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2024 Swedish Grammis Nominations Announced

2024 Swedish Grammis Nominations Announced

The Swedish Grammis, the oldest music awards in Sweden, have announced their 2024 nominations. These awards celebrate the best in Swedish music and artistry. The award ceremony will be held on May 8, 2024 in Stockholm. Congratulations to The Orchard’s distributed artists on receiving 11 nominations! 

Atenzia Records artist Streaplers, a musical group founded in 1959, were nominated for Dansband of the Year. The group began as a Pop group and then developed into a Dansband — a band that performs live music, incentivizing the audience to dance. 

Villa Management artist Stuzzi is nominated for Electro/Dance Of The Year for his EP Le Fruit Disco II. He mixes Disco, House, Funk, Cumbria, and more into his music. 

Swedish Electro Pop artist Familjen is nominated for Music Video of the Year for his single “Vägrar gå hem.” He’s known for his Indie-Techno sound and use of a southern dialect of Scanian, making his music all the more unique. 

Find the full list of Swedish Grammis Nominees here and The Orchard distributed nominees below.

Folk Of The Year 

Samantha Ohlanders & Linnea Aall Campbell – Klingande festsalar (supertraditional)

Rubinsztein/Karlsson – Värmland (Kakafon Records/Naxos)

Dansband Of The Year  

Casanovas – Så kommer känslorna tillbaka (Atenzia)

Streaplers – En bra plats i livet  (Atenzia)

Titanix – Om du lovar (Atenzia)

Soul/R&B Of The Year 

Venus Anon – Nocturnal (In This Dunya)

Electro/Dance Of The Year 

Stuzzi  – Le Fruit Disco II (Villa)

Childrens Music Of The Year 

Viktor skokic & anders holmer  – Allt eller inget händer (Hoob)

Hard Rock/Metal Of The Year 

Eradikated – Descendants (Indie Recordings)

Music Video of the Year: 

Familjen – “Vägrar gå hem” (Karlssons Musikkontor) 

Composer Of The Year

Kerstin Ljungström – [Shy Martin] late night thoughts (Shy Recordings)

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