love can also be expressed in countless ways. 

Consider today, what is your love language? What is your partner’s love language? If the answer is music, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve compiled 14 tracks to help express your love this Valentine’s Day. Which one hits you in the feels?

“Wildfire” by Cautious Clay (Cautious Clay)

If you’re looking for a song with silky, layered synths and vocals to start off the evening, this one’s for you. It’s slow and heartfelt and will get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit!

“You Ought to Be With Me” by Al Green (Fat Possum)

For a timeless kind of love, Al Green’s “You Ought to be With Me” is perfect – put it on while you’re cooking dinner with your date for some throwback energy.

“You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon (Iris/MRI)

While we’re reminiscing with the classics… let’s flip the script and talk about empowerment this Valentine’s Day. Don’t waste your time on the wrong people. Pull a Carly Simon and embrace UNcuffing season. Who would think this song is about them? 

“Yours” by Russell Dickerson (Triple Tigers)

Country fans will love this Russel Dickerson melody; as a declaration of his love. Set the mood for a romantic date night and slow dance with “Yours.” This one is practically made for a ‘first dance.’

“She” by Dodie (doddleoddle)

For a queer anthem, take a listen to “She” by Dodie. A relatable story of unrequited love, “She” is the perfect track to snuggle in for a cozy night in, backed by soft guitar and vocals.

“The Best You Had” by Nina Nesbitt (Cooking Vinyl)

Valentine’s day can be hard if it coincides with heartbreak – so, if you’re looking to process your feels this Valentine’s Day, this one’s for you. ‘Cause you deserve the best. 

“4 U (feat. K CAMP)” by Kyle Banks (Red Bull Records)

This next pick is ideal for a Valentine’s Day party; complete with a memorable hook framed by a catchy melody and rhythm, it’s a fail-safe crowd pleaser.

“Young and In Love” by Ingrid Michaelson (Cabin24)

Reminiscent of a first love, Ingrid Michaelson’s “Young and In Love” starts off delicate and builds to an energetic chorus. The album, inspired by Stranger Things, embraces the innocence and fleeting emotions of young love. Binge the show in time for next season or dance along to this fun and uplifting track. 

“Deep In Love” by Day6 (JYP Entertainment)

Hard-hitting bass, drums, and electric guitar dominate “Deep In Love” by Day6. For anyone getting turned up on a Monday, this is a foolproof song to get the night going.

“So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” by Caroline Polachek (Perpetual Novice)

“So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” fits right into a unique brand of pop characteristic of Caroline Polachek. Whether you’re dancing at a party, on TikTok, or alone in your room, this is a fitting tune for the night of the 14th. 

“Love Grows (Where my Rosemary Goes)” by Edison Lighthouse (Crimson)

Speaking of TikTok, whether this song is one of your all-time favorites or a recent find from the viral sound, you’ll be sure to enjoy it on the 14th. Its happy, upbeat lyrics and melody fit in with any kind of event – or even a solo sing-a-long.

“Lover Like Me” by CL (Very Cherry)

For anyone processing a breakup, the best way to recover… put yourself first. You are a catch and don’t you forget it. Turn it on blast, get dressed to the nines and take yourself out on a date. 

“Dile al Amor” by Aventura (Premium Latin Music)

“Dile al Amor” is perfect if you’re in a more sultry mood this Valentine’s Day. With rhythmic guitar and lush background vocals, it’s hard not to move to the rhythm.

“The Few Things” by JP Saxe (Arista Records)

Talk about romantic… this fourteenth and final pick epitomizes the energy of Valentine’s Day with a confession: “you’re one of the few things that I’m sure of.” Drop this in a text to your crush, or reaffirm it for someone you’ve loved for a long time. This song is the picture-perfect soundtrack of heartfelt expression that goes beyond the four letter word.

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